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03 Aug 2013 11:47:24
heard on good authority that Billy Sharp is interested in signing for SWFC, on a permanent transfer. MM offered him a good deal, with the clubs just needing to agree a fee

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Would love it to be true but can't see it somehow, lots of clubs interested in him and not think w have the cash for a deal. unfortunately

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No billy sharp u will see

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Thank you Yoda!

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It will happen top 8 if we get him spend the money buton and reda back were be fine

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Don't think we need Billy Sharp, looking at ahte nuhiu I think we may have our main man. I know it has only been one game so far but he looks like he could give us more than sharp

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Gotta have a little man to go with the big man

imho, maguire would be great with nuhiu, but we definitely need another striker anyway

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Billy Sharp would be the difference always scores goals

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It's 100% true

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Tbf, we could do with loaning madine to league 1 and bringing in another striker. At QPR we hit EVERYTHING to Nuhiu and he couldn't cope with 3 defenders round him. i'd prefer a fast striker to bring more pace in!

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05 Aug 2013 00:31:23
Sharp has said countless times that he would never sign for Wednesday. Too much of a blunt at heart!

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Nuhiu better get used to it because that's all he's going to get all season

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Sharp is the type of player who would not suit our style of play. He prefers small tight grounds feeding of loose balls in and around box. He is slow we have team of greyhounds who play on break, he would not be out of centre circle by the time we are in box.
Accept he can score goals but is not suited to us. Same with E-banks Blake he is not our style of player.

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Didnt David Hirst say he wouldn't sign for wednesday for a golden pig? BUt he did and the rest is history.

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Not sure why or when hirsty said this. was he a blades fan? uto xxx

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David hirst said that is a lie

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Hirst was a Barnsley boy, that's why he said it

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But owls and dingle never have a problem we hate the grunters over road?! owls about that xX

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He was a Barnsley fan.

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03 Aug 2013 01:05:02
Sheffield Wednesday could face competition to sign Abdelrafik Gerard and Arnaud Honore following the duo's trial with the Championship club.

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Gerard can not even get in Academy side. Honore has looked good in flashes gave a goal away in first game he played.
Think the report was generated y their agent trying to get them a contract. neither have been offered a contract by PSG.

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