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03 Dec 2012 16:54:00
Heard a rumour that Bothroyd is injured and will be out for 2/3 weeks, his loan period finishes in early January so is Jones sending him back now? Please tell me he is, it would be a great pre-Christmas present.

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The club have confirmed the injury, but no comment on whether he will remain here until January as was planned.

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Any truth johann cruyff at hiilsborough saturday, he was and is still the best player i ever seen,likes ball played on floor,please milan get him at all cost you must know jones is not up to it .

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How can there be any truth in it seeing as you just made it up ?

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Saw Megson in a Goodyear Blimp flying over Hillsborough just before breakfast earlier. FACT

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^ I agree with you, I only posted a 'rumour' after all! You carrot.

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03 Dec 2012 00:06:56
Forget all the Hard luck stories from DJ
15 POINTS from 20 games and we've arrived in Dec
The reality is, where are we gonna get 50 with a minimum 45 points needed to stay up.
Act now MM and get a Motivated Manager ie Nigel Adkins when he loses his job at Southampton.
If we cannot wait that long, Reappoint GM to the end of the season now to keep us in the Championship
Please, Please accept it's not worked out for DJ and OUR MASSIVE CLUB. Let's get the Blue and White Passion back, make teams afraid to come to Hillsborough and let's not get dragged back into the football wilderness of League 1

Eddie ( Too many Bad Times in 55 years of being a loyal fan but Wednesday Till I Die )

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After the ecstasy here comes the agony has MM put all his money on a bet that we get relegated?

Can't score and playing with low confidence I'm going away next May!

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To be honest i havent a clue what dj is doing any more hes bought players that are not up for it bothroyd for exsample sidibie hes droped madine and he was ranting on abought rhodi all summer how good he was and danny mayor and now hes selling mark beevers and hes playing players not in there natural possition we are going to need some good re inforcements for the back four and some decent midfielders who wont easily get pushed off the ball and dj if you are reading this give by water a chance and drop kirkland and give the goal machine a chance as well as cog uto wtid

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I'm a from Scunthorpe and saw Adkins in charge of many games here if you ever got the chance to bring him to Hillsborough DO IT! Such a passionate and influential manager who commands respect and hard working players.

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He is a really good manager but i can not see this happning any time soon

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Owt less than 7 points from next 3 games and its "dj" you are the weakest link - goodbye

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It was worth a try moderator lol {Ed056's Note - Every time ! x

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Its over already ,who the hell is milan taking advice from brian the blade.

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Theres only 1 danny wilson

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Tried it, didn't like it - lets you down in the end !

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03 Dec 2012 00:06:50
I didnt get chance to see the game today.. read the commentary, how bad was we?

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DJ seems to think that if he plays four across the back and five across the middle he has hit on a WINNING formula. He is surprised when it goes belly-up and claims to be unlucky. In fact, the players sweated blood on Sunday, especially Antonio, Taylor and the others in the back four . They were not to blame. If you make yourself a hostage to fortune, don't complain when it goes wrong - leave.

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