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04 Jul 2013 23:21:52
Rob earnshaw training with swfc, looking to get a contract at a club and dave jones invited him to train to keep fit.

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But he plays for Toronto in the MLS, I'm sure that keeps him fit,

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We still got jj. 1 more year! recon the guy gets a testimonial in later years. Its going to be his year. (Disagee end of season)

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Only problem with this is that he'll be in and out of team for most of season. either injured or dropped then play out of his skin for last coupla months. Lookin for another contract. same owd!

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Dont care as long as he helps us get top 8

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04 Jul 2013 19:48:47
Swansea evening post. Lita has been left out of tour to Holland. This has been on tv website

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Lita is supposed to be signing for Charlton.

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This close season is terrible so far. One not so young prospect from Burton

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Yes, as a prospect you wouldn't expect him to be playing Div 2 at 25. More and more of the strikers we are linked with are going to our competitors - D J Campbell, James Vaughan, Jermaine Beckford etc

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Nearly every Championship Team are busy signing quality players and as usual all our targets are going elsewhere, we need to pull our finger out and get some proven players in.

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The transfer window has only been open a few days ^^

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According to express its between us and wolves

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There is more than one reason for our losing attempted transfers. Money, of course, and.

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How do you know our targets have gone elsewhere? People throwing names about because they are available doesn't mean DJ has them on his list of targets!

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Oh the negatives are back talking to themselves. let's throw a few names around and pretend they are great players we missed out on. Or they could be Trigger and Weed in disguise.

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Some of these negative comments are shocking. do you guys know anything!!

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I'm not being negative It's just my opinion, we're not going to spend loads of money I just think we should be trying to snap up some of the quality free agents before there all signed up by the competition.

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Everyone waits why get a freebe in 4 weeks early and lose out on a months wage bill everyone offers a player a contact at the same time pretty much

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04 Jul 2013 19:46:22
Marlon pack is set to sign. He's accepted our contract.

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Another Cheap Div 2 Journeyman. How many uninspiring central midfielders do we need!

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Be a good signing if true, but I do feel we need a striker more than another centre midfielder

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"div 2 journeyman" who came through at portsmouth, was loaned out a couple of times and has since been at one club

what a lot of travels he's been on at the grand age of 22

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Journey man, he's 22 and played at Portsmouth in prem an championship, looks a good prospect good age

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He is well down our pecking list, if we sign him will mean we have missed out on first fiveprefered central midfield targets.

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Sure that's not Phileus Phogg?

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Why do we need another good midfield prospect? If indeed that's what he is. Are Corry, Palmer & McCabe not enough? What we need is the finished article not another prospect

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For the record Pack has never played in either the Prem or the Champ. He has 1 league cup appearance whilst at Pompy

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04 Jul 2013 19:40:21
Chris lines has left by mutual consent

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Sad really after what he did in promotion season but with his injury last pre season he just never got a real chance to adapt to championship football. thank u Chris lines and good luck

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Why could we not hold on for a fee, even a small one?

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Exactly who do you think would pay a fee for him? He was barely good enough for our promo side and Div 1 & 2 sides don't have money for transfer fees

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I agree with the above posts, because we are simply arrogant and do not appreciate good players and their services to the club. Lines as we all know is a good player and much better than most signings DJ made last season. The guy got injured and when he came back from injury he did not get a chance to be drafted slowly to the team, we loaned him and now got rid of him free. For a decent player like Lines this is not wisdom. Am I surprised not at all, he will be replaced by another unproven player just like last season. Wait and see :- (

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We would only get a small fee but
I agree why not get what you can.
ESP when Wednesday are always banging on about cutting their cloth accordingly! In fact Wednesday have talked like that for 15 years!
teams with more money than us are
less charitable than Wednesday!

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04 Jul 2013 23:16:50
Cos it's the Wednesday way. Buy average playes for peanuts and let them go for nought. lol Sad but true.

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Like who?

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Some on here need a brain transplant.

Lines was rubbish when Megsn signed him, he actually improved when Jones arrived. he set off like an house on fire last year got a bad injury which he did not shake off. Credit to him when to MKD to try and get back and form. Failed to sparkle and still struggling. He is on decent money so we should keep hm and keep paying £5,000 per week. If we only kept him 10 weeks it would cost us £50,000 and no one in right mind would pay that for him. So wake up and get real.

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Like some of the 12 players DJ signed last season, Lines is another example but I am very sorry to see him go, he was our play maker in league one and did amazing job. got injured and never got the chance back. what a reward!

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Did an amazing job? what planet are you on. Megson's team didn't use a playmaker very much it was more battering ram. Lines is a run of the mill Div 1 player end of story. Good luck to him but we have moved on. Though why he is any worse than Prutton or Coke is up for debate

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Prutton and coke have the same technical ability as lines but are better ball winners than lines so dj would rather have prutton and coke. UTO

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I agree with you mate Lines is a good player and now you will see DJ replacing him with cheap league two or unproven player, another one to keep the bench warm exactly like last season! I do hope he proves me wrong and for the sake of the club I would eat my words.

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Lines was a decent passer but shied away from the action when the heat was on, became terrified of dribbling when the opposition got on top of him

Prutton can't pass, can hardly tackle and runs around a lot doing very little
decent striker of the ball but way off the pace mentally

Coke is far better than both of these players; he's good with both feet, can pass and dribble, very conscientious with the ball without always going backwards, and most impressively isn't afraid of stepping up and doing something by himself

Lines is no big loss as I'm not sure he could hag progressed significantly enough to be a good champ player

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Very conscientious on the ball. Hmmm, that's a new one.
Brilliant though.

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04 Jul 2013 11:48:38
ishmael miller might be signing for the massive, there rumours at the city ground there off loading tudgay and miller to make bid for a striker from westbrom. rumour is miller fancys sheffield, mjr

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Interesting rumour but fed up with being linked with Derby cast offs. I expect Derby to do well next year, they have a good year about 1 in 5 and one is due.

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Don't want him

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I seem to remember thinking he was sheeeeeet?

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Let me get this right Miller is not good enough for Forrest and they want to off load him, so Jones will sign him because Miller fancies Sheffield. Best reason I have heard yet for signing a player.

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Chris lines has left the owls for a league 1 club. {Ed029's Note - Rumoured to be off to Port Vale.

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City ground is forrest, not derby county

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Miller played for boro last season, scored 5 in 22 apps, 9 apps as sub, he got something to prove in my opinion, mite be worth a shot

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Port vale? i'm laughing my lines off

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Off loading doesn't mean he crap, just kos he not in forrests plans doesn't make u garbage, lita can't get in swansea side an its swansea?, but we want him. mjr

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Give me strength!! Overweight, slow and goal shy! Leon Clarke without the goals!

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Did Leon Clarke score goals?

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Exactly my point regarding Clarke

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04 Jul 2013 07:23:11
dave jones has told sheff star that no offers for antontio have been submitted, also canceeled out the possibility of signing xisco the former newcastle striker

thank god his shocking

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Ishmael miller in talks with massive, this all come from city ground rumours, saying he in talks with us as they want to sign a westbrom striker, I guessing odemwinge, any 1 else hurd out?

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Anelka to w. brom

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Hurd out?

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Millers not our answer

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Put a 1000 on wednesday to make top 6, I've booked wedding for june next year, come on wednesday plzzzzzzz uto, ftb,

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Congrats, but I hope you are more realistic about the marriage than a top 6 finish.

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You don't really want to get married do you?

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