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31 May 2013 22:22:57
Buxton signs new contract heard st ledger and mc. court close 2 joining

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01 Jun 2013 00:37:42
Anyone know about what is happening wit o'grady and Barnsley and everybody who we have given a contract to

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Barnsley have had a bid for Sheffield Wednesday striker Chris O’Grady rejected.

And Reds boss David Flitcroft has admitted he’s now given up hope of signing the player for next season.

Speaking exclusively to The Star, Flitcroft revealed: “We put in a bid for Chris with Sheffield Wednesday, but they turned us down.

“I don’t think a deal will be done now. We’ve tried our best to get him, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

“They know we want him and we felt we made a good offer, but they told us they don’t want to sell him. in sheffield star today

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Buxton definatley signing he's stayin till 2015

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What position does mcourt play, never heard of him, hope he's a goalpoacher we need one.

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We have given 2 year deal to buxton and newsnow says o'grady has had a bid from barnsley rejected and flitcroft says they have given up hope on hm because WEDNESDAY WANT TO KEEP HIM!

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Darren ambrose is a major target by the owls.

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Barnsley given up on o'grady because they can't offer a good deal, jj and Buxton defo staying, wouldn't be surprised if llera and bywater were going

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01 Jun 2013 11:51:38
Just watched that McCourt on YouTube looks fantastic, hope the move comes off Mr. C

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Mccourt is a winger nicknamed Derry pele 30 this yr he signed for Celtic in 2008 from derry city. He has only started 19 games since. He played 16 times this season but only started 3. Big fan favourite, they luv him

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Sheff wed inns

pugh st ledger ambrose olofingana macourt lita plus 2 loan sighnings

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Yep another player who does not want to play for us let him go no good on the bench may as well get the money and spend it on a much better player.

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Heard celtic fans love him because he can score a wonder goal, has the skill to beat people, he's a likeable character but he's inconsistent, this is why he's played 69 games for them in four years, I'd take him tho

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31 May 2013 21:31:50
Paddy McCourt very close to signing.

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I've been told by a mate in Glasgow they have heard he is joining us. Must be the replacement for helan.

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Would love to see him sign, seriously tricky winger.

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Baffles me why he's not a regular in Celtics side

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Who? We get player s that people have heard of rather than nobodys at BDTBL

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McCourt will be the first player in. Olofinjana not far off along with st ledger. Were also very keen on killgallon. There are a lot of clubs interested in Lita.

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Carnt see this happening but hope its true good player Derry pele

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Hes played less than 80 matches in 5 years, my opinion leave him at celtic

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31 May 2013 16:56:49
Marlon pack and st ledger signing for swfc source swfc news now

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Does not say that on my news now.

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This is a load of twaddle huh wtid

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Wheres everyone getting this st ledger rumour from. Marlon pack I know about because its on owls new and other papers, but it says nothing anywhere about st ledger. Think he would be a class signing tho

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Don't know were you have been looking as it says nothing like that on the websight at all

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Lewis buxton will sign a new 2 year contract next week

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We need to give young Corry and McCabe a chance from start next season they'll be big hits and maybe sign some1 like Rory delap on a 1 year contract and carlton cole outa contract he'll score goals at this level for fun

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It says duo could interest Wednesday.
Then click on it an its about st ledger an killgallon

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Marlon pack is definitely being monitered by us and nothing has been said about st ledger

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To everyone that said to my 1st comment about st ledger and marlon that said it rubbish check newsnow swfc don't try and shoot me down when I actually have a source, plus the newest bit saying we are close to signing st ledger unlike some people on here I don't post rubbish I post what I see from realiable sources.

big owls fan!

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Marlon Pack signed a deal at Bramall Lane

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High profile contacts?

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31 May 2013 12:47:50
Cheltenham midfielder pack on a free source (tv )

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31 May 2013 11:43:42
St ledger to sign for SWFC

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Hope so good solid player

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