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31 May 2012 21:47:16
I posted earlier today about Worrall signing and Klasnic having a medical. Where I confirmed I was unsure about his decision due to him having interest from abroad which I can confirm was from St Pauli. Now he has made it clear he'd like to stay in England to play his football he will be offered a 2 year deal at Hillsborough subject to his medical being passed, which it should do.

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I sincerely hope not.

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I live right next to the hillsbrough ground and Ive seen klasnic get out of his car to speak to dave jones

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When it happens buddy, i will believe it! WTID for life!

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WTID "is for life" lol

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Perhaps he wants to be stuffed and left outside megastore? Just a thought but this might catch on other side of city Utd could do with a few stuffed supporters to help them fill terraces. Atmosphere would be the same.

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31 May 2012 21:30:26
At this rate our development squad will be better than the blunts first team! since there in sooo much debt and goin to have half there side full off ther under 18s and reserve players and the rest full off has beens,
Only maguire and lotion i rate and they be leaving soon!
Bye bye blunts

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31 May 2012 20:26:19
Not a rumour but I've been watching some Wednesday matches from last year and Wednesday need to do everything in their power to keep Michail Antonio. If Reading want 750K we need to pay it! Awesome player!... Same with Keith Treacy that lads got some quality in that left peg, another must on a free!

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Well maybe you should have posted this on the swfc banter page instead

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Is treacey available on a free? thought he had 1/2 more seasons left on his contract..?

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31 May 2012 20:06:59
Liam lawrence has been offered to Wednesday for 100k by Portsmouth

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I would take him in a heartbeat but unlikely

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100k for liam lawrence, taking the piss? if pomp were pricing joel ward at over 400 then liam lawrence be a lot more than that

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31 May 2012 14:38:38
Sheffield Wednesday have an invested interest in Bury winger David Worrall and are ready to make a bid of around 250,000 for the highly rated winger. Giles Coke could be going back as part of a swap deal.

Kevin McDonald is not having a medical with us! Its bullsh1t, no matter what you choose to 'believe'.

Finally another offer for Antonio is being prepared, Chris Maguire won't be joining unless Derby lower t there asking price of over 400k and Ivan Klasnic is set for a medical next week but has had offers from several clubs including overseas. So i'm doubdtful on that.

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Who's this dj

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Sounds very plausible however what source do you represent?

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'who's this dj?' Dave Jones is your answer..... manager of Sheffield Wednesday,

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Is this Bury winger going to be as productive as the other we recently signed!?

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The above is public knowledge on various sites except for bit oof extra information on Worrall and Klasnic. I suspect both of these are rubbish and rest put in to make it sound good. Worral is nowhere near Championship quality. Klasnic and Madine I do not think would work as a striking partnership. Maguire a good indication of the type being looked for I suspect.
Source basic common sense.

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I think the person with the who's this dj was bein sarcastic. As in the top comment is just some story that's been goin round past week.and he's. put them all together

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Hi 'dave jones' I'd love to believe it all but I'll believe it when I see it UTO consilio et animis. What about this Diogo Amado kid then ?

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I posted the rumours on Worrall, and yes we are ready to make a bid. As for people saying its all common sense then you must be in the know too.

Im not somones DJ.... Its not feckin Owlstalk...

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Don't want worrall give them Jones back because he's pants only been lowe. decent from them and even he won't get a sniff this year so give them him back aswell won't to aim higher than raiding bury every 6month

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Give them jones back, and let them keep coke for good,

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Worrall. Lol. Trigger must be back.

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31 May 2012 14:34:44
Diogo amado has already signed for swfc! Hes part of development squad and were not making announcements about development squad playershence lavery wasnt announced. It is thought we,ll sign someone before the weekend though. {Ed007's Note -

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Why has someone disagreed with me? Amado had already signed just ask swfc on twitter or rob staton!

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Why are we not announcing development squad names?

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You are correct it was in the Potugese press at the weekend and said he had agreed terms last Friday.
Basically it is a United fan who disagrees with everything because in his own words "he can". It is his/her attempt to upset Wednesday fans.
Obviously a man of poor taste and humour.

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Im not sure why were not announcing them we,v signed a few for development squad actually.

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Think amado will be a bit too good for development squad, Think he will be announced when international clearance approved. I have seen 3 others confirmedand a couple of other names put forward on this site. Looking good.

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Cant see this being a development signing A)350,000 is too much for a development player and B)surely 22 is too old.

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I agree at that price and age surely he's not for development squad.

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31 May 2012 13:48:05
Sean Davis and Zak Knight both available on free transfers (after contracts run down at Bolton) have been offered to Wednesday by their agents

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Probably correct but not sure we would want either, towards end of careers and would be expensive.

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Nine Players coming in. Source from Club. Milan to spend big to get to premiership then he will sell

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I bought Dave Jones book and got him to sign it. Asked a few questions and only answer I got was around 8 new players brought in. I suggested that number to him and his reply was it was a decent estimate but does not work to a fixed number.

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31 May 2012 13:47:22
sheff wed to sign amado ..Portugese player in next few days... Also comin in is derbys muguire and a unnamed motherwell player. Offers for Antonio have stalled because Wednesday won't pay £750k that reading want. Very good source!

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If wednesday dont pay that for antonio then its stupid ! end of

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Load of rubbish! Amado has already signed hes part of development squad.

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His valuation before he came to S6 would have been 300-400k max so I can understand the Owls view given that we have actually raised his valuation?
I would have thought about 500k would be more than fair?

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Sheffield are going to have to offer doube there first offer, we are a premier league club that can afford to hold out for 700k.

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Antonio has to be main target I'll have a whip round in local pubs if were abit short

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Pe the motherwell player is ojamaa i saw a lot of his goals this year and the ones he created and look a really good player uto

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750,000 is a bargin for antonio people keep saying mandaric is spending big to get us to premiership doesn't seem like it atmo as much as i love mandaric for saving us i do wish we'd pay up and give reading what they want for antonio

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31 May 2012 12:29:44
I can confirm piggy McDonald is having a medical as we speak, my cousin works for the club.

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He injured aint he!

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Is your cousin the janitor, because it sounds Sh*t to me lol wtid

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Will be winding you up

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He would be a mistake.

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31 May 2012 12:23:36
If wingers such as Antonio are unavailable, DJ may turn to Daniel Gygax from FC Luzern in the Swiss League

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Why this player in particular..?

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This player is just an example of DJ's options should we not manage to get Antonio

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31 May 2012 11:07:18
Hearing kevin mcdonald is having a medical now! Could be done by tomorrow!

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Hearing from Who/Where??

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Not good enough for blunts CERTAINLY not good enough for owls. stop posting total s**t.

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What is your source?

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Would rather have Ronald

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It will be a piggy fan talking rubbish again he's not good enough I'd go for Harry Maguire doesn't look like bath is coming back and Harry would be perfect UTO FTB

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Why is he not good enough for the blunts?? They have offered him a new deal, and the side fell apart when he was injured during the run in. Would be a very good signing.

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100% agree with above post, was only playing with our neighbours because could not cut it in Championship. If I had to pick a player from Lane, maguire head and shoulders above the rest.
I am surprised trigger has not posted we are trying to sign Mr Evans.

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Think it's only the pigs saying he's good, seriously people he's pants we can do better so so so much better

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31 May 2012 06:12:14
Wednesday fans will be pleased to hear that attempts are to be made for Jacob Butterfield and Harry Maguire. MM realises headline grabbing signings will further increase crowds at Hillsbrough and bringing in stars of local teams may bring in disaffected fans from these clubs.
Also swop deal being proposed by Doncaster James Coppinger for Ryan Lowe & Giles Coke
Source Doncaster free paper

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Goo we are interested in two good to hear we are interested in two good local footballers. Certain they would enjoy playing somewhere they are appreciated and have a chnce of success and priopgressing with a side going places.

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31 May 2012 05:51:33
Dave Norris linked with us but Portsmouth said to want £750,000. Overpriced and can not see that happening. Source East Anglian Times.

Motherwell's out of contract midfielder Steve Jennings reportedly interesting DJ. Scottish football gossip BBC and Herald Scotland.

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31 May 2012 01:48:38
real interests :
Bothroyd (Cant see it , but you never know it has been in the paper )
Wycombe striker - Beavon
Roger johnson

Not real
peter Whittington
Lowton (Pigs)
Mcdonald (Pigs)
Adam le fondre
Michael owen
Beccio (Leeds)
Adam clayton

Wednesday are a championship side , we have got an owner who owns construction sites and so on , not a chairman who owns an oil company , Get your head out of clouds !

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I do not understand above post. To sign the likes of Heskey, Owen our head wuld be in the sand. In fact only Lowton and Clayton on list of not reals would be useful.
With regard real interests I am absolutely certain Beavon is not on that list. Johnson would like to join us but his wages are astronomical hence why Wolves want rid, so again can not see us being interested.
Ranger is due in court in July for various misdemeanours, we all know what can happen wh aen footballer is in the dock, so I suspect we will await outcome of case.
Boothroyd DJ will not sign him again.

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