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05 Aug 2012 16:05:00
Jay bothroyd will become a Wednesday player an o Grady will get his chance of proving himself in championship

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Where do some of you get this info from? Absolute dribble!

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Hope ogrady gets chance

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Dont think o grady is good enough like the lad alot but we need a quick striker

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O'Grady was embarassing on Saturday, he's well out of his depth and needs to return to League 2.

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Not my rumour, but why is it dribble? a player who has played under dave jones doesnt get a game in premiership an spent most of his career in league where in? person its a rumour site!

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Ogrady is betta than harewood !! on sat harewood won 1 header while he was on ! ogrady won every header ! if thats wot type ov striker DJ wants then give COG a chance ??

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We defo dont want harewood, and o grady works hard but lacks quality, if we were playing megsons tacktics then yes but under dj no!

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Harewood isn't what Wednesday need at the moment I can't see him scoring many goals and COG won't get his chance as much as he deserves it if I was him I would move on

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05 Aug 2012 16:03:20
Owls will not sign Harewood Donny will get him instead which I think will be right division for the lad

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Good comment

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05 Aug 2012 15:47:29
kazenga lua lua sat in front of antonio in directors box at yesterdays game against west brom

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The guy sat in the directors box was young striker Magaye Gueye from Everton possible season long loan

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No Madaye Gueye in the Everton line up today at Blackpool this could be happening

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Isn't Magaye Gueye on loan at fredrikstad from Norway?

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Reason there's no magaye gueye in the eveton line up is because he's been at fredrikstad for a few month or so plus now he has his hairstyle shaved.

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Magaye gueye 1 goal in 22 for everton
and 1 goal in 16 for fredrikstad.

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Magaye Gueye is playing for Senegal at the Olympics.

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05 Aug 2012 15:38:34
Talk of Ritchie of Swindon coming to Wednesday with coke going other way

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He will not be cheap already turned down 500k from another championship club

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He's alot better than lines

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Which jarolim is on trial

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Think he would cost more than antonio since a lot more clubs are showing intrest

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David Jarolim is the one that was on trial. From Hamburger SV.

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It wasn't David it was Marek Jarolim

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I would have Ritchie at the massive anyday

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How do you compare Ritchie and lines?? Different position, clueless.

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What is it with having a go at lines, he was best player on pitch until he got injured sat

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David jarolim will be on a lot, plus he's old! We couldn't afford his wages {Ed032's Note - It is not David Jarolim on trial, it is the 28 year old Marek Jarolim}

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Lines deserves his chance in the championship.

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Those that criticise lines obviously don't go to the games and instead read too many forums......clueless

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Lines was quality Saturday unlucky with injury hope scan is good tonight - obviously an un educated comment fron The Pork Scratching Brigade

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At the end of the season I didn't think Lines would get in but after watching him at donny and WBA he has a real good chance Ashe has picked up his game

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05 Aug 2012 15:36:43
Kazenga LuaLua .... pictures of him in the directors box yesterday, could be signed next week. Be a great signing giving us some great wingers at the club.

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Prob best set of wingers since prem

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Where's pictures.

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This gonna be a great signing surprised why his current club wanna let him go

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Kaliffa cisse ,drissa diakite and antonio were also in the directors box lee bullen and chris brunt also there

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Having now seen pictures not Lua Lua or Everton youth

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Pictures are on . Ive seen em, but not convinced it was lua lua

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Hope it was Kazenga LuaLua as hes top quality we would rip teams with 2 good wingers

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06 Aug 2012 13:30:53
they dont look like cisse or diakite either but could be wrong.

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Lua lua would be a good signing but I can't see him getting in the starting side

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Lua lua was there in front of antonio drissa diakite saw him going out of hillsborough with family there was a black bold player as well either gueye ameobi or cisse or lomana lua lua

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Diakite isn't in the picture he was sitting somewhere else

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05 Aug 2012 14:50:17
all gone quiet on Heskey front. Is he coming? {Ed007's Note - He has been training with Blackpool.}

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Let's hope they offer him a deal then.

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I really hope not he's been useless his entire career, i seriously don't no how that man even got 1 England cap.

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Thank god he's w***

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He has been useless all his career?? Really?? Played in the top flight app his life and numerous caps for England. Plus big moves to big clubs.......dear god

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Strikers are judged on goals oh holey one, there have been centre halfs score more. Heskey is crap, always was, is and forever will be.

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Owen says he is the best striker he has played alongside {Ed001's Note - he rejected Blackpool's offer. As for Owen, what he meant was: he is the only striker that wouldn't try to score a tap in and would always look to pass to me instead. Heskey had ability, but he had no bottle, he would always look for a pass when he should have shot.}

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Have you people forgot about the germany game 5.1 big up heskey

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Kevin Davis from Bolton must be crap too cus he doesn't score!

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I wouldn't want heskey or Owen we need younger players

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Heskey is a big donkey and is very overrate.Owen as no hunger at all

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05 Aug 2012 13:46:15
is there any truth in ricardo fuller signing.

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05 Aug 2012 14:52:44
Would love to see him at Hillsborough but personally I think it's rubbish

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No mate

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05 Aug 2012 13:27:35
I wouldn't mind seeing Robert Koren at Hillsborough as speculation continues whether he will sign on at hull or not

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Would definately give us a different creative option from the centre of midfield

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Already signed extension with Hull

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05 Aug 2012 09:46:21
antonio is having medical monday source 12 swfc players i asked them all wen got my young ens shirt signed at players entrance after yestardays match so beleive wat you want

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Hes had his medical and agreed terms as confirmed by dave jones.

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Funny that because dave jones said on radio sheffield last night medical was passed and personal terms had been agreed

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Look on newsnow swfc it says terms have been agreed! He's a Wednesday player finally!UTO

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They need to sort some paperwork before its completed. otherwise it would have said signed not agreed terms

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No hes having medical today so get your facts right b4 you comment on posts

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Terms agreed not medical passed

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Medical and terms done saturday as per Dave Jones post match interview just a few bits to sort before official unveiling (thought to be his signing on fee) - dear god some comments on here are unbelieveable c'mon guys

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05 Aug 2012 09:45:08
Kazenga Lua Lua signed. 350k. Along with Antonio some decent players coming in now. UTO

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He would cost more than 350k!

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