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04 Jun 2013 15:31:07
Were intrested in garry dicker of Brighton he's a cm and he's 26
source tv

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What tv or channel?xx

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Its on swfc sky sport news, There 6 clubs speaking to him, jonesy will be speaking to at least 20 out of contract players, just hope there good ones what sign,? anybody herd weather we going to make a offer for lita,

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Now that's realistic.

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04 Jun 2013 17:27:14
Just seen that Burnley could make a offer on cog

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Hope united don't get page for manager, can you imagine praise and grumble, them blades moan, moan, moan all season don't think my ribs could take it all that laughing lol, kevin mccabe I loves yer you doing a great job.

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04 Jun 2013 19:18:26
Just been listening to radio and Barnsley chairman says they are still sorting out some deal for cog hopes to sort something out with wednesday Mr. C

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Not what flitcroft said

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Also bit in sheff telegraph about Barnsley making new offer for cog UTO

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Barnsley put in second bid for COG, I think he would do well at swfc given a chance, gives 120% big strong especially with JJ and antontio the give us plenty of pace

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I fully agree with you letting O'Grady go is a mistake, a big one by DJ & MM, he is a hard worker and proved to be a great link player (proved it at Barnsley). He would be a good force alongside JJ and Antonio. why why why why we let him go. another wrong decision keeping other players who are not good enough or making rubbish signings!

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Good season though eh? Stayed up and bar the bad spell, held our own in the championship.
Great team work all round, MM, DJ, players, fans etc.

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Ogrady isn't good enough. He's played his part, move him on and improve the team.

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If a player proves by scoring 10 to 13 goals for us and barnsley in total how is he not good enough?! uto xxx

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He has no ball control he will have more difficulty when defenders realise what he is about. He is hard working strong and cumbersome little ability on ball and poor distributor of ball.

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I honestly don't see O'Grady doing anything for Barnsley. When he went there they were all fighting to stay in the league. It, ll be different at start of next season I think Barnsley will go down.

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Think not mate yep another Wednesday who think they are bigger then they are. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE.

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04 Jun 2013 09:23:47
Harry Maguire, Stephen McPhail, Jamie Ness and Leigh Griffiths all set to join before July. Jones is still pursuing Helan and Olofinjana too.

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Jamie Ness? Did Jones not say that we had young midfielders aplenty?

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Still think marlon pack is worth a shot I've lived in Cheltenham for a few years now and he is their sheridan. Always back page of echo every weekend highly rated here 75k is worth a shot as he is getting better every season he defo has somthing to prove. Ps if you didn't know that kid who assaulted Kirkland has been sent down again for 3 year's lol

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Think it's Loch Ness.

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What happened to Liam Palmer, we developed him then let him go!. Also, is O'Grady staying with us or leaving?He proved himself he can play well at championship level and score goals and more likely letting him go. before that Beavers, a developed owls player had gone and our influential captain die hard owls fan Rob Jones left who will come back biting us at Doncaster (DJ got Martin Tayler instead, say no more about that) etc. Instead we'll be getting more of league1 & league 2 players just like last season. where will squad development ever happen. As I said before NO DECENT SIGNINGS THIS SEASON either. you will see!

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Liam palmer went on loan to progress like most teams do with there younger players wasn't ready for first team

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04 Jun 2013 14:36:21
According to Wolves, Leigh Griffiths is not available at any price. They want him to spearhead their return to the Championship

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Where / when / who said we had let Palmer go?! He signed a new deal in January, then went on LOAN (this means lending btw) - but I wouldn't expect a negative chappy like you to realise that. get a grip sunshine!

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Always at least 1 decent signing every year eg 2012-13 antonio, kirkland, 2011-12 semedo, llera 2010 -11 reda johnson 2009-10 erm may give you that one potter? B4 that buxton etc what do you want no decent signing bloke? rooney or is he past it? maybe messi or would he be too foreign for you?

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Can I ask our shouty no decent signings colleague what they would rate as a decent signing?

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Thank u mate, this is more likley a decent question: what I would like to see as decent signings just few 3 or 4 high quality proven players, not on the cheap, who can make real impact on team performance and competetiveness. Unlike last season we signed 12 players plus few loans, most proved not good enough spent their time either on the bench or not in the team, what waste of money and efforts. Mistakes not to be repeated and let us have DECENT SIGNINGS THIS SEASON :-)

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Is the no decent signings person serious? surely this man/woman can not be a wednesday fan surely a blunt winding us up? Rob jones was quite possibly one of the worst defenders we have ever had best thing we did was get rid. Him and taylor are awful players done well to have a career for as long as they have.

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If everybody ignores it, it will go away.

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Its a blunt fan definatly just ignored him/her they will get bored and sod off back to there crumbling club!

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Then I ask you a simple question: who is better Rob Jones or Martin Taylor? You can not simply say Taylor is better, despite agreeing with me he is possibly the worst signing than them all and DJ made him a captain, never graded him at all and I don't know what you are talking about? Rob Jones was a good captain and gave his heart and sole to the club, some seem to have a short memory. shame!

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Rob Jones has a proven record of not delivering at Championship level. L1 and L2 are well known for requiring big centre halves who can head a ball and log it. Different style of football in Championship means they fail. He was released by Scunthorpe in Championship think this says it all. Decent chap though and believe Taylor decent bloke too. He has played in Premiership as well as Championship and done ok in past. He came int struggling side lastyear and confidence went. Did ok on return to team.

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The comment about Palmer proves you are a part time fan at best and more than likely the shifty weed who has been on this site all year. Palmer situation has been well recorded and if you have not noticed this you really have head in sand.

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Do not know who plays for us, yes Noddy you are a weed.

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The answer to your question is neither r jones or taylor are good players they are both terrible defenders. Just because you are a good captain doesn't make you a good player does it. Taylor should never of been given the arm band and as dj quickly realised taylor is awful gardner was given the arm band who since richard wood for me is one of the best centre halfs we have had in a long time.

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Why would we want harry maguire he is fat and a s*** footballer

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Martin taylor not a good defender? ask any watford fan, he was quality for them before we signed him, granted his not done well for us yet however giving him the arm band was a no brainer his captained a lot of sides and has good solid experience in prem and championship, shame he has not brought it into the swfc side but his a good role model for our young players, also if u got slated every time u did your job u would start to perform badly, let's give our players confidence they ent up on purpose get behind our players see if we can help them develop from that side of the game, if it doesn't work then fair enough then look to off load etc, to many of us on here want results quickly don't happen like that we need time to build a squad and compete for prem football, for me 1st year in championship was staying up 2nd year top half finish eg 10th 4/5 points off play offs 3rd year pushing promotion not win league 1 win championship win prem win champions league in the 4 years! need to be realistic! also people need to stop living in dream land about who we are going to sign, we ent playing football manager where u take over a team like man city and transfer all their money to u, we simplely can NOT afford to spunk all our transfer money on 1 /2 players championship football is a long seasn 46 games plus cups, need to spend wisely on a good solid 4 /5 players and develop into a SQUAD not just 11 players.

PASSIONATE but realistic OWLS FAN!


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