Sheffield Wednesday Rumours Archive April 05 2013


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05 Apr 2013 13:10:52
If we don't win tomorrow, I can't see us winning until Ipswich on the 20th. Could be a long way to safety by then. I hope I'm wrong and we win the next 4 and cruse through to May. Just been a Wednesday fan for long enough to know I'll have far less hair when the seasons done.

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If we don't win against blackburn so what. We have Milwall, if we lose to them so what. we have leeds if we lose to them so what. We have blackpool if we lose to them, so what. If we lose to ipswich so what. if we lose to pboro so what. if we lose to boro so what. Were all wednesday, we will bounce back. We will win tomorrow, win against milwall and knowing our look we will still be 4th bottom the way results are going. Keep heads up and we will deliver. 3 wins needed from next seven.

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And if we go down, so what.

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And if milan gets rid of DJ so what.

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And what if we stay up, and what if get promoted next season, and what if we win the premiership and what if we win the champions league.
If, buts and maybes do not count.

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So what lol we getting carried away mate

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Omg. We won. That means we have got almost three full days now to worry about losing the next one!

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I know, I was so worried about Cogba scoring the winning goal for Barnsley and sinking us today.

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Ogrady? We got jj. Rumour has it he is on fire. Antonio? We got jj. Dave jones milan? We got jj need I go on?

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The Ogrady was a sarcastic comment with regards to how DJ apparently shouldn't have loaned him out to Barnsley.

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Well that's a reet blow! we've won again. we are 6 points clear of the drop and on a run. what are we going to fret about and criticize now. over to you, chaps!

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05 Apr 2013 11:11:40
Madine's out for the season folks

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Whats happend.

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Hi bacon fan got board of your own club so come to Wednesdays and try to find up the wednesday supporters. I see. Then again I don't blame you.

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We have enough of our own fans with neg the experts doing that already.
So the Blunts and Weeds may as well join in.
If anything they are slightly more positive.

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For the poster who is a sad blunt madines as hard as nails and will score today laugh that off sad piggy

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So OP may not be a plank after all, had my doubts but suppose credit where it's due.

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Marine has done his hamstring - not sure if out for season though

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