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05 Jan 2013 22:29:55
Hutchins was with Alan knill they have been in the directors box a few times this season wunt b too worried bout that rumour if I was u its no goer

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05 Jan 2013 20:17:49
Wednesday have rejected a bid from palace for buxton source sky sports

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Swap him for Zaha and play Lee at right back....... If only.

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Buxton has been our best player if we sell him, we I think a lot of Wednesday fans won't be happy with dj

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A lot of fans arent happy with dj now

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Dave Jones out

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Been reading about people saying fans should stop moaning, well maybe they should but why not start at the top DJ seems to be pretty good at moaning himself, One thing he is not good at is reacting quickly or rashnally on the pitch, some of his ideas and tactics are totally amazing. We need new blood and we need it sooner rather than later so pull your finger out DJ and MM lets get the job done eric the owl UTO

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05 Jan 2013 22:44:14
Its ok not moaning but what do we do, just sit here and not say a word and just accept being rubbish and going down?

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No mate, just keep moaning on the rumour page. It will deffo sort everything out.
Keep up the good work.

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06 Jan 2013 00:15:04
I would drive Buxton there myself, he's a "good" league 1 player at best, and no I'm not a blunt before you all start, I just think there's a better right back out there.

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Difficult isn`t it? For years I have been moaning about the fact that we have been building from the top down and paid daft money for a team that ultimately led us to where we were three years ago.
Now we`re laying the foundations for a brighter future......and guess what!
I`m still frustrated and angry!
I know success can`t be bought....unless you`re the Manchesters and Chelseas of this world.....but I want success and I want it NOW!
I`ll try to be rational on my next post.
Can`t see it happening though.

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I know what you mean. It's never a walk in the park supporting Wednesday.

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Actually moaning on here is better than doing eff all like you pal.
You just sit back and do nothing.
Moaning on here is better than booing at matches and the general feelingof the fans on these sort of pages and pages on get back to people involved with wednesday.
We need MM to know that we aren't happy.Its up to him then if he changes anything.

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Dunno what happened to my post.I'm sure thats not what i put but :)
Long story short moaning on internet will get back to MM.

I just can't understand why people have no passion and slag others off for having some.
Don't you care we are in such a crap state while the likes of watford, palace, brighton, huddersfield even peterborough make us look like mugs.

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Life Long Owl aka "The Moaner"

Blackburn & Henning Berg
Wolves & Stale Solbakken
Ipswich and Paul Jewell

These clubs were not happy with their progress and so made the decision to change BEFORE they were relegated

Getting rid of Dave Jones now is a step in the right direction but it should have been done at Christmas to give someone else a chance to asssess what we have and what we need, AND the backing in the transfer market

Ipswich are now moving up and away from us with Mick McCarthy doing what was needed to rectify the situation

Seems that there are a few more "Moaners" agreeing Jones should go

I will post on here or banter page or any toilet wall to get the message across to those of you who are totally oblivious to our plight and simply cannot see that we have 20 games left in this league before we slip back into League One and the Pigs and Donny leapfrog us

If the Chairman and Manager had as much passion as we did we would be fine but no it's a business to him and whatever happens Dave Jones wages will still go in the bank every month

I will continue to MOAN until Wednesday are where we belong so carry on and slag me off for being on the wrong page I refuse back down to you who like being relegated and watching a team continue to struggle through poor management and misled fans who will pay to watch dire performances week in week out

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Buxton has had a brill season so far, why sell our best players?

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For as long as I can remember we have been replacing managers, but I don't remember it actually ever helping.
Atkinson, Francis and even Megson have all proven to be capable yet when they where changed things just slumped to lower levels.
I agree that DJ is shocking, but I think that it's the wrong time to sack him. I also fear what we could end up with next.
Before GM was replaced by DJ there was many people on here and in the stands calling for GM to go and complaining about the style if football. Didn't that go well?

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Francis and Megson I will agree with you my friend, they were unlucky to be sacked, at least I thought we had teams that could play and had pride and passion when in the Wednesday shirt

Yes fans are fickle but I want to take you back to when Len Ashurst was here and sent them all camping on the moors, sad desperate days, Jack Charlton came in a started the revival and got us moving forward

Megson is Wednesday thro and thro and really wanted to do well, ok sometimes it wasn't pretty football but we got results and progressed

Dave Jones brought Terry Gibson in and he was the brains behind the manager, Burton took us up never mind Dave Jones

So you think Dave Jones is shocking but you will still stick with him, err Hello anyone in there are you for real?

People like you hop from foot to foot and dither all bloody day, your not happy but won't change things

2 Questions I would really like you to answer

Would you change the Manager if we got relegated?

Are you happy watching his teams?

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Errr Hellooooo. I think you missed the point. Pal.

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I can tell you what pal. You make comments like 'err Hello anyone in there are you for real?'. I respond and before you know it, your playing the old abusive, disrespectful card.
Get a grip, grow some and accept other people's opinions. I don't have to answer your questions.

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No you do not have to answer my questions

I dont think you can answer my questions because you know I am right, or else you a very happy to see us relegated again and you must be delighted to watch poor performances

Everyone has the right to their opinion but I say again if I was to agree with you we would both be wrong

I am sorry I did not realise you are Dave Jones Dad and your only sticking up for your lad

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Dave Jones dad hear:
As a true Owl I just want to see us get relegated.
Get a grip.

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You and your support off not changing
Managers will see Wednesday and your son, me n thee all back in League 1 pal

Now if you don't want to change managers you tell me how we going to get out of this current mess we are in

And lets not be falling out we all want the same thing Wednesday to succeed

We both have different views so let's discuss them sensibly

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05 Jan 2013 19:23:53
Milan Mandaric to sack DJ in the next 48hrs, a board meeting has been called for tomorrow
I was at the game earlier in the hospitality sweet and Owen coyles name was mentioned on a number of occasions from people well in with the club

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Chris Hutchings was at match today. Why?

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Signings will start flowing through today( after the cup game ) :) UTO

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Chris Hutchings is usually associatiated with Paul jewell. Who is currently out of work since being sacked by Ipswich. Really don't want him back

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05 Jan 2013 18:19:11
Swfc set to sign striker andrew mangan from fleetwood town fee already meant to be agreed absolutely shocking we are goin down also rumours of a striker called alcides pena coming in on loan till end of season

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05 Jan 2013 11:09:32
Frazer cambell and Jackson from Norwich

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Lets hope Maguire has a stormer today. Glad to see him get a chance and he can't be any worse than our other CF's.

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Had a good game up to getting pulled off early - why?

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Well that was entertaining

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Maguire best player today by far. No idea why he brought him off DJ obviously jasnt got a clue!!

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05 Jan 2013 11:01:49
Milan baros has been linked with a loan move with the owls along with Danny Murphy

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Cardiff want to ditch rob ernshaw ..... A proper (if a bit past it) striker worth a crack though

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Would love that to be true but cant see it happening

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Old and no better than current players would be worse than bothroyd!

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04 Jan 2013 23:41:25
Massive rumours on twitter from Aberdeen fans of us having a bid or at least showing interest in their striker Nial McGinn

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Another player to pull on a Wednesday shirt only to be boo'd constantly or pulled to pieces before getting a fair crack. Swfc's biggest problem is mindless fans or so called fans. They do nothing but moan. Fans saying dj is slow to react in transfer market want to get a grip. Mcgoldrick to ipswich. He was only mediocre for us in league one. Can you at least wait till the end of the transfer window before you bitch ffs

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Glad we didn't go for mcClean either.

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^ Well said, I am in full agreement with your statement.

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Reply second post. You are obviously an armchair fan or a blunt, Wednesday fans don't as a rule boo individual players, the only player to booed in the last seasons is Bothroyd and although I didn't join in the booing of him I can understand why fans who have paid good money to watch a game of football boo someone who walks about the pitch giving the impression that he doesn't care. It is every fans right to show their dissatisfaction with the teams or the manager's performance after all they are paying their wages.

I will agree that McGoldrick is not good enough but on the other hand, a lot of Championship teams have had their targets lined up and are signed. It is not hard to see where our team needs strengthening; Jones says he is a good professional manager why hasn't he got on with signing players, time is rapidly running out.

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Couldn't agree more with the above. It's one of the many reasons why were in the position were in today. So called fans jumping on the back of managers and players without giving anyone a chance. Looks like the anti dave jones clan have gone away for a while as the results have picked up. Short memories and too much football manager thinking they actually know what there talking about. Up the Wednesday and here's to safety this season and push on the next.

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Yeah he must be an armchair fan just cos he doesn't agree with you.
Also the 'too much football manager' quote is spot on.

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Dave Jones will never bring success to Hillsborough so long as he has Hole in his ****

Never mind you lot having a go at us "moaners" we are being realistic and you lot are easily pleased if you are happy to be in the bottom 3

Look at Lge 1 table Pigs and Donny flying, we have no debt, a manager who needed a coach to show him what to do, a millionaire chairman who has shut the tap

Frustrated lifelong Owl

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Great post Frustrated Lifelong Owl

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Not happy at all, but no point in continuously moaning.
Why does it have to be a battle all the time?
You vocally dont like DJ and MM, some just get on with it. But, at the end of the day WAAWAW?

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Will the football manager bloke come up with a new line.
You say that in every post.
You don't have to be an expert or a football manager to know jones has done a bad job this season and certain players are rubbish.

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Spot on mate, you don't .
But you do have to be an person if you think DJs done a good job

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Iv posted that comment before, but not this time. So it is not just one poster mate.

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Most fans do acknowledge what you are saying, because the situation it is not exactly difficult to assess.
However, most fans have a little bit more dignity than to just keep moaning.

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So when you spend 20 in a shop an its not up to scratch you dont take it back n complain ? You just chuck it in bin and keep stum ?
Thought not - so why is football different?

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So you think me telling you the truth is moaning do you?

Mate please tell me if you are happy being in the bottom 3 of the league and getting a 0-0 draw today with a poor performance

LOOK at League One positions and we are supposed to be a "BIG" club

If wanting Wednesday to get back to being a big club we need a Manager who knows what he is doing and Chairman who is prepared to back him until then we will continue to hire and fire and be where we are looking at the trap door

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Tired of so called fans telling us to get off DJ's back. It's DJ's fault we are in this mess with his dreadful signings and poor selections. When the second poster talks of Wednesday fans getting on a strikers back it is interesting he doesn't name him, probably because he knows he would be a laughing stock. We did get on Bothroyd back and we did so because he was clearly well past his best and good only for collecting his (inflated) salary. Sorry I expect a bit more pride from anyone wearing an Owls shirt. I pity QPR.

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If I am a "MOANER" for Wednesday to be a successful football club then I hold my hands up!

Guilty as charged so throw me to the Wolves, shun me, call me a Blunt but you must want the same thing or you should be ashamed

Life Long Owl

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20, lol.

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Do you really believe that your moaning will deliver us a successfully club?
That post really sums it all up.

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Life Long Owl here again aka "moaner"

Karl Robinson on BBC Football report on the match today

To come to a great stadium which is steeped in history ...........filled with supporters who are more than happy to be 3rd from bottom of the league, who simply pay and are happy with a team with no leadership

Don't give me that old rubbish look at where we were before Mandaric bought us! We are rapidly going back there if he doesn't get his finger out NOW, It could come to the last game of the season, Remember Palace game!!

I know who will be moaning if we get relegated, at least I have the b***s to stand up now and say what I think

I pay my money I am entitled to my opinion, I am the lifeblood of this club as well as you are I could agree with your opinion but then we would both be wrong!!!!!

Dave Jones is being allowed to take this club downwards aided and abetted by Milan Mandaric and all the Wednesday fans who are non moaners

Get yourselfs a backbone and see the light, you are all being taken advantage off by DJ

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Couldnt agree more

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04 Jan 2013 23:31:36
Jeremy Helan to sign on a permenent basis for a fee of £300, 000

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Doubt it city will probably want to keep him, and see how he does if he carrys on impressing on his loan spell

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