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03 Mar 2012 21:29:09
hi Ed,Heard anything about us getting rob earnshaw on loan? {Ed001's Note - only that you have spoken to him and his club about it, no idea if they are willing to let him go though.}

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Earnshaw signed on friday mate also stephen mcphail to sign before tuesday,also heard gary madine and clinton morrison broke club rules and are available for emergency loans

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Just heard the same thing about earnshaw deal done macphail on way as well in place of bostock

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Earnshaw deal done great signing,mcphail signing tomorrow and unamed full back also heard mandaric desperate for a sale as he focuses on buying rangers

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Benjami sam baldock jordan slew and now earnshaw,why do we keep beleiving this dribble,i know we need a striker but come on

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Where has everyone heard that earnshaw is a done deal

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Cardiff got 3 fit strikers including earnshaw,mcphail injured been for last 6 weeks,chopra bothroyd or bellamy next,poppycock

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They got 4 rudy gesture if that how you spell it lol and maybe they trying to get a striker in or maybe they don't see him in there plandsand think he needs first team football because he hasn't played for them for a while, i dunno because im just a fan hopeing we get a goal scorer because ours are doin s**t!

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Ramsey onloan this week ive guessed this purely because he's worked with Jones we couls get Joe Ledley too. Oh and Peter Whittingham

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Got to give Lowe more time I'm sure he'll come right. 3-0 tomora. Pigs are twitching and lost defence. No worries this, promotion by April, love it!

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Three goals someones a bit over opteristic arnt they!

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03 Mar 2012 18:57:56
GM's team,GM's lieutenant in charge and we have now gone 11 games with only two wins and barely a couple of goals to rub together. Now tell me that Mandaric was wrong to seek a change and that I am stupid.

Surrey Owl

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Changing the manager solves nothing, the problem has always been the lack of investment in better quality players.
Less than 1/2million ? - compare that to the other teams around us .
Thats the reason for the results - or lack of them.
With that level of investment we should be 3 from bottom not 3 off top !!
I hope the arrival of Dave Jones will loosen MM's wallet otherwise he will be as frustrated as Megson was !!
I also hope Dave Jones can resist the temptation to tell MM the truth otherwise he'll go the same way as Megson .

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In principle you are quite right. Frequent managerial change is always questionable. However, we were sliding beyond the point of even being secure for the play-offs. Like you, I have a longstanding respect for the Megson family and would have loved Gary to succeed. Nonetheless, it wasn't happening and wasn't going to happen. As to investing in players MM had to be sure that any money given would be well spent and, clearly, he didn't think it would be. We have now to let our heads rule our hearts and face up to facts: the same facts that MM had to face.

Lifelong Owl

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As usual I find myself agreeing with a lot of what you say.
The issue I have, as I think you know, is the way MM conducts his business.
I believe all hardworking people should be treated with respect - even football managers !
I can't help thinking that there was unfinished business between MM & GM going back to GM walking out after 6wks at Leicester? Powerful men like MM don't like to be crossed, and sacking Gary from his dream job at S6 will be sweet revenge. I could expound at length about a series of events which I feel support this view , but I'm sure you and others would call me nuerotic so I'll leave it at that.
Regardless of all this I too am a lifelong Owl , so I'm 100% behind Dave Jones and I'm confident he'll do a great job for us if he's given the time ? - and some of the financial support for the team that MM keeps promising but we've yet to see.
Fingers crossed !!

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Megson spent 125k net (taking into consideration of in's and out's) - which suggests maybe he didnt believe in GM after all - hope that he will now believe in Jones and will spend some cash and speculate to accumulate

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Madine - 800k
lines - 50k
ogrady - 300k
jones - 100k ish

He did spend some money. anyone having a go at mandaric are way off. i love mego, but a change in manager means financial backing, change in style of play (cos players will have to play for their spots not), n hopefully get this 2nd spot. UTO

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Obviously don't know what "net" means ??
Megson sold players and didn't get that cash back , hence previous post - 125k net - that means what he actually spent !
And it won't be long before you're all having a go at MM - we're just the first to see the light .

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Plus Madine was signed by Irvine!

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03 Mar 2012 18:56:45
Heard that Robert earnshaw is on his way from Cardiff, on loan until the end of the season!

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03 Mar 2012 15:56:42
benjani signing on loan for rest of season from be announced after todays game

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Why would We want a big waste of space like that... we've already got 1 useless with Clinton, We don't need another

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