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03 Jun 2013 23:31:28
Adam chicksen of mk dons is out of contract and dave jones has offered him a 3 year contract he is a young full back full of promise

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These players are from leagues 1 and 2 - is that what we need right now? can they cut it in championship I'm not convinced they can, but if Wednesday are prepared to give them a chance then so am I

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If they can make the step up, then of course its what we need, sometimes you just need to trust the scouts.
Buying players from the Champ or loaning from the Prem is no guarantee of instantaneous success.
Acquiring younger talent that can grow the club is the only way we will be able to sustain a push at this level, buying up old guys that have 1-2 years left is far too boom-or-bust for my liking.

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03 Jun 2013 23:30:26
Jean mvoto from Oldham is tracked by a few championship clubs including sheff wed he is a CB and is 24 years old

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Good centre half him did well against us when we played Oldham in cup last season

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03 Jun 2013 22:07:31
2 players set to sign tomorrow.

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Midfielder and defender.

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So today is the day were siging 2 players, who and where are they>? uto xxx

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I do not think so.

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Nearly completed should be announced tomorrow.

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5th of june now where are they?

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Tomorrow never comes. Sick of hearing about all these tomorrow signings

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03 Jun 2013 22:05:41
Chris O'Grady has handed in a transfer request. I think Paul walker etc will report this tomorrow.

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He might have Barnsley won't pay what we want as they don't have two bob to put together so o Grady will be staying unless some one else comes on for him or Barnsley grow a back bone and give us what we want for him

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COG off to Barnsley just matter on how the money to be paid according to DJ interview on talk sport.

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05 Jun 2013 09:06:54
No chance

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I heard that burnley are going to get him.

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03 Jun 2013 20:20:34
Marlon Pack rumours are speeding up and Cheltenham are wanting 50k to 75k. IN my opinion I think we should give it them because he has been pulling all the strings for them last season Source: NewsNow Cheltenham

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He's out of contract. Any fee will be set by tribunal. {Ed001's Note - unless the club that signs him agrees a fee with Cheltenham. The tribunal is for those cases when the 2 clubs can't sort out a deal between themselves.}

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03 Jun 2013 00:36:16
Jones enquiring about Billy Sharp, Southampton could sell at 500K. Source A pub landlord in the new forest!

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500k. That's more than the Blunts are worth. Full bifta.

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He hates Wednesday, his words

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03 Jun 2013 16:40:38
Yes but its still a job!

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But it wouldn`t be a "I want to do well job", it would be a "well its a job who gives a toss" job

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Don' believe this rumour is true but I would Av billy Sharpe tommorrow. Said two yrs ago we should sign him
natural goal poacher. I don't give a toss that he's a blunt or not.

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I hope the sharp rumours are codswallop, don't rate him.

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