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04 Jan 2012 15:46:02
Heard from a good source that Wednesday will be signing Rhys Murphy from Arsenal. Not sure of the details but he will be coming in as a replacement for Morrison.

Also read the Pugh and Ince rumours, not sure i there true but both would be good signings IMO.

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BBC news article states Morrison ain't going anywhere.

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04 Jan 2012 13:06:28
Vardy WILL NOT be joining Sheffield Wednesday FC - Fleetwood turned down a 6 figure sum from West Ham United

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That official or rumour?.

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I cant see the hype for this player he is a non league player

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That is official

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Fleetwood turned down 150,000 offer from west ham.

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04 Jan 2012 12:00:28
Ben Marshall is stalling over his deal at Stoke, he has a 2 and a half year contract on the table and as of yet has refused to sign as the terms are not right - Tom Ince looks likely to fall through as well owing to the fact that Rangers are refusing to let Robert Fleck go out on loan at the moment - Llera will sign a similar contract to that of Bywaters - 1 Player will be brough in on a full long term contract - beleived to be Pugh of Bournemouth - He should be with us for the weekend - but won't be able to play in the cup - Morrison going no -where but Megson will listen to offers for JJ though is not keen on a loan - Reynolds will have his contract terminated by mutual consent.

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These rumours of super ben maybe staying at swfc are believable but i hope its not stupid people making up stupid rumours because their wasting their time if so.

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Somebody i know, knows that vardy lad and it is a very close done deal believed to be aound 300,000 n 400,000 pounds he is in great form for fleetwood of late {Ed001's Note - obviously doesn't know much, Fleetwood have knocked back offers much higher than that already.}

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Jamie Vardy not coming to Wednesday. 100% fact

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To Ed - Don't know if any truth in Vardy rumour at all, but player can decide where he wants to go at end of day , even if that means Fleetwood get less money than they might from another club. If he refuses to go anywhere except Owls they have to agree a fee with Owls OR keep him under his current contract . {Ed001's Note - they are perfectly allowed to reject an offer below the price they value him at, they would not accept a ridiculously low offer from Wednesday just because the lad happens to support them. Yes Wednesday are interested, but they aren't going to get him for 300k, end of.}

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I was just correcting the situation re. player contracts, the player does have the controlling hand over where he goes IF the club are desperate for money OR the player is coming to the end of his contract. Like in any other walk of life,if they're desperate for money they'll take whatever they can get ? {Ed001's Note - the club have plenty of money, they have a very ambitious chairman, who wants to get them in the Football League and up as high as possible.}

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Vardy tweeted on Saturday, 'really enjoyed the game at hillsborough today'. Now I'm not saying that this means hes going to sign, but he's not an owls fan...

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Are you joking?? he's a massive owls fan. He was at the Preston match too, he gets to as many matches as he can. We also let him go as a youngster because of his off field problems

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Vardy is a Wednesday fan, but to be honest i reckon the clubs got enough decent forwards.

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