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03 Dec 2013 16:00:15
Sheff Weds have approached Wolves for permission to speak to Kenny Jackett and his assistant Joe Gallen. Rumours in Wolverhampton suggest that Jackett has instigated the move as he is unhappy with the board at Wolves not fulfilling promises made to him when he joined the club. Jackett has already tried to manufacture a move from Molineux by doing the same when the Middlesboro job was available and i'd expected to contact Wigan as well. So we better move quick if we want to secure him.

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Do we really want him? Not sure

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03 Dec 2013 19:38:30
where did you get this gem from wolves are going up so what's the problem kenny is very happy at wolves.

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even if there was a slither of truth in this, we would not be able to afford jackett, only went in the summer an wolves aren't in money trouble

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Best performance this season and that includes the Reading game. Leicester is the best team I've seen with a lot of very quick and skilful players. But we showed fight, enthusiasm and skill. Stuart Gray got the tactics right and we looked a proper team. Those that have said Jones was a good manager with bad players must have been pig sick last night because we matched a very good Leicester side and deserved the three points.

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NDS (no decent signings) guy will also be gutted as with a decent set of tactics and a good manager we have matched and beaten one of the better teams in the league with players mainly signed this season. I have said a couple of times that while DJ wasn't a terrible manager in the past he just seemed to have completely lost his tactical ability when he joined us. Anyway DJ is now in the past, let's look to the future and continue to support the team that we love and help them get up the league

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Kenny Jackett! you must be joking

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03 Dec 2013 09:35:06
Just got back from china on a business trip and in the airport there's a paper called West china city news and in the middle page 18 of the sport bit (incase you wanna check) it says that a company called Gsk was at the Blackpool game and are going to the game tonight and they will be in charge by January the deal is Worth £15 million and they want a manager with premier league experience. Alan curbusley

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Glaxo smith klyne

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Nope can't find anything on the web, can't even any reference to the paper let alone a link between GSK and us.

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Aren't GSK a pharmaceutical company, can't see how owning a football club fits with that other than they have a club with 20,000 fans who have been feeling sick for 20 years! NB

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Dont care who the next manager is as long as he can get us out of this mess we are just going backwards warnock will do for me

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Why warnock he's to old now

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The paper is real.

"The Chengdu-based West China City News is Sichuan Province's most-read newspaper with circulation of 1. 15 million. Established on New Year's Day, 1995, the City News is the largest of 12 newspapers published by the Sichuan Daily Newspaper Group. The commercial paper is a cash cow, bringing in 1. 2 billion yuan in advertising revenue in 2010 with the third fastest-growing ad sales of any Chinese newspaper, according to the paper's website. An electronic version of the paper is available online. "

As for the GSK link, can't find that at all online but I don't read Mandarin. Is this really the Sammy Yu consortium again?

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Thought you'd been quiet today ponty, obviously studying Chinese tabloids! I refer to my earlier post about gsk so would seriously question the strength of this rumour, not disputing the integrity of the original poster though. Heard any more speculation? Someone at eork told me that the Crawley manager resigned last night, haven't had chance to verify. NB

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Shanghai world financial center = swfc

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I've just received West China City Newspaper from the last 4 days (30th, 1st, 2nd, 3rd) and there isn't any mention of this in any of them.

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Not a rumour just a gut feeling it will be Warnock to the end of the season.

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Yeah Steve Coppell quit as DoF at Crawley last night, they then moved to install John Gregory as manager today (remember him?)

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I asked at the shop for the West China Newspaper and was shocked to hear that they didn't stock it. Shocking.

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You read Mandarin then SensibleOwl? Cause I translated the online version and it has a copy of the paper as PDF format and it is in Mandarin.

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Steve coppell wouldn't be a bad appointment, plenty of experience inthis division. NB

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Yes, I can speak and read Mandarin, Ponty. X

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Are you part of the far eastern consortium? ;)

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I wish, haha! But no, I learned Mandarin a few years ago, when I was coaching. x

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Ooh have we worked together? Ever worked in Hong Kong?

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If the deals 15m that's 10m short of MM claimed investment making allowance for 5m pa losses.

What exactly is he selling? After such a trans action who owns the ground, the training facilities? Your season ticket?

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No Ponty, I worked as a coach for Shenhua Reserves, in Shanghai. I left a few months before Anelka joined, wish I had stayed there to see that, and my good friend Ian Walker when he came along. X

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I was at Sun Hei briefly with the Under 21's a long while ago, very briefly haha.

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What a load of rubbish!!! And £15m...

Try harder next time!

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Sammy Yu team I have on good authority culd not prduce finance required so will not be them if true.

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I agree SensibleOwl, the figure is way short of what MM would demand.

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I know right Ponty? And Sun Hei? In the Hong Kong league? That's not proper football! Haha!

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Haha I said it was with the under 21's a long time ago, I never said which under 21's haha.

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You said you were with Sun Hei, so you can't escape that Ponty! Hong Kong league = English 8-10 year old leagues. Haha.

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Well, sorry it took so long to reply, I forgot all about the thread. But you're wrong on so many counts. Fistly the Hong Kong league is a mens league, not a childrens league, secondly I said I was there briefly many years ago with the under 21's not that I was playing or coaching for the club, thirdly because when I said under 21's I meant the national team under 21's which trained there when the national team played a friendly against the club.

But erm, yeah think what you want :/

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