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03 Jul 2012 22:03:56
We are in for 2 polish players who both played in the Euro's. Obraniak who is a midfielder and Rybus a striker. Real quality

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Wheres the source?

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Rybus is a winger

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Obraniak recently transferred to Bordeaux in France in January I think! That's stupid of you to even mention that!

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Atleast they will settle in with all there family already here.

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Rybus plays anywhere across the front. Source is Polish TV TVN Sports

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Obraniak only signed a 3.5yr contract with Bordeaux in Jan. He was at Lille for 4 years before that so it's not a problem settling in France. In short your story is real interesting but it sounds just like a lie

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Can we sign more free transfers ?

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Well i think free transfers are poor players who are not wanted at that club no more and i dont believe free's are good but there are my thoughts so. i personally think we will get a few more free transfers as we r a newly promoted club and we are MASSIVE!!

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Really! You think all free transfers are poor players who aren't wanted. What about the players who reject contracts as they want a new challenge. Im sure West Ham wanted to keep Robert Green but hes at QPR for FREE and Palace wanted Anthony Gardner to stay but he chose the MASSIVE!

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Can I remind people that we only call ourselves MASSIVE when we are telling it to a blunt

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03 Jul 2012 18:27:21
rob staton on twitter says all quiet at Hillsborough does not think we will sign anybody this week maybe next week usually when its quiet at Hillsborough we sign someone uto......... who knows

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Rob staton hasnt said this at all look through his tweets.

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03 Jul 2012 17:57:47
We are definitely talking to a player named Jennings, do not think it is one from Motherwell.

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Isnt there a player at ARSENAL called Jennings they signed him for million from Millwall last year played for 1st team early in season but got injured supposed to be going out on loan.

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Dale jennings??

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Pat Jennings??

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Bayern munich player, young english guy

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Chap they have been talking to is English. Came from earwgging conversation when Aldridge was on phone, Name Jennings was mentined, culd have been his tailor.

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It's Steven Jennings
Source: sky sports

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I think your thinking of jenkinson who plays for arsenal, theres dale jennings who plays for bayern, but isnt do much for them, at the minute

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Defo get Pat, his hands are huge.

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03 Jul 2012 17:55:50
MM goes on radio and outlines transfer policy and if you follow what he says (reading only a little between the lines) we are not going to make any signings until about 2nd week of July. someone comes on this forum talks about Monday another says Tuesday and absolutely no evidence of this. I used to get a bit of info from inside Hillsbrough but since DJ has arrived the info getting out has reduced dramatically. Kirkland, Lee and Mattock were not touted. Derby released info we had bid for Maguire and Gardner info got out after medical, as he was recognised. Sit tight and exercise patience.

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03 jul 2012 13:52:08
no signings this week dj on holiday soz peeps no big signings this week

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I thought he'd already been on holiday plus pre seoson is soon so don't know! Heard a lot about amado today has he secretly signed? Oh and sorry guys but according to breaking new on sky sports butterfield has signed for Norwich oh well I have always wanted us to sign norris

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Thats probably why the team don't go back training until the 12th.

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What are you on about? Have you not heard of mobile phones and the internet and other such wonderful pieces of technology we have nowadays? I also think you'll find that SWFC also have someone called a Chief Executive who is able to deal with such matters. And the world keeps turning.

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He don't do the negotiations anyway, Aldridge n Milan do the muscle, dj just gives the list, and I'm sure his mobile won't be far away. Holiday means nothing.

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Hes already been hence the delay in earlier signings - plus players back next week

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Have a feeling norris will be coming in soon!

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Pa and mm deal with transfers were not going to say to a potential target sorry were not intrested because our manager is on holiday!

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No Milan will give him the money but Dave jones at
Is to the players

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03 Jul 2012 13:51:50
Interest is mounting in motherwell midfielder Steven Jennings with us, Peterborough n Doncaster interested! .......source sky sports news!

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What about a swap for Reynolds he is well thought of in Motherwell. I would like to have seen him get a chance under Jones, he was a good player at Motherwell

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Winger wise jj will sign new 1 year contractors backup Antonio and Tracey are main targets
oh and expect mike jones to either go out on loan or leave completely:)

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03 Jul 2012 13:06:53
Sheffield Wednesday are close to make another signing in the next 24 hours. I know who it is but i can't reveal the players name or club he's joining from as of yet.

@BBCSheffield will have a update at 14:00 BST

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No signings gunna happen this week dj is on his hols FACT

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So you may as well have posted nothing

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Is it a good signing or will we be dissappointed

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A tenner this doesnt happen

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Let us know when you hear via bbc sheffield please, uto

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Dj has had hols players in next week pal

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Is it going to be a big one?

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What a pointless post!

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No update @ 14.00 - unless its 02.00

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Just asked Rob Staton on twitter and he has said this is not true

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Dj doesnt have to be here for transfers to happen. Aldridge is given a list and told to make transfers happen.

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Makes no diff if DJ on hols. MM will unveil any big signing that DJ has wanted

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Even if dj is on holiday doesn't mean we can't sign someone you plank!

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Tenner it does

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I smell trotters!!

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