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05 Jun 2013 22:03:46
News now dunno how true it is but Wednesday after James Vaughan from Norwich but couple off championship clubs interested

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05 Jun 2013 10:31:23
Just be told by someone reliable that were to be sold in next 7 days! Not sure if its this Napoli link or these Chinese/american investors. there will be money available to buy players. anyone else heard about this? Ed do you no anything? {Ed001's Note - not heard a thing regarding that.}

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We're a Company and sales don't happen that fast. due diligence and all that!

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I won't believe it until I see it in black and white.

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Have to agree with chap who says sales do not go through that quickly. Think this is recirculation of old rumour. If anybody was buying club they would be shown round ground and other assets probably by Milan. If there had been a group being shown round it would have come out and I have seen nothing. Once formal offer accepted the buyer would proceed with checks etc which would take minimum of 4 weeks (probably 3 months). Deal signed and shares and cash changing hands, in total 6 month period. Even if rapid it would be 3 months. Hence daft rumour.

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Errrrrrmmmmm. you can see it in black and white a few lines up.

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No chance. The quickest a takeover could possibly happen would be 2 months and that's if all the paperwork goes smoothly. Even if they had been trying to do the admin behind the scenes there would have been a leak somewhere about talks taking place and there has been nothing in the press

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There buying shares in us I've heard.

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Mandaric owns all the shares. Before you invest you would still check out investment.

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I heard takeover done sept 1st, but like said earlier believe it when I see it.

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If it was a reliable source that told you they should know who it is especially with such a short time to go, my verdict a jealous oinker.

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Said on owlstalk on Sunday there was Chinese shown round at the weekend same as before untill it's 100% I won't believe it

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Mm has s always kept his club sales quiet at what ever club he has been at

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Not saying it's true, but, what's to say this hasn't been in motion for a while now behind the scenes?

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As of being shown around, maybe them days are gone I don't know, if it was me I would on the view that i'd seen enough of the ground by cam I would buy, for somebody to buy we are prime candidates.

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Thursday telegraph MM says parties are always looking at sheff wed but no sale is imminent at this moment

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Well if it was on Owlstalk it must be true

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Think Mandaric hhas confirmed the talk is rubbish, Chinese have stopped investing in UK infrastructure.

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Parties are interested in SWFC, but there have been no formal offers, and certainly no-one has been shown around the club in regards to a sale of MM's shares for a sale of the club. MM is enjoying his stint as Chairman, he has said that he doesn't wish to run the club forever but for the time being he loves the club, and he is excited at the prospect of a high table finish, possibly a play-off battle next season.

Source: Backroom staff

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