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03 Jul 2013 17:53:29
dave jones lookng at bringing in 4/5 players before august - sheffield star. heard we want 1 gk 1 cb 1 cm and 1 striker - will be 2 strikers if joe mattock completes his move to brighton if they pay the asking price.

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Yep, we're looking painfully short on GKs.

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I'm sure Davies, Jameson or Dawson could warm the bench

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And also why is it a secon striker if we sell a lb?

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The 4/5 strikers is correct rest is speculation. I heard Jeremy Halen and 1 defender 1 centre midfield player and 2 strikers, what we are looking at.

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Were have asked Swansea to drop their asking price for leroy lita

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03 Jul 2013 15:46:01
Talks have been held between Sheffield Wednesday and Sylvan Ebanks Blake. According to Rob Staton, Xisco has not been offered a deal with Wednesday. Us, Birmingham and Derby have spoken to winger Paddy McCourt and Wigan are interested in Michail Antonio.

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Barmy to sell antonio!

wonder what the price is they bid for him? I heard 12million? uto xxx

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Wigan not interested in Antonio at all all bull made up by Leeds fans on twitter fact

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12mil for antonio? nowhere near worth that much, probably 5mil tops. {Ed029's Note - You honestly believe he's worth that? He needs a full season with no injuries first, surely? He showed glimpses at Reading but still has some way to go before he steps up a level.

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Staton has said Antonio rumour is rubbish. Social Network has been turned into a fiasco by false agents circulating trash. what's more some fools believe the absurd garbage put out.

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In bet our first team are not worth much more than 5m combined, let alone Antonio alone.

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If anyone offers 5 million for any of our players we should snatch there hands off

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Still only 1 years losses

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ED029 yes he could be worth that! What made Wilfred zaha worth £15m? Because last season Antonio out performed him and did so in 9 games less so why not £12m could be realistic {Ed029's Note - I hope you're right. Great for Sheff Weds, and good sell-on for Reading.

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I can't believe that some people have fallen for this how could Antonio cost 12 million when he hasn't had his best season (looked knackered for a lot of it) and was injured for the last part of the season, absolute rubbish!

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Its a rumours sight not bull crap, and ed, calm down with he needs ingury free season first lol, u was biteing then, r u a OWL FAN, uto

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Of Peterboroughs Gaulle is worth 8million course Antonio is worth more edd! Uto xxxx

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Ho Dwight gayle and Antonio cost 8 million and 12 million is unbelievable the football side of money has gone mad

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Can't believe palace paid 4.5m for a 22 yr old with 13 goals at champ level

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Antonio isn't worth 5million, but he has proved himself to Owls fans ed, despite injuries.

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Say what ever you want about Antonios price but if zaha is worth 15 mill Antonio is worth 18 mill. Just look at Antonios goals and assists compared to zahas

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Antonio is very good, but 18M is a joke, zaha isn't worth 15M jus cus somebody spent that he has moe got that label. if I was the provider of this cash getting spent you wouldn't see me getting Antonio for 12M or even 10M, I think if we got offered +3M we would take it.

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05 Jul 2013 10:04:32
Antonio is not worth 500 grand never mind 5 million. He can't trap a bag of cement.

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Antonio was top scorer, but not worth more than £500,000, thanks for the input, you can flush your brain down the toilet now

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Gayle scored 13 champ goals in half a season, he will go on to be a quality player. Antonio is worth around 750k, was the guy who said 5million high? Obviously not as high as the guy who said 12million. Just because you've got Antonio up to a rating of 83 on fifa and it says he's worth that on fifa dosent mean its true.

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03 Jul 2013 14:40:35
sheffield Wednesday close to agreeing a long term loan for Kenwyne jones

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U mean season long loan

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Yeh and i'm chinese uto xxx

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How do you know he is joining us?

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Yeah season long loan, I know a very reliable source and if i'm wrong ill tell you who I am :)

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I wish.

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Did some checking on K Jones rumour and there has certainly been dialogue between Owls and Jones or his representatives. This could have been agent just flying a kite but they have spoken. Apparently he wants first team football. I note Rob Staton when asked about this rumour said he would cost a lot which is true. RS is closer to what is going on at Hillsbrough than most journalists and his cagier replies or no comment when asked sensible questions often indicate maybe more in rumour. He is quite definite when he knows it is wide of mark.

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03 Jul 2013 13:11:04
Rumours swirling that Wigan have bid for Antonio (although the reported £12m seems unlikely) and that we are considering a move for Xisco (formerly of Newcastle - was reported in the Spanish press). We also put a late bid in for Harry Forrester, but he has completed his move to Doncaster

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Sounds like total rubbish.

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Dont think so

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All rumours made up by Leeds fans on twitter utter rubbish

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The Antonio thing is a Twitter wind-up by Leeds fans, as are Pugh and Norris links

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Same person probably who posted most of gripes on these pages in past year. My main cooncern is one or two owls fans believe tripe they post.

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Its funny because leeds used to be known as a tough club both on and off the pitch.
they are no longer fighting battles on the terraces, but they are venting their angers on the swfc rumour page.
oh, how the mighty have stumbled.

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