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05 Jun 2012 22:32:43
Middlesbrough set to offer 2 million for Gary Madine watch this space

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Not a cat in hell chance

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I doubt they will offer 2 million for a striker who is not proven in this league tony mowbary does take big gambles like that

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Garbage - although at that price I'd sell.

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Would be a daft sale, still only a kid, got a bit of everything about him. Keeps his head down and works hard and he can really go places.

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Bit of everything? wheres his pace then? agreed hes a good player but if he had a bit of everything we wouldnt have him!

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It says a lot that nobody rates Madine that highly after an 18 goal season; his game is very patchy and he has a lot of room for improvement. 2m would be a fantastic price if some mug wants to pay it

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Let him gotbh 2 million is alot and were grtting loads of good players in!!

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Deary me, players get better with age, he will get better, why sell him for 2 million when he will get better.

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I would definitely swap Madine for Antonio plus 1.25M, I think anyone would (although I'd prefer to have both) and in effect that's what you're talking!

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05 Jun 2012 22:17:48
Talk going round linking us with dean cox ov leyton orient

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Doubt it, signed a long term contract wi Orient a few months back!

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Cash plus player 350,000 plus coke after talks with bury hit a wall over wages

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Doubt it? sheffield wednesday and MASSIVE! he would rather be here than there . . . on the other hand i think we should aim higher than him

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If we are going for any winger in league 1 i think we should going for judge from notts county or freemanfrom stevenage but then again i would prefer ANTONIO cos he is miles better than anyone in league 1

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05 Jun 2012 20:47:08
Anyone with any info on any forwards that jones looking to get

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Maguire from Derby thats all ive heard

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Kenwin jones, Stoke!

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Kenwin jones to join wed ha ha ha

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05 Jun 2012 20:36:38
My mate who lives in London and supports West Ham just text me to say that it's common knowledge amongst Hammers fans that John Carew is coming to Wednesday.

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Hope not . . .

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05 Jun 2012 15:46:41
chris beardsley to sign soon

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Definitely not got the pedigree to improve the squad so no chance, Lowe is better.

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Isn't he a bit old ;-)

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Only 28ish but played nearly all his career in lower and non-league so def red-herring.

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So he isn't the Quasimodo lookalike then? My mistake

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Soory missed the joke - first time round !

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Im soory too

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Anything definate on ere or is it just bull

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Just bull usually

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Doncaster and sheffield united are battling it out for his signature.

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Doubt it very much, he's just signed a new deal, all over BBC website yesterday

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Wish he was THE Beardsley. What a player someone like that would be.

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Hes been released by stevenage today.

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05 Jun 2012 15:24:21
Tamas kadar of Newcastle set to join the owls on loan left back who can play centre half aswell!

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Tamas Kadar, has been released by Newcastle, so won't be comming on loan !! If at all !!

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05 Jun 2012 13:51:24
klasnic and whitingham to sign in the next month

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We wont be able to affrord whittinghams wages

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In the same league as us and we are debt free unlike cardiff remember?? he's willing to join up with dj again

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We wont spend more than 600k if that on 1 player and as far as im aware the value whitingham in the 3 - 4 million bracket crazy fool

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Or klasnic wages either

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05 Jun 2012 12:00:39
wolves regected 1 mil bid for batth dont no if dj will pay more if it was upto be i would

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Weres your soure ?

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Good as he was for us Batth is definitely not worth 1m !! Doubt if he'll make it in Prem tho as he hasn't got the pace to make him a real top class defender. There are proven defenders available for a lot less than 1m.

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Pace to play in prem. Have seen John Terry he as no pace!!!!!!!!! Good defenders dont need pace they need to read the game and Batth does that well

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Agree with everything you say - but even Terry (at 30+) is twice as fast as Batth , thats the point.
Not a criticism of Danny, just an observation from watching him play all season.

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He isnt faster than batth at all and how can people say hes slow hes pretty quick

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Batth was one of our quikest players last season, very fast player. Rob jones is what you call slow!

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Terry is twice as fast as Batth? what a load of rubbish, armchair fan by any chance?

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05 Jun 2012 09:34:08
Charlie Austin deal nearly done. Owls to break the £1 million mark for him. App they wanted Madine as part of the deal but no chance now. Also Freeman to sign with ogrady going opposite way. UTO

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Bet you any money its the same person who is making up all these so called transfer rumours

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Cloud cuckoo land!

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I hpoped this was true, until I read Freeman comment, then you know its rubbish.

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Some how I can't see arsenal wanting ogrady as freeman belongs 2them not Stevenage so if u going 2 make up rumours please no what ur saying first uto

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Freeman plays for stevenage they signed him in jan but i dont think he is good enough for championship hope we dont bother with him

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Freeman was sold to stevanage for an undisclosed fee in jan

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Stevenage signed him on a permenant transfer in january, he's not an Arsenal player

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05 Jun 2012 03:11:24
Paul Aldridge has been in talks with Swiss midfielder tranquillio barnetta. A player that can play across the midfield and is known to be wanting to try his hand in the English leagues and was Recently just released by bayer Leverkusen after an unsuccessful loan at Hannover

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Hope he's better than the name Tranquillio suggests - laid back to a fault !

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The same guy who scored two free kicks against england yeah im sure we can afford him why bother lying may as well be realistic with transfer gossip

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Hope so but can't see it

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Premier League player me thinks! Newcastle were sniffing not long ago. Good to see people are making cr*p up about decent players tho but if our signings are gonna be along the lines of Anthony Gardner we can forget anything too special!

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Is that the kid who wooped englands asses in a friendly last year

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What in the name of god inspired you to post this?

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Don't be so silly. He would have been on 20K easy at Leverkusen, post something realistic, not something you've seen on football manager.

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I don't think it is right to start slagging off players Dave Jones signs as he is yet to show any sign of him not knowing what he is doing.

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Ok a bit far fetched but some of these respnses have an element of trigger the bacon in them.

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05 Jun 2012 00:11:44
Really hope we dont get ranger watched him last season n thought we was playin with 10 men

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This Remour site is funny. People talk about players and we probley aren't even looking at them. Like when Tom heaton was 100% garenteed. Then we sign Kirkland. Might aswell just wait and see who we get rather than make some of names up

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Don't wanna sound disrespectful to Nile Ranger but I think we need a more prolific striker if we're serious about promotion.

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Then what would be the point in the RUMOUR site you DONUT!

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To be fair near enough every owls fan was expecting heaton to be signed but he has not played that much football apart from carling cup so im glad we got kirkland if he can stay fit that is

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Nile Ranger would be a hell of a good signin he was rusty yes when he came but the last few games was getting better an better.

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He works harder and is faster and better in the air than madine

in fact, if madine couldn't turn and shoot he'd be utterly useless, his off the ball and service game is crap.

Good thing he scores goals from nowhere

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The above reminded me of an actress and bishop joke ---quicker and slicker and thicker.

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Ranger was getting better and i would be happy to sign him, madine does put effort in tho so dont agree with the guy saying hes useless at all. he has a great first touch and his vision is also good

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You cant say he was getting better he played well against hudders then was crap and had a decent game against wycombe

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