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03 Jan 2013 22:47:34
Martin Paterson of burnley to sign by end of week
Source burnley board member

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Not good enough

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Better than present

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Good player

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There might be loans but no signing

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Would be a good signing

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He said in programme on saturday that he hates the january transfer window and would never leave in jan.

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03 Jan 2013 21:54:18
Ignasi Miquel to sign on loan from Arsenal for rest of the season.

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Another left footed centre back !

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So what if he is left footed, if he can play well then I don't care if he is left, right or both footed. I'm left footed and have played all across the back 4 in my time and never had it be a problem and my right leg is pretty much only good enough to stand on.

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Coming in to replace llera when he leaves maybe!

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03 Jan 2013 21:51:15
young arsenal center half lgnasi miquel to join on lady arse gossip site.

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03 Jan 2013 21:45:28
Miquel of arsenal cb is set to sign for sheffield wednesday on loan for rest of season

Source:Shef wed news now(arsenal clearout)

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03 Jan 2013 20:52:21
Blades going in to administration if fail to get promoted so all is good ! They are heavily in debt and lucky to still be alive ! So u blunts look closer at your club b4 slating wednesday !

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You are still relegation fodder, so worry about your own sorry ass team before slating others. No I ain't a Blunts fan by the way, but I do think they are probably the best team in Sheffield at the mo!

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That comment shows united fans are constantly on our site checking our rumours ;) (Banter Page)

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Leeds utd you mean, so transparent

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04 Jan 2013 06:01:15
How can utd be the best team in sheffield.
lower division with low crowds and massive debt. we havent won much for a few years but we have been more successful than utd.
I dont go in for slagging other teams cos end of the day you support who you support and utd are just another club but to say they better than us is a word that wont show up on here :-P

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Don't think you will be able to reason with that person.
Nice try though.

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Older, Bigger, Better - enough said !

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03 Jan 2013 20:09:52
Heard rumours that a number of premier clubs are chasing Rhys McCabe, heard Wigan west ham and fulham, we are said to have asked for around 2millon for him.

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Not worth 2 million at all and I rate the guy

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03 Jan 2013 17:11:00

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Where do people hear these rumours from? xxxxxx

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Danny Batth, what a load of crap. Never been a player

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Its a rumour this is a rumour page like it r lump it
Captain America lives on

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We are said to have put a 700k bid for him

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03 Jan 2013 16:10:28
Put a 800k bid for blunts nick Blackman with Danny jones going other way

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03 Jan 2013 17:27:48
Have we signed Danny batth

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Heard this as well

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Totall rubbish to both as usual. Ex pigs not welcome at Hillsboro

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Haha pigs always chasing our strikers. Anyone would think you're in the bottom 3, oh wait..

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I'm sure you signed half of our rejects! Bromby, Geary, Quinn!

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Lets test the memory and then be corrected I'm sure:

Last game of season we went down, at home to Crewe. We won 2-1 and Quinn scores winner a massive section around me in kop agreed he was too good for where we were going.

How many facts have my beer boggled brain got wrong??

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Why do united fans go on a wednesday page because as a wednesday fan the last thing id want to do is go on a united rumour page!

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What division are united in? what division are the Massive in? enough said. UTO

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I guess we'll pass you on the way up then haha

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03 Jan 2013 13:05:24
Dave Jones looking to re-sign Ross Barkley on loan for the rest of the season

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Wont happen, Everton wont let him out as now a focal part of their 25 man squad

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Don't want him. Another showboater who needs to apply his skills to a team game.

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Under 21 do not need to be in the 25 man squad it only over 21 so your wrong and ross is good player

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03 Jan 2013 12:54:52
Sheffield Wednesday are in talks with former charlton athletic winger lyold Sam over a possible short term move {Ed013's Note - The lad has only just left Leeds and is playing abroad now}

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Was ot much good when he played for us before.

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03 Jan 2013 12:50:11
DJ has told Rob Staton that Llera and his agent are considering handing in a transfer request.

He goes onto say that Llera's agent has jumped the gun a little bit and it should remain a private matter.

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Why would his agent hand in a transfer request

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Hey i will write it for him

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Robbie Findley

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03 Jan 2013 09:45:37
sheffield wednesday looking at aarron mclean of hull who is a striker and also out of favour ross jenkins of watford who is a young midfielder.

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Aarron mclean i wouldnt mind hiim, good player xx

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How do you work that out.

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6 goals in 41, not good is it.

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Seems a decent rumour, and believable

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I heard millwall was interested too :/

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Sheffield weds ins outs

Daniel jones
David Prutton
Mamady sidbe

Danny bath
Danny murphy
Dexter blackstock or Aron McLean

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Sheffield wednesday to sign Ian Harte from reading great experienced defender with a great left foot like llera but better even if he is a left back he can still probs play at centre back. Also if Danny bath comes in we have a experienced centre ack who can teach the youngster bath. Now I'm not saying this would happen but we need someone like Paul scholes or Danny murphy. Lastley Aron mcclean is rumoured to be joining or dexter blackstock.

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Wednesday are in talks with Peterboroughs attacking midfielder George Boyd with a view to a transfer in the region of 600k. Other transfer activity at Hillsborough could see Jose Somedo move to either Leeds, Cardiff or Reading for a fee believed to be in the region of 900k. Also at Hillsborough American company Sports 9 Network are believed to have reignited there interest in investment in the club.

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Can't see danny murphy rumour, but it certainly would be a good signing.

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Better then bothroyd and sidibe lol xx

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Mclean was quite prolific at peterboro, cud b worth a shot

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Yes I've heard the investment news, also George Boyd is a rumour that has circled round for ages, I believe he may be happy at posh, but with the right offer I'm sure we could lure him away form there

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Good you guys need to get a job rather than write such rubbish.

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If you look at the "Sports 9 Network" site the caption from the companies president simply says "We as a company are fortunate enough to be in advanced talks with a very exciting and world renowned UK football club. Any more news will be made public at the right time". looks like the rumours may possibly be true lads.

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I posted weeks ago that MM would sell before Jan and said I would applogise if it didnt happen . I applogise it hasnt happened ....... Yet?

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Why would you even say paul scholes!? may aswell have gerrard whilst were at it!

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Why in gods name did we sell beevers, unbelievably stupid decision

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More stupid decisions to come soon - believe me !

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Sports 9 network reckon that they want to buy you, get you in the premier league in 2 years, Europe in 4 years and European success within 6 years. They must live in a dream world.

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07 Jan 2013 21:56:57
10 points from last 15 can't sack DJ on the back of that

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