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05 Mar 2012 21:29:30
Wednesday to resign Jimmy Smith on loan till end of the season with a full deal in place for the summer

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Whoever he is lol who's jimmy smith I wish people would stop talking rubbish on this website and if they have something good to say then say it but dont speculate im sure nobody knows who is signing apart from the Wednesday website

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Your hardly a big wedmesday fan then are you we had him on loan from Chelsea back in the championship days and tbh hewas rather shocking

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He's probably more realistic than most. Winger currently at Leighton orient, seems to score a few here and there. Think I would just like to see a couple of fresh faces. Earnshaw would be good, but can't see it. WhI knows. It's all rumours

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Dont want to hearabout earnshaw or koumas , just want us to win tomorrow night , lets see what dave jones has to offer

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Smith might have been shocking when we loaned him from Chelsea, but not in championship and some players do improve over time, only at orient but seems to do ok. Got my ticket for tomorrow night even though less will be expected, would like to see someone cone in before then, striker preferably.

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05 Mar 2012 09:12:59
Dave Jones is to hand Jason Koumas a deal until the end of the current season, if he can prove his fitness during a week of training.

Still allegedly in talks with Earnshaw and Cardiff regarding a loan deal until the end of the season.

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Where have you heard this and why would rob earnshaw come to us after he is in a better position than us at Cardiff and also look what happened with Ben Marshall suddenly he had signed for us then was unveiled in the wrong blue of leicester city

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Is that you again Jason ??
Still trying to get a job with the mighty Owls?
By the time you're fit we'll be in Prem!

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Regarding the jason koumas deal

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Ye earnshaw in a better position wi cardiff when wo last time he played bout october i believe and he isnt injured thts why hed cme to us

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He wouldn't and isn't coming to hillsborough don't know bout jason koumas earnshaw wouldn't drop a league

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Dave jones has said this afternoon he hasn't heard anything about the rob earnshaw rumour,it's not true.DJ also said RE had never played for him either.
So basically it's a load of BULL.

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Jones says no truth in earnshaw .

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Former swfc loanee kenwyne jones is set to return to hillsbrough on loan till the end of the season.The 27 year old is out of favour at stoke and is set to be Dave jones first signing at the club.

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Besides the fact that most of Champs clubs and even some Prem clubs would be interested in him - if Kenwyne Jones was ever likely to be coming to Hillsboro it would have been while Megson was here, him & Pulis are best mates !!

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Ya never no might get earnshaw he wants to play wasent in squad yesterday cardiff also have another 3 forwards

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Its about time we got rid of this Jones fella saturday was worse than ever what the hell did he spend friday teaching the player? JONES OUT MANDARIC OUT

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I think u will find that Evans was in charge of that game.

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Jones werent in charge you dope. Let's hope your out! Your either a five year old or a gimp

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He int a wednesday fan the clown dunt rise to people like that mate

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I think somebodys on dope to think dj was in charge, muppet UTO!

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Just been on pig website they are giving shirts away to try and get sales to clear the debts

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Bloody hell your obsessed with the Mighty arnt you!

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05 Mar 2012 08:26:40
Earnshaws rejected Owls

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Wouldnt come because he cant handle the massiveness

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