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06 Dec 2012 20:50:40
Dave Jones was set 1 simple target by MM at the start of the season, survival. The reason Dave Jones is still in charge is because MM believes in him and trusts him to deliver championship football next season even at this stage so no way is MM going to sack him in the near future while ever we've still got enough games left to pull away to safety. This unfortunately means we're stuck with him. God help us next season if Jones is in charge, which ever league we're in. This team that he's built that play to his tactics and his formation would genuinely struggle in league 1. If we ended up in league 2 under his management under his tactics etc we'd probably only finish about mid table. The reason I say this is because if you look at the teams in league two i reckon that there must be at least 4/5 clubs that I'm not confident we would beat. Plus any good players that we had (Megson signings) would have been snapped up by other clubs by then so all that we would be left with would be Dave Jones's signings and they would struggle to get in a league two side anyway.

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Probably some measure of truth in this ?
All I would say to MM is how long do you wait ?
If you wait while we're mathematically down - thats obviously too late !
If you wait while the bottom three are too far adrift then even if fortunes turn it can be impossible to get back to safety !
You must wait until you're sure the manager has done as much as he can, but give the new manager time to recover and climb back to safety !
I think what you have to do is look at results so far; look at form; look at potential for improvement from the squad; look at the influence of the manager and his tactics; then reach a decision thats in the best interests of the club ?


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What was the reason for megson going then. I'm sure his goal was promotion and it was still possible?

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True enough. You don't think MM was still bitter about Megson walking out on him at Leicester do you ? No couldn't be that ?

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He should have gone weeks ago while we were still in touch with the likes of leeds and birmingham.
Now we are in the relegation pack and a fair distance behind the rest.
His signings haven't been very good, i cant see that changing in january.
The players we do have are good enough to stay up but there is something wrong with tactics and morale.
Any half decent manager could come in and change a few things that would make a difference.Like what Mcarthy has done at Ipswich.Doesn't have to be Alex Ferguson.
It was hard to make a mess of wednesday,we had the basis of a good team but somehow jones has screwed everything up.
Only reason he is still here has got to be they can't afford to sack him.

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To original post, one thing is certain Jay Bothroyd would definitely struggle in league one.

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You actually a genuine fan thinking we are going to end up in league two , you sound like a blunt

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Only reason he still here is MM won't admit he made BIG mistake when he gave him job !!

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We could easily end up in lge2 if DJ stays - totally useless done nothing right

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I think gary megson if laughing at mr mandric and dave jones i bet hes thinking i told you so !

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Talk of league 2 may sound far fetched but just look at teams like Swindon and Bradford etc. Both went from Prem to league 2. I also agree that this team would genuinely struggle in league 1 so when we do get relegated and the Megson signings have been signed by other clubs we will then have to face reality that the season after next we could be in league 2. This will all be down to 2 people and we all know who they are, Jones and MM.

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Jones done nothing right?? we beat the blunts to automatic promotion when we were what 8 points adrift? people on here are to quick to point the finger and started booing the players wanting the manager to be sacked.... not the answers get behind the team as a whole even if u dont like jones get behind him and the team so we can play with confidence knowing if they make a mistake we ent moaning and booing that helps nothing!! get behind everyone including Jones got to have a manager for a period of time to build a team dont happen over night!! PATIENCE!!!!


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OK suppose we do it your way ?
How patient should we be?
How patient are you ?
Are you prepared to wait until Jones takes us down?
Or will you wait until we are 10, or 15, or 20 points adrift ?
When will YOU say thats enough?
All the Jones fans are saying is - Be Patient !
Its about time you told us how patient we have to be !

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Just because he got us up doesn't mean he is immune from criticism.
He has made a lot of mistakes with his signings.Not giving certain players time to settle,giving others too much,bad tactics and bad team selection.
He has also had a bit of bad luck.
But fact remains he has failed so far this season.
If we don't make a change now it could be too late.
I care about wednesday not dave jones and if a change will keep us up then thats how its got to be.

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I can't believe people actually believe we have a chance of going into league two, you must be on some sort of medication or a blunt

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Why is everybody that doesn't agree with you a blunt?
Some people have a brain !
If you don't win matches and get points you go down - SIMPLE !
Do you see how it works now ?

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06 Dec 2012 15:42:04
Sheffield Wednesday hope that Anthony Gardner will be fit for Saturday's big match against Bristol City.

brill get rid of beevers and we dont know if gardners fit to play sat?! jokers xxx

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Really baffeld why beevers has been sold for so cheap and i hope we do sighn a decent striker in jan and i wounder how many defenders we are going to be linked whith from now till the transfer window closes i just hope we win saturday as im shure this will be the final straw for all us hard paying fans !!

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DJ seems to be adamant on destroying anything promising about our squad.
The players dont get on with him and most fans despise him, so why is MM sticking with him?
There is something very strange going on at OUR club at the moment and I'm not sure who is going to benefit.

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Can all you guys go and buy tickets for the Barnsley match!! We have only sold 4000 and it's by far our biggest game of the season! The last few times I have been to that shed we've had over 6/7 thousand fans there! Tv ruins the game for real supporters and we really need to get behind the boys there and get some sort of result! Let's have more Wednesday there than Barnsley like usual and bring those points back from dingle land to hillsborough!! Much needed points I repeat! Points were not going to get sat on our arses here slagging the team off or sat in the pub watching us on sky! Go get a ticket!! UTO xxxx

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06 Dec 2012 10:38:07
I really hope that this set of persons that's running our club have got something special lined up for January! According to the star beavers has played his last game for Wednesday who have accepted a 250k bid from millwall! Look on millwall forums they're laughing their ba**ocks off at us, everyone is even dingles! We're becoming a joke!

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600k more like.

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The official figure from the club is 150k now + 150k in future based on appearances . There are other extras due if he makes int'l appearances etc.
So in effect 300k by end of next season !
Never mind it's money in the kitty to buy Bothroyd in January !

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Is it me or did i just read the words buy bothroyd?!?! NO NO NO NO NO NO NO.....please NO! He is the most lazy footballer in the world, complains more to the ref than he does anything else! Useless, better off getting someone younger with a bit of experience! Or stick with what we have i.e. Madine and Rodri up front.....that partnewship was tried against Birmingham i think and worked but hasn't been used since? Why not?!

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I was only joking - I think?
But part of me dreads to think that if he got chance , our super-manager would buy Bothcrap , if only to show the fingers to the fans .
He is totally useless and arrogant and I will NEVER forgive him for having a go at the 25000 fans !
You forgive him if you want , I just want him gone !

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Beevers is and never has been the answer to our problems at cb . the obvious answer is batth ! but failing that im sure we will bring yet another cb in when the transfer window opens . taylor gardner and llera could still turn it round and hopefully we wont need yet another defender , which will leave us money to buy a new striker ! lets hope its not bothroyd :( and if he signs sidbie , then its all over isnt it :( mayor has solved the jj problem i hope ? and ogrady and madine like the above could turn things around aswell ! helan would be good cover for redda if he ever plays agian ? but realy this lot we have now are good enough , but they have to pull thier fingers out :(

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Most important, we have to have a manager who is prepared to pick the ACTUAL best team and use the squad - then we might stand a chance !

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06 Dec 2012 15:55:10
Mm interested in bringing terry butcher from Inverness

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Horrendous decision, I feel physically sick

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If we lose one of next two games then jones will have to go.
I personally don't think he's that good but that aside, sometimes things just don't work out and you have to have a change.
He might be a good bloke and he might be a well respected manager but that counts for nothing when you are bottom of the league.

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Butcher for centre back, not a bad shout. Would probably do better than current bunch!

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06 Dec 2012 10:05:38
I have a feeling that the Bristol city game will be Daves last game in charge of our beloved owls,we need a change big time,my two choices would be either billy Davies,or the one and only Gary megson,both I think will get us out of the mess we are in.

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I hate billy Davies, such a negative manager. Time wasting and all the old tricks, but he was successfull at Forrest and no question they fell apart when he left.

He does have a reputation for not getting on with chairmen and other than with jones, mm has a reputation for not getting on with certain managers.

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A good pal of mine is friends with Chris Sedgwick who played under davies at preston. Sedgy said Davies is the best manager he has played under and that he completly turned PNE around with his training methods and tactics may be he could give our mighty club the shake up that it needs.

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I posted second comment on Davies and am sure he's a good manager, he was very successfull with Forrest and turned them into a very 'professional' outfit.
Just think that the personality would clash with mm - but surely business head would takeover and success is needed.

But you wouldn't want to go for a beer with the guy would you?

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The only reason Notts Forrest binned him was because he refused to leave his home in Scotland and would only be at the training ground on Thursday's and Fridays before Saturday's games. His coaches oversaw day to day training until he arrived later in the week. As a Forest fan I thought he did a great job with regards to results which at the time were done on no money. We were gutted when he went. He demands players give everything very much like Gary Megson but tends to ruffle feathers by being a little to honest and a little too blunt but if your looking for a manager that will get the best out of what you've got then he's your man. Good luck this season.

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I would go for as many beers it would take to help wean DJ off the LSD he is clearly on.

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Would rather see nigel pearson! but wont come

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