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04 Dec 2012 18:50:04
Reality check...Its a business like any other business and it must balance its books to stay afloat. MM is a very good and experienced business (and football club) owner and solely works on the balance sheet as this is his job. Aldridge is a very good and experienced CEO and manages the business in line with MM wishes...his job is to manage the profit and loss of the club. Jones is a very good and experienced football team manager and has two resources at his disposal...players that deliver the product and coaches that ensure the product is as good as it can fans we are customers that love the SWFC brand despite the fact that this club has NEVER been successful and is a perennial underachieving football club in an underachieving city...I'm as passionate as anyone about SWFC...but in reality this club needs stability and growth it can sustain as it is one of a handful of clubs in the black with potential to be a massive club like Liverpool or Newcastle...we need better coaches and a few better players (I think we need 4 quality players)

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Agree with a lot of that, apart from two things :-
1) We have been successful , right up to the mid 60s we were in the top 5 year on year, always near top of 1st Div. one of first clubs to qualify for Europe year on year etc .
I believe we are still in top 20 biggest clubs in country but not sure what criteria they use to measure that indicator.
2) Jones a good manager ? Not being bitchy but he has managed 3 clubs , won nothing , got sacked at 2 of them for not meeting targets after being given, at the time, the biggest budget in those respective clubs history, and both sets of fans were glad to see the back of him .
They are the achievements of Mr Jones.
He has a massive reputation built on smoke and mirrors ! Unfortunately we are the current beneficiaries !

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Reality check...we will achieve mediocrtiy at best if Jones stays in charge. The rest of your post right.

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Mediocrity would be a great result. If any of us expected more than mid table this year you were dreaming.

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Yes you're right , we would have been very happy with mid-table ...... so we're ALL going to be WELL disappointed !

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15th most decorated club

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DJ is a good manager who is in a difficult position seeing a complete dip in form but has had a lot more possitives than negatives. With his budget he's done amazing things and this is his 5th club left Southampton for personal reasons. You all need to check historic facts before slating a manager.

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Southampton not included for obvious reasons - AND the rest of the post IS factual so NO room to defend his record !!
He is an overrated failure wherever he's been - FACT !

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More positives than negatives ??
Name them ?
In fact - NAME ONE ???

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Don't disagree unless you can name ONE !

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You need to check where you have been the last few years you have a history but it doesn't entitle you to any favours. All the clubs that have history think they are owed something you have the best win rate than you had for some time over 40% for a team in the Championship is good there are other teams here with better more recent history Forest, Leeds, Liecester Boro Blackburn not an easy league by any stretch.

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And who are you ?
What does that contribute to OUR discussion?
You need to check your facts also we are WAY below 40% win rate at 20% ! so its well justified to expect better than that ?
We have a right to high expectations from our team anyway, whether they are realistic or not is immaterial from a "fan banter" point of view.

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I disagree one big one PROMOTION

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He won promotion with a team put together by Megson.
Fortunately for us there was no opportunity for him to change it otherwise he would have messed that up like he has everything else !
In any case we're gonna be back down in lge1 next season so we would have been better sticking with Megson and coming up through play-off route, if necessary.
At least we would still have a capable manager with a pedigree , rather than one with a false reputation.
Jones is useless - proven fact !

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Megsons team was 11pts clear in playoffs when Jones took over , hard work done for him, and coming off back of a morale boosting win over Blunts which was inspired by Megson dont forget .
So Jones had no motivation to do - good job !

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On the face of it, opinion is that Jones is not very good, majority of fans want to see him go. let us see just who blinks first.

MM will certainly baulk when he sees what next years revenues will be when we go to League 1. ST sales down, home ticket sales down, TV income (what poultry amount we get) will be reduced, commercial revenue impacted as less home attendance - think pie sales and kits, lolliposp, cups of teas, corporate packages etc. etc. We have one option and that is to get in a manager who has the ability to pick a team, be consistent, develop a team, man manage players effectively and that includes the ability to talk to them, have a clear strategy, accept responsibility for his failings, demnonstarte commitment, be realistic etc. etc. Jones is none/has none of these things currently.

But some fans, still in their rose tinted spectacles think that all is well with DJ and that we have an eon to build, consolidate and develop the team. Well what will we have in kitty to support this building process when Jones gets us relegated? Do me a favour and wake up.
I wanted the man out weeks ago.

The only real progress we can make this season is to book a taxi for Jones and send him on his way to his next stop gap job. Another journeyman with all his shortcomings and inabilities horribly exposed.

Jones is Toast.

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I'm with you, and I "think" we've been two of the many consistent voices who spotted the danger weeks ago when he first started his nonsensical team changes which week after week made things worse ?

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In any other walk of life, with the mismanagement hes demonstrated, Jones would have been moved on long ago.
Then again in any other walk of life he wouldn't have got the job in the first place because he so obviously doesn't have the necessary skills and a cursory glance at his CV would have shown his previous failings .
Doesn't seem to matter in football, even some of our fans are not only prepared to turn a blind eye to his failings , they actually defend the fact that hes so obviously CRAP !

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Jones isn't a good manager.
He didn't do that well at his previous clubs with decent backing.
He isn't a man manager and his tinkering spells out that he doesn't really know what to do.
Some very bad signings when we needed quality not quantity.
The reality is that we would have been mid table with a half decent manager.We didn't expect the world.Don't know where some people get the idea we did.
So imo the original post is a load of tosh.

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^ Good point. We didn't expect the world - that is universally accepted by all Wednesdayites. But Jones hasn't been able to deliver a steady ship as the bare minimum, he is utterly useless and needs to be given the boot. Pronto.

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Jones has given us a steady ship, we are crap all the time. Doesn't get much more consistent than DJ.
Oh yeah, I forgot, it does, Hemroyd.

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04 Dec 2012 13:39:09
I see Corporal Jones is "sweating on" Sidibe's fitness for Saturday. Why ,for G Sake ? What fitness ? certainly not fitness for purpose ! Send for the van.

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Thought exactly the same !
Will all the lads who still believe in Jones getting us out of this mess PLEASE tell me what you think when you read a story like this ??
Why would he be "sweating" on Sidibes fitness?
He wasn't fit when he came, he probably won't be fit when he goes back , and besides all that we don't need him anyway cos hes no better than what we've got, in fact hes worse !

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He slagged Madine off cos he missed the ONE chance he got on sat, Bothcraps missed dozens , and I dont remember Sidibe having any ?
What do you see Mr Jones?
You DEFFO tuned in to a different station from most of the fans !
WHY not just try Madine and Rodri up front from start on sat?
What we got to lose? You never know we might even score a goal again - or two even !

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Taxi for Jones. He has lost the plot completely now. GET HIM OUT OF SHEFFIELD - S6 IMMEDIATELY.

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We beat Bristol City comfortably under Megson's guidance. Since then we are alleged to have improved and Bristol City are certainly poorer than they were. If we fail to beat them now and at home, has not the time arrived for a mass demonstration against Jones' management ? I know it sits hard for us to demonstrate against anything associated with the blue and white, but these are desperate times and no one is listening.

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Personally think Bristol City will be right up for this saturday and win the game. That happens its surely adios Mr Jones?

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Just play Rodri or maguire or madine or Pecnic.

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DJ should be sweating on where his next jobs gonna be and send Sidebe home in same taxi as Bothcrap !

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I,m sweating reading that he may be fit hope not

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04 Dec 2012 10:54:52
Only one man can save us and his name is GARY MEGSON! uto

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Why has he saved us before?? may as well say the same about brian laws and paul sturrock weve moved on

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Have you forgotten already what a mess we were in when Megson took over?
You can't have forgot where he left us, .... and he only spent 420k !!
Thats less than Jones has spent just on Bothcraps wages !
Not to mention the signings that nobodys seen yet cos apparently theyre not good enough to get in this struggling side that Jones has created !

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Got to say I thought Brian laws was a great manager never had any money he didn't even av a chairman 4 part of his tenure also he was made to sell all our assets

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Did a good job in difficult circumstances

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04 Dec 2012 10:52:16
If I hear David Jones say "lairnun" curve just once more I'll jump on my hat - or I may even spit !

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That and "it's a tough league" , "work in progress" and "I'm a builder, I build, thats what I do" drives me mad. Almost as mad has his team selection and tactics

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Only one thing I want to hear him say ....... Goodbye !

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04 Dec 2012 09:03:30
On yestgordays bbc teletext it said we put in a dogged perfotmance at cardiff.thge star said pretty much the same.interpret that any way you boils down to the fact we were on the back foot an gettin hammered. All well an good in an away leg in europe but not in a relegation dog fight like we are in. I would much rather we have.a go.mik

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Don't sound like you went to me so why talk crap they put in a good shift apart from jj time for him to move on to be honest not good enough never will be he just stood there and watched there goal just like he stood about in other games blaming other players time for him to move on

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Agree with point about JJ, he's like that person that everyone's got at work, the one that's done the job longer so in their eyes they do it better... and if you're reading thinking 'I don't know anyone like that' it's probably you.

Original poster have you sobered up yet?

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