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03 Jun 2012 21:46:30
Rumours flying about that Buxton to wolves straight swap for Baath, brother a coach at the club

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Would love Batth back a hillsborough

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Cant see it really, more likely Buxton to move inside to centre half, can't be no worse than jones

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I rate Buxton and think he has done well for the last two seasons but Batth is worth more than him. Wolves wouldn't take a straight swap.

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Buxton as found his level at league 1

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Id rather have buxton by a country mile !!! i like batth, but this is never guna happen

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Click agree if you think this will happen, dissagree if not under this post

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Short memories some people, buxton was appalling the last time we were in the champ, maybe it was the calibre of players around him at the time but he was found wanting on many occasions in our relegation season from there and I for 1 will be happy when we have quality cover for most if not all of the positions

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I too think Batth a more valuable proposition and much as I would like to see it come off, would be surprised if Wolves thought good deal.
Buxton is a safe steady full back who was decent at L1 level. He got caught out by pacey wingers when we were last in Championship. He was better as a centre half in Championship was my opinion but again it depended on opposition as pace and height limitation could be exploited by certain opposition. I saw him as utility player this season coming in to fill gaps due to injury and suspension. Think we bought him as a centre half who could play full back. Batth has hallmarks of a good Championship centre half but think he lacks that extra yard of pace to becme succesful at Premiership.

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Batth is an excellent player and we have lee now but i whould still have buxton

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I don't know why people keep slagging Rob Jones off he helped us get promotion he won every header that came in our box.

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03 Jun 2012 21:39:03
Owls have signed fitz hall!!

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It would be strange signing another defender if Gardner is to be announced tomorrow. Doubt this one.

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One size fitz hall for Leicester! Just seen it on sky sports news, why is it that we all as owls fans feel that this is to be going on all season, any player that we show an interest in Leicester follow suit!

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It said on sky he Hall has signed for Leicester.

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I know lets get a player and let leicester sign him lol

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03 Jun 2012 20:51:47
conner wik frm sun on lon al plus mcdonald frm pigs

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You may not have noticed but I think you've got a few dead keys on your keyboard.

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Connor Wickham will play a part at Sunderland next season and McDonald is not good enough for the championship.

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03 Jun 2012 15:18:31
Wednesday are rumoured to be interested in free agent Lloyd Sam who has played for leeds and notts county

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Played for wednesday too!

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Doubt it, he was awful the last time here as well

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Not good enough. Would be a very dissapointing signing.

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03 Jun 2012 13:38:13
owls to sign former german u21 defender matthias langkamp

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Hope not have you seen his Wiki page? more calamitous than Frank Spencer!

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Hope not, by the sounds of it, he's a 28 year old crock, had both achilles tendons operated on, seems to lose form dramatically after 1 season with a club, he's had more clubs than a cavemans missus

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Don't know much about him but from what i've read, he's very inconsistent and injury prone. Another Blondeau.

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Another Blondeau ?....It was Wednesday that didn't know how to play him The guy was a Wing Back and awesome at doing that job Wednesday used him as an out and out Defender.

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Blondeau Yeah them World Cup winners a really bad players get a grip. Next you will be saying he was as bad as Darko Kovacevic who we let go on a free then was sold on for 23 million.

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We didn't let Kovacevic go on a free - we sold him to Real Sociedad for 2.8 million. He then went to Juventus for 13 million (not 23 million), which netted us more as we had a sell on

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03 Jun 2012 13:08:04
So did the el ven Tucana news paper on Friday. Wednesday apparently have the upper hand on Bolton due to us offering a longer contract.

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Too much like Madine, we need pace in this league, not been fit for season or two, can do a lot better than him, not impressed with signing all these potential crocks

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You obviously no nothing about football if your not impressed with the 3 signings.

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Good players if kept fit but don't want to go back to the 90s where we paid big money to big name players that hardly played! We're u around then fool

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A possibility but would command high wages. Similiar to Ranger but he's younger. I would go for Nile.

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03 Jun 2012 11:56:12
Yesterdays standard says that Carew is not only talking to Wednesday but Bolton too.

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03 Jun 2012 11:42:18
Looks like the deal for Brian Stock is off with his mother dying and father being ill in a southern hospice, maybe Crawley will sign him, but not SWFC

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Donny fan here, i am close to Brian Stock and he says that he wont leave Doncaster unless someone offers him 200,000 a week which isnt gonna happen so he'll be staying at Doncaster.

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He'd jump at the chance to play for a 'MASSIVE' club like Wednesday. A very silly comment.

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03 Jun 2012 11:23:32
John carew to sign by the end of next week

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Hope not

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All this talk about overrated and over the hill strikers gives me a sinking feeling that we will go back into that journeyman rut rather than investing in promising but lesser known players, two good signings so far so I believe Jones will be shrewder than this!

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Totally agree, posters are scouring the web for names and then suggesting Owls are interested.
Dave Jones has a history of developing younger & lesser known players and I think he'll do the same for us , although no substitute for experience to knit all these players together

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A friend rang him as she knows him and first he's heard. So it bull

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Carew is simply over the hill, I am worried about Garner other signings pleased with.

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The above posts are spot on we need players who are hungry not looking for spending money.

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