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03 Aug 2012 21:58:06
Nathon Tyson in talks with sheff wed
From a source at pride park

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No thanks.

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We wanted him before he when he went to Forest, He said we wern't good enough then so he's not good enough now. NO THANKS

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Had his chance previously. Can do one

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Antonio signed.just ranger treacy and a decent centre half to go and wer laughing.hopefully the deadwood will leave also coke renalds Bennett prutton d jones harewood.our squad will be morethen ready

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Always injured. Recurring groin problems - we need the fit and healthy.

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Just look at how many games he played not enough and my mate mates a derby fan he said he was awful

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Nightmare injury record,Stay clear DJ

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Very bad injury record cant see DJ being interested.

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I remember when he turned us down, it wasn't good at all. I would buy him to clean the other players boots

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Narrow minded people! He would be a class act for us, and bring something we don't currently have up front, lots of pace. This in turn would give the team better balance all round. We are not man utd, we have just come up from L1 - some people need to be more realistic! UTO

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Just looked at his stats and I say no thank you, he is not good enough for the mighty owls. I would rather have Francis Jeffers back

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He done us a favour not signing for us before as he is dog s#it

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Why not hes got a goal scoring record like heskey. he might manage a goal for us lol

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We could a better player instead of Tyson because to be honest he's injury prone and I don't fancy us paying his wages whilst he sits around. Uto

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03 Aug 2012 16:21:35
AT LAST ! Antonio deal is done Reading local Radio (Reading)have confirmed they have accepted an undisclosed figure for the player.

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Really where?

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Apparently it's TRUE finally happened

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Hope so but wouldn't it have been radio Berkshire . Really hope we get him!

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He ours, been on radio sheff

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03 Aug 2012 18:25:31
radio Sheff said that Swfc have agreed a fee with Reading for Mikhail Antonio

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Mrs Antonio tweeted the word "believe" earlier. One word. Could have meant anything but (and maybe I'm getting carried away with Olympic romance) Id like to think it was to do with Michail's switch to the massive. Get in!

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03 Aug 2012 15:13:49
SWFC to sign Lee Barnard and Llyod dyer after they have been made available by there clubs

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I play for under 16s and at wednesday and I've seen ricardo vas ta of west ham looking around today make what you want of it

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Who is this vas ta is he the highly rated Jamaican {Ed046's Note - No he is from Portugal. And i would not expect him to sign for Wednesday as he has been quoted as saying he is unhappy with his current wage of 13k at West Ham. He is looking for something closer to 26k.

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Think the above poster was mocking the spelling as it ressembles rasta. also it is Vaz Te from West Ham {Ed046's Note - Who is from Portugal!!}

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Probably looking to buy the place

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03 Aug 2012 14:52:02
from a very good source we will sign 3 or 4 players before the opener against derby!

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They said we would before WBA game and -nothing!

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03 Aug 2012 14:45:33
Sheff wed to sign lee barnard and Antonio by Sunday
Sorce: worker at sheff wed

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03 Aug 2012 13:03:13
swfc set to sign to strikers who my sources tell me are martyn waghorn and brett pittman or lee bernard haveing been made of there avalability

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If we were about to sign them don't you think we would know which one out of Pittman or Barnard?

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03 Aug 2012 10:26:20
Nicky Weaver of sheff wed to sign for Huddersfield for an undisclosed fee

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Maybe as he will be 3rd in the pecking order now and DJ does seem to be slowly easing out GM's purchases

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03 Aug 2012 10:19:23
Reading have accepted our offer for antonio! 100%.

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I wish this was true but im not getting my hopes up.

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Good things come to those that wait...... ; )

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If they haven't they're daft

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Rubbish he's going to nott forest

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How do u no that don't say until signed on dotter line we need positive info

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I wish cant see it tho

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No hes not going to forest u.

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Fee as been agreed fo antonio were finally get the man we need

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03 Aug 2012 09:01:42
Brett Pittman of Bristol city to be signed for 750 grand to replace Ryan Lowe Of sheff wed

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Not going to happen

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Ah, another internet trawl to come up with a random player for a position we need. Be honest, we've all done it!

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Sign some players getting bored now 2 weeks till season starts still need 5 more players

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Why sell lowe and get pitman, spending 750k on a un known not proven player at championship level..?! uto

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Have we Ll done it... ? Personally I've only ever posted anything I've heard, read or even sniffed somewhere previous ! I'm not saying it dunt happen as it's a rumour site and they have to start somewhere but the clues in the name "rumour" not complete fiction starwars style... BTW Luke Skywalker to pen a three light-year deal by the end of the day... !

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03 Aug 2012 06:41:28
Ross driver of hearts the flying left winger set to sign for Wednesday before season starts Reynolds going other way

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His name is andy driver! Talking rubbish pal!

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We'll be lucky to get coach driver at this rate!

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02 Aug 2012 23:48:30
The player from hearts is the striker John sutton His agent said he is in talks with championship clubs most likely to be sheff wed

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I signed him on FM for Wednesday and he got 15 or so goals in championship!

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Defo sign him then. FM knows best.

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I playes fifa and scored 3 goals by ian hendon, but hes still garbage!

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Good on FM!? Wow, then sign him up. I've won the Premier League with Sheffield FC, so give me the Barca job!

What utter rubbish!

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Football manager game is a legend of a game

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