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04 Dec 2013 15:07:20
Just bin on tv now. mandaric confirms Warnock on short list. Check it out

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No no no please Mr Mandaric I beg of you

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No way will this happen. Why would a club employ a manager that hates everything about the club?

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I never thought I would hear my self say this but I would rather Dave Jones be the new manager than Warnock!

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He is a pro and has a point to prove against Utd the way he was dismissed

If he comes and we get promoted all will be forgiven

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Because he's a professional who enjoys the banter. He"ll be brilliant for us if we can get him. And if anyone feels tempted to repeat that get relegated and retire to Cornwall quip once more, go and get a sense of humour!

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To the people who are pro Warnock I take it you do not attend the games? It is clear you do not understand what being a Wednesdayite is about. Are you the same people who thought we would make the play offs this summer. There are a lot of people on this site who claim to be fans but know nothing about our great club!

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Here here. Even though I'm a born an bred owl who's bin followin em for 58 yrs I thote warmocks tongue in cheek remark was brilliant. Typical Yorkshire quip. Some people need a humour transplant

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Are you for real? So you wanted rid of DJ, that makes you a proper fan, now you don't want Warnock so those that would be ok with a decent manager getting us out of the drop zone are not real fans. Anyone who disagrees with you is obviously not a real fan. Who are you? Chairman Mao?

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For me mandaric 'claims' e does everything for the fans and the club, warnock isn't the right answer for the fans, banter? good banter don't keep you up! look else where in the league - millwall - lomas ex west ham, blackburn - heinburg? (cant spell lol) it don't work, I would have approached mike phelan and steve pressley - people were against billy sharp for being a blunt but want warnock? 1+1 = 3 some people don't make sense on here!

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Who ever comes in to the club has got to pick a team and stick with it. We've used 32 players this season more than any other team in our division.

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Avram grant.

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Warlocks not the right man his blunt passed aside look at his record not very inspiring is it look at what he did at weeds. we want a manager that's going to a. install belief in players b. play football not hoof ball only way out of this league and only way of standing any chance in prem if we ever get there

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Doesn’t matter who takes over, we will be lucky to survive the drop this year. Fact.

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Neil Kinnock you say?

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Sir Roland Nilsson please. I keep saying it!!

Best ever Right Back!
Still a Wednesdayite
And a good Manager

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A present from the vile animals, take a bow neil wa. ck and good luck you willl need it

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05 Dec 2013 19:03:08
Wishing someone away and look at the options now, are there options I really don't thing there are!

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04 Dec 2013 14:52:47
Cannot believe it MM just been on tv saying warnock on short list of 5!
Tell you what never will I walk through the turnstiles at my beloved club if that man gets the job ever!
I really don't care what any of you think to that I'll be devastated if this happens and it's ok MM doing this for he would consider a quick fix but surely we are worth more than that? Please MM don't do it : (

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I you don't care what any of us think then why post your comment, who are you telling like

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Don't slam the turnstile on the way out,. goodbye!

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I know where you're coming from but if warnock can do the job and lift us to mid table this season and possible playoffs next season I don't care tbh. As long as we start achieving and winning does it matter who it is?

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Totally agree I and many others would not go to Hillsbrough while he is in charge

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Give the guy a chance
If we start winning you will return or go to the Lane

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I am sorry but many still need to stand back from the coal face.
Warnock suits Mandaric simply because (if what we hear is correct) he only wants a short term contract!
What happens after that? Sailing into a bigger storm. to develop Sheffield Wednesday need stability. Following the the buy out MM has not offered this and is obviouslyfinancially incapable of delivery. What happened behind the scenes at Ibrox makes painfull reading for all who support football. read on.

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I would hate Warnock in charge. I would rather take a gamble on someone else who wants it long term and get relegated than have Warnock short term and stop up. I can't think of a person I hate more than Warnock and he 100% hates our club. F*** him. Have some principles Mandaric and respect the fans.

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Listen to your selves! We've got what we want now jones has gone! Neil warnock is a good manager pig or no pig! Exactly wot we need! It'd be a shrewd move in my opinion! Stayin away from games denying the club u support much needed ticket money isn't the answer! An for those that feel that way were better off without fans like that at hillsbrough any way! I for one HOPE we do get warnock! An il be behind him every step ov the way! He'l be the best qualified an most capable on that short list ov 5 that's a dead cert! Uto!

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If he REALLY hated us he wouldn't put himself forward for the job. Some people really need to grow up!

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I support the club not the manger.

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Spot on pal, he is the best qualified for this division and even though I hate United I always thought Warnock was a good manager.

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Come on people and man up. Warnock till end of season makes sense but if looking at long term it must be Holloway

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