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06 Aug 2012 23:20:17
Heard a lot of rumours regarding Jay Bothroyd and everyone must admit that would be a really good signing, although I cant see it happening!
I've also heard Simon Cox and Dave Kitson are available which might be worth a punt?
I think we are in desperate need of a rapid striker who can put goals away (around 20 goals a season).
Not long till the start of the season but I believe DJ will be working his magic!

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Dave Kitson and simon cox would be poor signing and would be lucky to get 8 goals in a season

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(writer of the first comment)
Yeah I agree with you but they have proven in the championship before so might be worth at chance but only at the right cost! We need someone 'like' Ricky lambert! He was key for Southampton last season!

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BOthroyd would give me loads of confidence, think we would be nearly there then. Quality player.
Again though, lets not panic, he's not going to be in qpr's 25, he's not gone one preseason tour, so if it's a loan?

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I remember last time West Brom came to us in league and won 4-1 and Simon Cox tore us apart, would be worth a go at championship level

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We need a player like chopra

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Haha i think every team is in need of a rapid striker who can score 20 goals a season to be honest.....

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Everyone talks about strikers that are good however what you have to remeber is how they will fit into the team and wether that player can be the right player to like up with e.g. Madine and done a certain job. Bothroyd would be a great signing but would he fit into the team, the way we play

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DJ is not a manager who goes over old ground, he did not bring in loads of players from previous clubs, so many of links are just far fetched nonesense.

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06 Aug 2012 18:42:12
Jay Bothroyd has been spotted down at the training ground today looks like he could be signing very soon

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Really hope this is true him and madine together have potential to be a top strike force in the championship!

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If everyone reported on here as being at the training ground had signed we would have a squad of 531 by now, if all these people had been there, then our facilities must be seriously dogger... Or, 99% of these sightings are lies?

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Well at least it made me laugh

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Thought the squad at the moment was around that figure,no doubt we will move a few on soon.

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06 Aug 2012 16:04:50
Antonio has signed decent summer infact excellent.

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Antonio has signed. Check out the official site! Get in. We are ready for a promotion push. WTID

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About time he signed UTO

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Yes even his good lady has confirmed!

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Since when this isnt true

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Still hope so

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Best news all summer!!

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UTo this is an important signing, cuple more and al be happy, strikers now need focusing on!

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Sod the lack of sunshine, this summer has just been made great. Get in their. UTO

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Great signing by the owls... Just shows the ambition this club is now showing!

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Who's the person thats been disagreeing, he's officially signed its on the wednesday official site you moron. Up The Owls

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I suspect the person disagreeing is a blunts fan, you know how the truth hurts them.

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Probably Trigger.

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Seem to have some dangerous widemen, pecnik, johnson and antonio... lethal

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06 Aug 2012 12:58:51
Looking into Brazilian Striker Felipe Azevedo from Paulista may cost around 500k

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He has signed for Sport Club do Recife

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Joined Brazilian side Sport in May, so this doesn't seem likely/ true

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06 Aug 2012 11:23:20
Doesn't look like we getting Danish starlet Helenius. The 21 year old 6ft 5 striker from Aalborg.

Anyone heard anything else.

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Only heard it from sky not a peep from radio sheff who are a lot more reliable in my opinion

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Radio Sheffield can't report it if theres nothing to report - says it all ?

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He turned down our offer last week and there manager said if he was goin to leave it wouldnt be to us but hes another another season with his own club anyway

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On the contrary we are interested and still talking and we did put in bid unlike 90% of other names mentioned.
They tried to inflate price by going public we sit tight and wait for right moment.

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06 Aug 2012 11:03:46
Michael owen thinking over a pay as you play deal

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Behave with such rubbish

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Ok say i guess he wont play then since his wage would be ridiculous. where did u get this info from ?

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Never happen in million years

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Who for?

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Oh noo not theese ridicolous rumours again we had all this months ago and michael owen would be a step backwards any way we want young fresh pacey strikers and owen isnt that

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Absolute rubbish

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I cant see this happening either but lets be fair he has scored were ever he goes, still got very good goal per game ratio.

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Dont want him and his wages would be stupid. even he played one game it would be more than all squad put together

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Already said wouldnt drop down to championship also hes already talking to Stoke about possible switch

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Owen wouldn't move away from cheshire as he has lived they're all his life and personally I wouldnt want him

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06 Aug 2012 08:36:36
The Owls are set to sign French Strker Jeremy Perbet from Belgian club Mons this week

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Well last season he was on fire scoring 39 in 50 apps.

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Got a good scoring record at not very well known clubs - maybe worth a punt !

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Where do people get all these random players from ?? {Ed020's Note - fifa}

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You mean him in the blue shirt that was sat in directors box on sat. Look at the picture from the match then google him. Same person.

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Liecster and everton are after him as well

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No it's not the same person at all.

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We do need a billy sharp kind of striker, a player who knows this league inside out like billy, I would be happy with this lad but cant see it if your saying everton and Leicester are after him!

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