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06 Jan 2013 22:23:30
Joe Mattock frustrated at the lack of first team football, being loaned out to Nottingham Forest next week with view to a permenent move next season

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This sounds like its been copied from Football Manager.....

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I hope so, he, s rubbish

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06 Jan 2013 22:21:40
nuno gomes from blackburn on loan til end of season
vardy on loan from leicester til end of season

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Have seen nuno gomes wages on 45k a week so no way wednesday will sign him

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Whats whith all united fans comeing on ower forums have they just realised that the only club in sheffield is wednesday and that are jelouse because we went up and they are not going up ohh i love how the tabels have turned now we are not in debt hah

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Could see Vardy coming as he's a Wednesdayite!

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Vardy wont be coming, Leic have said hes not for sale n if he goes out on loan it will be to a lge1 club not Champs

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Why would you disagree just do the research and read it yourself!

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06 Jan 2013 21:05:40
Kevin Macdonald to sign for SWFC on Monday.

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Blunt weeds alert methinks!

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He is crap.

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Blunt obsessed with Wednesday again

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06 Jan 2013 21:38:35
What about this curtis nelson in defence any one know wat foot he is richard chaplow in mid and simeon jackson up front

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Heard leroy lita has signed! Now I think that's a far better signing than McLean Or mcgoldrick!

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Hope this is true mate. Sounds a good one too me.

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Curtis elson right footed.

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He is crap who wanted him in the summer no one but pigs

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06 Jan 2013 19:47:18
Anyone else heard that we are after Kevin McDonald, he would be better than anything we got, hope it's true

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James mcfadden haveing talks about a deal at Hilsborough,

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James McFadden would be a good signing EXPERIENCE is just what we need!

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06 Jan 2013 19:45:43
We are looking at young Plymouth defender Curtis Nelson 20 year old, Plymouth have asked for 400k for the talented centre half

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06 Jan 2013 19:28:43
Leroy Lita gonna sign soon

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06 Jan 2013 19:41:26
wednesday are agreeing a loan deal for connor wickham sunderland and loan for ignasi miquel arsenal and a permanent move for aleandro faurlin qpr!!!!!

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No we are not, Alejandro faulin cost qpr 3 million, they would probably sell for 2 mill

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Leroy lita will be signed on loan on monday evening and wickham is no deal has he doesn't want to move to us. we is also signing curtis nelson from plymouth for 450k has we are in contract talks with him, due in for wednesday

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Would love all three; but don't think that the last two are realistic. Would really like Griffiths in the thread below.

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Wickham got rave reviews from O'Neil and due an extended run in first team so def not coming to us.

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Leroy lita will not sign wage to high for us

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06 Jan 2013 17:12:14
We at looking at leigh griffiths and nail mcginnof hibs and Aberdeen respectively

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With Sean o'drisscol looking for a new club if we sack dj and appoint him not only would he bring passion back into the squad but to the fans. I've always been a fan of dj but him being incharge is just not good we won't move forward if he is our manager.
Sam boldock is not happy at Bristol city and if we spend some money we could get him and he's really good. Another option with Ipswich bringing in two new strikers Michael chopra has moved further down the pecking order. Which could be another option.

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With you all the way till you got to Chopra, hes way past his best and comes with other issues which we better off without

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Sheffied wendesdays ins
craig davies
marvin elliot
george boyd
danny bathh
few players from spl

mamady sidbe back to stoke
daniel jones
david prutton
miguel llera
jeremy helan back to man. city
rodri back to barca

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Helan back to city! Give over, get him signed, he's pretty good now and still young.
Sam boldock a good shout
The Irish kid at Aberdeen sounds good to me
And the Spanish defender from arsenal
And a midfield menace with experience, Barton or Boyd would do.
That's three strikers, one of which is classed as a winger, one cm, one cb.
Ship out cog, McGuire, llera, jones, semedo even

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O'driscoll turns Barnsley job down does this mean that Milan has been in touch with him. I wonder! !!!! !!!

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If we bought half the players mentioned on here we'd have a squad of 250.

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O'driscoll could be lined up for us or a return to Donny. Hope its us

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That's if dean Saunders accepts wolves job which he will, I would deffo have o'driscoll fantastic manager, and did well with forest, don't know why he got the sack?

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O driscoll to us nope wont happen neither will craig davies to us tbh dont think dj will get sacked and i can not see us being very active in the transfer market and if we are it wont be people on full transfers

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DJ has said they will be loans (we need full transfer) and maybe a full transfer if possiblr

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Craig Davies talkin to Bolton who accept buy out clause bbc teletext this mornin

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06 Jan 2013 15:13:44
Dave Jones sacked to be made official in the morning at press conference with Paul Aldridge.

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Get in lets just hope we dont get some other person

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Would love to happen but I don't believe it!

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Not true

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Lets hope so!!!!

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What again

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If its true they wouldnt wait til tomorrow to announce it theyd do it today

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Not saying its true at all but they would wait while tomorrow. Probably advise all press that press conference due tomorrow.

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Not getting sacked could get offered job elsewhere and leave

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Really wish he would just leave

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Read the first comment, let's just hope we don't get some other person, is he ridiculous or something

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The word person is put in by editors if word used not allowed

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Yeah it puts person even if you just say id**t

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Call yourselfs wednesday fans, stop the bitching and get behind the team.A life long OWL

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Why do people just click disagree for the sake of it
Go on disagree with this but when you type persons it shows as persons
By god there are some on here :P

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I agree with you mate.
How can anybody disagree with a fact?

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Press releases are issued before an event and embargoed until a given date and time, i.e. they are issued on the basis and understanding that their contents are not to be made public before that time. So press offices may know now but may not release any info until the given time. It gives the press time to prepare their material for publication.

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I've heard that this is true, massively shocking radical new appointment to be made as his successor, a certain Paul Mariner, currently in charge of Toronto FC but was spotted leaving Hillsborough today with MM. Would be an interesting appointment, I like his coaching style. UTO

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Hope this is a wind-up, highly likely, hes only managed for 50games and won 13

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Who's this geezer who has time to sit outside Hillsborough on a winter Sunday just waiting to see who pops in and out. Who came and went while he was in the boozer or the toilet, Elvis Presley!

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Thought MM was away on holiday ?

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Paul Mariner also seen at a local hotel, with another man who was carrying a briefcase with owls insignia on it, looks one step closer to a development now!

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He was also wearing a sandwich board saying - this is new manager but keep it under your hat !

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I've heard the rumours everywhere about paul mariner, john alridge knows him personally and has publicly stated his admiration for mariner in the past UTO

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06 Jan 2013 14:30:42
Sheffield Wednesday Chairman Milan Manderic who is holidaying in Mexico is rumoured to be talking to Josť de la Torre the Mexican national team manager with a view
to him replacing Dave Jones who is currently under
pressure due to a long running series of poor performances

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You don't half write some crap

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I live here in mexico ! and believe me la torre is on more money than the queen has in her jewel box ! so maybe chelsea could afford him or mancity ? but not us !! what a load of poooo!

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Thanks poster number two for the best belly laugh I've had today!

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06 Jan 2013 14:00:00
with limited quality players being available, sheffield wednesday are looking at leroy lita and also febian brandy who since coming back to england has hit the ground running at walsall.

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Cardiff want to get rid of earnshaw so they can get sordell coild be a bargain

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I have been a Wednesday supporter for 58 years and have never once been seeking a manager to get sacked but with this person (Jones) is the one WE HAVE TO GET RID OF, but BE CAREFUL of whjat we wish.
People might not like M.M. but remember what he has done for us so far, financially and at the end of last season we were blindly lauding and applauding him.
If he goes what could we get, YES a Wednesdayite could come in but what about the finances. The Americans being bandied about have failed miserably to come up with cash for a buy out at Glasgow Rangers and their business plan had more holes in it than a seive.
Why are so many managers still out of work despite numerous vacancies out there obviously faults.
I personally woiuld like to see OWEN COYLE or BILLY DAVIES in the hot seat. They both have the spirit the team needs, they, the players, look timid on the park and need a kick up the back side. Both also see the fas as extra players on the park, just lik we were at the end of last season. Hopefully the right decisions will be made RAPIDLY, if they have not all ready been done.

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06 Jan 2013 10:43:34
Marvin Elliott to sign from Bristol City next week!

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Wouldn't actually mind him

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To be honest the names I'm hearing arounf like Martin Elliot, George Boyd and rob earnshaw I wouldn't mind because there all decent championship players and lets face it they must be better than what we have got like would you rather have earnshaw who has proven himself at this level at forest or would you rather have donkey ( mamady sidbe ) who hasn't layer in a few years and well past it!

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We wont be getting any of these players i doubt we will sign any one exsept the arsenal defender that we have beeen linked whith and dave jones might not be here ling enough to that as mm was not impressed whith yesterdays perfromance as some of the players didnt put a good graft in

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I wounder which manager we will get if he does get sacked in the next 48 hours as many fans have said

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Sam boldock not happy at Bristol city come on mm spend so cash and bring in some good players

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O'Driscoll still around if MM acts now

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06 Jan 2013 13:01:36
just heard we signing felipe Anderson from santos. very reliable source from inside the Hillsborough collective

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Felipe Anderson looks a bit to good for us.

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How many of the rumours on this post are actually true.......never. I believe it when I see it!!! the story normally gets leaked to the papers first just like megsen when he was sacked although I don't think jones is doing a great job I don't think sacking him will change anything. teams who sack there managers never succeed unless they have millions!!!!

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It's called rumours, not facts for a reason.

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06 Jan 2013 09:56:51
rob earnshaw to sign a contract until end of season after being told he will never play for cardiff

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How come no money for transfers till one of DJs old mates out of work again ?

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06 Jan 2013 10:28:10
As much as i hated to admit it Jones bringin Gray in has really settled us. When was the last time we only conceded 2 goals in 6 games?? Let DJ stay. He has changed my opinion of get him out right now.... DJ buy us a striker who can put the ball in the back of the net and all will be ok this season...

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DJ out got to go now he has lost the plot he is taking our club backwards.

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Some clubs wanting llera seeing as we ant gave him new contract.

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Dave jones in. Brilliant manager and its alright saying go but who we going to bring in???? Very easy to say get rid, no idea!

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I can see you got no idea mate.
How about we explain to you why Jones is useless would that help

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We should neva av got rid ov megson

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I've heard we're after Papa Bouba Diop as well

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06 jan 2013 09:25:23
i work at q.p.r although i won't disclose my job role! jay bothroyd has been talking about wanting a permanent deal at hillsborough, he says you have a fantastic set up since jones took over and he says dave jones is the best manager he's ever played for! he was supposed to start against west brom but was dropped to bench at last min, with no explanation! no bid has been made yet!

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Poor attempt at a wind up

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I work at Man Utd and since Cofie returned he says that he would never return to the sty.

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Pig alert on wind up again OBSESSED with Wednesday as usual.

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It wernt that good, obviously a simpleton blunt

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Go back home to the sty

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06 Jan 2013 01:03:31
George Boyd from Peterborough to sign next week

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We wish

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George boyd we need sum quality not jus ok players

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George Boyd hasn't got quality, you must be in denial he's a fantastic player

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"The best manager we had was Gary Megson! He built a team what had passion and he was moving OUR club forward. Dave Jones came in got Promoted with Gary Megsons team and the passion Megson had pumped in to his players and then demolished everything Gary Megson built up. Dave Jones is taking us backwards.How can anyone say he is the best manager that we have had in a while? This baffles me Dave Jones is a passionless, clueless manager and for us to move forward again He has got to go! We need some passion back its like having Alan Irvine in charge allover again! DAVE JONES OUT"

Whoever said this is a reyt person... Dave Jones is the best manager outside the prem.

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