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05 Oct 2012 15:48:03
"A host of clubs are keeping tabs on Port Vale's Sam Mosry", including "Sheffield Wednesday".

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Whos this and where you heard this from like? xx

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It`ll come good, mid table finish would be ok, have faith

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Whos sam mosry

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Already posted the source but obviously its not posting sometimes it does this but if you type that in the google/internet it should come up

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Whats the old saying
see where you are after 10 games
Ah well another sheffield derby next season

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Tired of DJ saying it will take time. We are in a higher league this season and we need to adapt. Well hang on a minute I seem to remember Charlton and Huddersfield getting promotion and they appear to be getting the results. DJ did us proud last season but it's time to break the ties before it's to late, (or is it to late now) DJ out big Harry in.

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Same old same old

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This seasons failures are purely down to Dave Jones and his collective of bad signings. Come on Milan act now or we are doomed it's as simple as that.

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Need the sameface at centre half

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Where you heard this from, like, lol proper yorkshire.

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07 Oct 2012 11:34:26
Enough is enough. DJ I'm sorry but you have not delivered and it is time to go. GM was shown the exit whilst we were in 3rd. Please MM save us by bringing in someone else. I have lost all faith in our manager.

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DJ Has tried to change us too quickley momentum goes along way in football R jones Rlowe would not have done any worse than taylor and boothroyd

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05 Oct 2012 14:44:08
beevers loand to millwall>? xx

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Disgrace!! We loaned out one of our best young centre halves to a team that we might be competing with to stay up!! Hhaha I cant get my breath!! Beevers has gone to Millwall and we have Martin Taylor as our club captain! Never have I had as little respect for DJ after this. Good luck beevers!

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05 Oct 2012 15:53:17
Beevers to Millwall who will be our relegation rivals? What a joke! The kid is quality and still young and is wednesday through and through! Instead we have M.Taylor who leaks minimum 2 goals per game! Bad decision from DJ I think it will come back to haunt him

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This is a massive puzzle unless we have got someone else who is more experienced coming in to replace beevers-however if jones is trying to prove a point with the backing of players he has brought in-then i think he is playing a dangerous game, which will result in him losing his job! MM must already be monitoring DJ's performances and selection policy. What would top it off is COG going out on loan!

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Sadly,DJ seems to be fumbling in the dark. Did us proud last year, but time to go.

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Don't like rounding on the manager but he is stubbornly persisting in an attempt to justify his transfer dealings. He can't. He has made a mess . How can anyone seriously think that Taylor is a better defender than Llera ? Surely he must know in his heart of hearts that he has got it badly wrong.

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He did us proud with Gary Megsons team which he built for nothing.
Hes now replaced that team with his own players, not so proud now.
Most of the players who have performed at all well so far, COG , Lierra, Buxton, Samedo, Beevers are not DJ's players so he wants them out, God help us then !

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Dj losing plot! Big fan of his n dont agree with fans how are saying get him out, howerver making bad decisions n needs to sort it fast.

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Will you lot calm down. it seems as soon as a player is allowed to go suddenly he's the best thing since hirsty. everybody just waiting for an excuse to jump on d j's back. if you all got behind the players rather than booing we might see some improvement. i was watching liverpool the other night and it struck me that they were cheering downing and borini and they've both failed to perform so far. if that was our lot they would of been booed of the park. come on, lets get a little bit more supportive. rant over grrrrr

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It is that same passion that causes many of us to be angry. We are deeply concerned and not much inclined to take it all as lightly as you recommend

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Totally agree with last poster, fans are critical for a reason, mistakes are being made.
Easy to keep your mouth shut if you don't care.
I was delighted when DJ took over and his early influence filled me and all the fans with hope for the future, but since Burton has gone to Arsenal , we don't have a clue how to win a game !! We don't even know how to avoid losing ! I'm worried.

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So because people dont boo they dont care?? i suggest its the other way round, booing and getting on there backs is not going to help. i agree its not good at the min but when mm decides enough is enough that will be it, he's not going to leave it if results dont improve soon so lets all just have a bit of faith if not in dj then in mm. also who would you suggest being our next manager???

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Get Meggo back

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He should never have been sacked, it was disgusting treatment of a man who had got us in playoff positions without any money from MM and whose family have given years of devoted service to the Owls.
The best players so far this season are those brought to the club by Megson for nowt !

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At least with MEGGO you know that the team will fight for the cause. People said that under MEGSONS reign we were a big strong physical team that out muscled and out paced teams. Well it got us promotion last season and Stoke City have become an established Premier league side in that mould.

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Couldn't agree more! Meggo's style of play may knot have looked the business but it did the business. It's all about results and MEGGO delivered on that front. Come on MM swallow your pride and bring MEGGO back to finish the job that he started.

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