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05 Jul 2012 21:53:02
No bull right now there is a 4x4 audi in novotel hotel car park with reg alf 1, maybe coincidence

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Who's the car belong to !

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Probably belongs to a "scrap-man" called Alf??
Even IF? it was his, he used to live in the area !! - he could be visiting somebody? or up here for a wedding ??
Just don't get this obsession with ALF - BEN - BATTH ??? - there are hundreds of better players than them out there, move on!

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According to car registration check it doesnt exsist

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I saw it parked near training ground yesterday afternoon

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05 Jul 2012 21:35:23
Has anybody got any real news about players coming in instead ov just making things up

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Norris & Regula to sign tomoz
Bothroyd or Rodellega next week
Double swoop for Antonio & Alf
Treacy or Ranger depending on their current clubs

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What absolute balls!

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05 Jul 2012 21:22:56
Terry Burton has left for Arsenal! On their website now!

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With burton gone lets get ready for a few rumors regarding their young stars coming to the owls on loan deals.

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Stuart gray ex wolves and southampton coach under Jones looking like the replacement for burton

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Good news in a strange way, as part of deal we get pick of Arsenal players sent out on loan? Did you see TB praise for Wednesday.

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05 Jul 2012 20:34:41
I hope the rumours about regula are untrue.

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Why is that then? Don't know anything about him but once again it is a name that wasn't expected! Plus it was on ssn that a medical was taking place, usually pretty reliable

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Ffs give the lad a chance. Why don't u want him. Wot u know bout him. I watched vid earlier n looked good.

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Do you hope the rumours are untrue cos your a blade, and to think we signed someone who showed promise at under 21 and may still do so is looking to sign for the owls, when united are happy with porter, not met a blade that thinks he's any good

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05 Jul 2012 13:19:31
it is true paulo regula havin medical at s6 today be a reyt signing fingers crossed

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True! hell sign in next few hours if medical all goes well!

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Had a nasty injury resulting in a collapsed transfer deal. Feel sure the medical staff will be thorough

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Sky sports news at 3.05 stated Regula having medical

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Reyt signing?,when did you ever hear about him before today,NEVER I BET

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Someone fancy enlightening on who the hell this guy is and why we should sign him?!?!?

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See Trigger the pork is commenting again must have been released from Asylum

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All I can find is that he scored a goal once and gets booked a lot.

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Does he clap a lot, it could be he's the new James O'Connor!

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Good old flipper.

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05 Jul 2012 13:16:10
Heard directly from the horses mouth - Sheffield Wednesday and Barnsley are battling it out for Rotherhams midfield maestro Ben Pringle. SWFC see Semedo as being too slow and not mobile enough for the fast pace championship and Barnsley are looking for a ready made replacement fot Jacob Butterfield {Ed046's Note - Who is the Horses Mouth? After all Semedo did win all the player awards last season!

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What round objects. Owls do not see Semedo as too slow in fact hes the lynchpin of the midfield. Sheridan was slow but no-one wanted to sign some no talent from Rotherham to replace him

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Semedo is quality.

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What a complete load of steaming horse s**t

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Semedo has reasonable pace, so the above is rubbish. very athletic and 90 minute man. think this written by someone who has never seen him play or a friend from down the road.

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Hey that is a load of crap semedo is best player we have and butterfield went to Norwich {Ed046's Note - The post says Barnsley want Pringle as a Replacement for Butterfield!

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Semedo will be in the middle all season again he just needs a new cm partner the person who said he is not quick enough is a idiot

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05 Jul 2012 12:43:56
Varney to leave Pompy! Has already proven himself at Hillsborough and was a fans favourite! Would be a great signing. Source:sky sports

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Was very poor at us and would not want him back !

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What are u on about varney were a reyt player for us

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I would certainly welcome Luke varney back!

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Brilliant player tip quality get him. These clueless comments obviously never saw him play aka armchair.

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His first touch is terrible

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Watched him week in week out mate, full of energy and endevour, but no quality, poor finishing and as stated above by someone a poor first touch - quite simply not good enough !

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05 Jul 2012 12:55:17
Paulo regula and adrien silva to swfc?

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Silva wanted by Everton and other Prem clubs so .......don't think so !

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05 Jul 2012 10:59:51
Sky sports sources: former Portugal u21 paulo regula is having a medical today

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Just looked on ssports says nothing about wednesday or paulo regula

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Its true, just seen it on screen @ 12-40

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Send me url address please to prove this

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I didn't use a URL mainly because I seen it on t.v.

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05 Jul 2012 10:04:14
Paulo Regula to have medical with #swfc today. Source SSN.

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05 Jul 2012 08:46:04
The Sheffield Star reporting a deal agreed to sign Richard Keogh from Coventry City

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It says we are in for him! We haven't agreed a deal at all.

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About 5 champ clubs in for him including wednesday

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05 Jul 2012 00:28:40
ranger wanted by norwich, source daily mail,and on to the next target we go hopefully alf think it would be a great partnership with madine

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Good and i hope they get him n we dont end up with the useless piece of

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Hope this is true because I desperately dont ranger the no goal, no effort machine. And agree about ALF but and he would be available as well, just whether he il be creative enough because lowe scores all time but dont get played. {Ed046's Note - Are we going to go through the ALF rumours again??

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If ranger is that bad why would nowrich a PREMIER LEAGUE club supposedly be after him? and i am sure he did score goals for wednesday two very important ones aswell....

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Let em sign him

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I'd be happy to see Ranger go elsewhere, he hardly set league one on fire, and though he may have "untapped" talent, he is unfortunately just tapped at the moment, we have enough on our plate with Madine, never mind another one just as bad up along side him!

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