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04 Jun 2012 21:42:18
rumour is DJ has been in talks with Alan Smith on pay as play deal.

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Straight out of Peter Kays joke book ?

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Not posted by an owls fan, probably trigger

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Oh god no - NO NO NO

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He has signed for mk dons

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The pundit? (ex arsenal) lol

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04 Jun 2012 19:05:43
Brian Howard, Freddie bodde and Owen Hargreaves, have all been offered to D Jones on free transfers

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Just because we have a medic in team gb doesn't mean we want all crocks in our side he's gud but he's not a miracle worker uto

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So we are being offered all the free crocks?

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Freddie boddie #ilaughatyou

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They have probly been offered to every club int world...

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Not sure about any of these posts, but some of you need to 'realise' its a rumour site and calm down!! Christ

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An embalmer rather than a medic required as these guys careers are ver just after one last pay day.

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You couldnt afford to buy hargreaves dinner let alone pay his wages,lol

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80-100k a week for an injured hargreaves sold

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Hargreaves would be one of best players to put a Wednesday shirt on. It's just a shame he makes Jeffers look fit

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The above comment culd be said about Tom Finney or Georrge Best if we ad signed him when them when they were in their prime. Wednesday were in for Hargreaves when he was 15/16 year old but he chose to go to Bayern Munich. We had Alan Shoulder in charge of youth set up and he was also a welsh coach and because of welsh mother was trying to get him to play for Wales adn bring him to Hillsbrough.

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Where do you muppets come up with stuff like this? be realistic!!

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04 Jun 2012 19:00:46
Ben Marshall is seeking talks on his long term future, if he isn't a first teamer, he wants a move back to Wednesday, his agent is looking to meet D Jones ASAP

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Here we go again with Ben mashall can't you understand he's not coming back so stop with it please UTO FTB

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Such lies. i suppose you spoke to ben 1st hand? he was a 1st teamer at the end of season and was performing unreal for them so do your homework kid

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Yep scored some rite goals an all. pity he`s not an owl.

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Yeah he's a good player but we need to move on plus I'm not to sure with the signings we made so for both are injury prone I think we could make better ones

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There are problems with Ben and Leicester have heard it from some one in Leicester and also a person on the coaching staff at Hillsbrough. He keeps regularly in touch with several at Hillsbrough. This des not mean he is or is not heading back but their is a problem and suspect that is where some talk originates. The person being ultra dismissive is probably not an owl.

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04 Jun 2012 17:24:29
gardner medical delayed due to family issues and Antonio due to sign in about a month

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Don't know about a Gardener - but you really need a Paynter to spruce up your rust bucket.

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As much as i would love antonio we are not going to sign him he wants to try his luck in the premiership with reading !! at most i could see him coming on loan in january when more than likely reading havent been playing him and he would want game time.

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04 Jun 2012 17:01:12
Will be signing mark hudson from cardiff

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What source then??

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Cant see this happening unless he gets a lot more monhey which wont happen

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04 Jun 2012 16:07:05
Some shocking football talk on here! Beevers has gone backwards and reda cannot defend! Good going forward granted but between them not good enough!
As for the rumours geeeez!

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Reda is sick mate he's a reyt bull chill out son

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Reda's only defensive problem is he is sometimes too keen on diving in but her certainly improved that area of his game later in the season; his offensive play is much weaker ie. cannot cross or dribble

still one of the best players in the team because of his pace, strength and most importantly his incredible desire to win the ball

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I reckon he SCARES the s**t out of the other wingers.

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04 Jun 2012 15:53:33
Double transfer set to be announced, Gardner as expected and Lee Bowyer, both seen having a medical together.

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Just sounds wrong. I understand 2 were in pipeline but one had problem with medical and other one problem at other end. Think Gardner one with problem with medical and other one is Maguire and is after money from Derby.

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In regards to Gardner, it seems it was more a case of ill wife rather than failed medical.

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Agree Gardner and Maguire will be the two signings. Bowyer totally not a Dave Jones type player , too old and should wear a muzzle instead of shin pads - like Barton !

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04 Jun 2012 13:48:59
tommy spurr wants to return to s6 my brothers friends with tommy"s girlfriends brother

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Beevers is better and so is reda

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Beevers and Spurr are s**te. Time to move on and get better!

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I would hardly say beevers is s**te, I have a feeling he will have a key role next season

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I agree about Beevers & can't see Spurr having a chance of getting back, especially as we have an abundance of decent left sided defenders.

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Amazing how people who wanted out in the pub league now want to come back now we're on the up and the teams they have joined have gone down. Sorry Tommy you chose Donny - enjoy League 1 with them!

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Do you know who we are signing this week cheers

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Spurr didn't choose Donny, Megson chose to sell him. I don't blame him for wanting to come back, but I can't see why we'd want him back. Good lad, decent player, but we've got better and can get better again.

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Spurr has never been good enough! Anyone who thinks he is knows nothing about football! Rubbish comments!

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All Spurr did was lump the ball forward everytime he got the possession why would dave jones wants a player who never likes to play it on the floor.

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04 Jun 2012 12:02:41
just seen Inigo Calderon leaving Claremont hostpital in a black Range Rover, blunts cant afford him, got to be the MASSIVE unless he's just visiting someone what do you think guys.

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I think you wouldn't recognise Calderon if he was in a police line-up!

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So we are signing another right back what a load of bull this rumour is

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Why is everyone obsessed with us signing right backs, if ur going to make something up at least think of strikers

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I would settle for wingers or central midfield players as well as odd striker.
In additin to right backs an obsession with lanky aging forwards and L1 falures.

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That's bulls**t my auntie works at the Claremont and they dont do medicals for football players! They use Thornberry

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04 Jun 2012 11:28:59
I noticed an add on here for Afro Introductions. Do you think we will be recruiting some talent from that part of the world, perhaps they know something we do not? Loits of talented players and reasonably priced.

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04 Jun 2012 11:21:20
Just heard Dave Jones wants Peter Whittingham from Cardiff and is ready to offer big big money! {Ed013's Note - They want between 3-5 million for him}

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Come on mate get real, never going to spend that much on 1 player and if we did it wuldnt be on him!

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You guys on hear need to relax and support whoever we sign

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04 Jun 2012 10:21:40
Gardner deal delayed will not be done Monday ?

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Apparently his wife was taken ill and he's postponed everything untill she's on the mend

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04 Jun 2012 09:49:32
Jones has revealed that one or two players who have been the subject of offfers have been away on holiday, which meant a hold-up in negotiations and that there was a minor blip in a signing over the weekend not at swfc end! Thought the be gardner

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04 Jun 2012 09:02:23
Signed antony gardener from palace on a free transfer. source: daily mirror.

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Read above statement

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