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31 Mar 2013 09:08:03
did anybody see rodri score against real madrid we should have worked hard with him to settle in and keep him he'd of been well into double figures for us by now bkowl

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Maybe, maybe not! Looked good last night against greatest team in the world but could he do it against burnley

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There's nowt we could do if he wanted to go back to Spain

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La liga is a far less physical league than championship, he struggled in his eleven appearances bar the Birmingham game, would rather have our current strikers than kept hold of him

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Treat poorly by DJ along with Madine and Mguire. Instead put his trust in Bothroyd, Sibide and other has beens.
Rodri WILL become a great player and he will just become another "what if" in Owls history

PS, If you can play football then you can play in the Prem, La Liga, Championship or what ever. He is a link up player so would have settled well IMO

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Fully agree with my fellow fans, not only Rodri we didn't work hard on, even McGuire, O'Grady, Madine, Mattock, etc etc etc. we ended up with loan players. what kind of team we will have next season. no settled team and no hope with all these loan players. it will be another season and another changing and loaning process. Are we going to be an established team if we stayed in the same league or relegated! I doubt it very much. This is not negativity view but reality

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How is it reality? Are you psychic? Very negative post and if you watched rodri he was absolutely poor for us besides one game, it's alright saying he's a great player when he scores one goal against Real Madrid but he was a woeful striker for us, mostly due to the fact that he didn't like living in England, but in reality, he was not what we needed to stay up

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I have been saying it all season and been slagged off, abused and called names

The Manager picks the players, loans coming in, tactics and formations

We are we're we are because Dave Jones is a crap useless manager

He is a con man end of chat

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Hold on a bit mate we on a learning curve its just that our players are slow learners.

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Food for thought -
We lucky to get Rodri from Barca - but he's not good enough to play for us?
Prutton and Coke not good enough - then they were - now they not?
McCabe and Corry were good enough - then they weren't?
Mattock was good enough - then he wasn't?
Lee wasn't good enough - then he was - but he isn't now?
Must have Taylor and make him captain?
Make Wilko assistant manager - OOPS! - are you busy Stuart?
Madine, COG, Beevers not good enough for Championship - or perhaps they are?
Mamy, JB, preferred to. Anybody else on our books?
Strange season!
Just remind me - who did DJ say is on the learning curve?

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Garbage, 1 shot on target

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01 Apr 2013 19:09:52
Bye bye mr jones

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Gary neville next gaffa

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Poor signings during the summer except for Antonio who MM insisted on bringing in, (Jones didn’t want him, didn’t think he was good enough). Since then only Lita and Helan have looked good enough, I will reserve my judgement on the recent three signings, against Barnsley only two of the summer signings were in the team. Jones, who I thought would be a good manager for us has made some monumental mistakes, I believe that we all make mistakes but the key thing is to learn and not keep making the same mistakes, but Jones seems to keep making the same mistakes.

We are in the mire big time and there is only one person to blame, Jones keeps saying we are work in progress but surely the signings that he made should have solved some of that problem.

And if the posters who call all criticism “negative comments” think that this post is negative, perhaps they should get their heads out the sand, take off their rose tinted glasses and realise that some fans are very concerned about the state of our club and what has been going on during the passed season, because we are is serious danger of going down and if that appears negative it’s because it’s the truth. {Ed001's Note - actually Jones did want Antonio, Mandaric doesn't make those kind of decisions at all.}

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The Editors of this site have selective hearing and should be unbiased in their self righteous attitude

Dave Jones has had all the backing and when, not if, when we get relegated should be given the sacking! {Ed001's Note - and you should get your head out of your arse and stop being a knob. All I pointed out was that Jones did want to sign Antonio, in spite of the lies spouted in the previous post. As for sacking him, you are a newly promoted team, you should just be glad to be in with a chance of staying up this season and build on it for next season. With 'fans' like you, it is no wonder Wednesday have struggled for so long. By the way, it is not your place to tell me what to do as an editor. If you don't like it, you are very welcome to take your clueless abusive posts elsewhere, I really wouldn't mind in the slightest.}

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Honestly ot taking sides, but for accuracy it was well documented over a couple of weeks in the local press that DJ felt Reading had overvalued Antonio and he was looking elsewhere.
Antonio had been identified and loan deal setup by Gary Megson in January but Antonios partner was expecting so he only arrived and made his debut just before Megson was sacked.
MM went to Portugal with Paul Aldridge to meet with Reading and they did the deal there.
When the news broke MM said "it was obvious the fans wanted him so he did
it for them". Story still there to be checked {Ed001's Note - I know exactly what was said, but Jones did want him and Mandaric completed the deal with his say so. It was simply a case of him putting his hands in his pocket to make up the extra money, rather than that coming from Jones' transfer budget. That was all he was trying to say. He wasn't saying 'I did this deal for the fans against the manager's wishes', just that he put up the extra dosh to make it happen because he knew it would excite the fans.}

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Hello "Editor" we'll you really showed yourself to be EXACTLY as I described

If you don't like it get off MY site

This supposed to be for a wednesday Fans, "you are a newly promoted team" shows you are not a Wednesdayite but I don't suppose you will put my reply on will you? {Ed001's Note - I guess you have no idea about this site whatsoever, there is no mention anywhere of it being a site for Wednesday fans. It is a site to talk about Wednesday, there is a big difference, which has clearly gone over your head. Secondly, where on earth did I tell you to get off my site? I merely said you are quite welcome to go elsewhere if you don't like how this site is being run, and you are very welcome to go elsewhere and take your petty little whines with you. Now whereabouts did I claim to be a Wednesdayite? Could you show me that bit? I doubt it, because I have never made any claim to be one. If you just want to pick petty squabbles, don't come here to do so, come back when you have grown up.}

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not the best result against Bristol but let's hope we can get it together against Blackburn.

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Your post got absolutely ripped apart (rightly), and then you start abusing the editor, just because you're opinion is massively wrong and people don't want to listen to your rubbish, doesn't mean you can spit the dummy out, anyway, how is this season a failure, we win our game in hand and (I'm not saying this as a thing we can achieve) we will be ten points off the play offs, if we had been ten points off the play off places with 6 games to go we would be well safe by now

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02 Apr 2013 10:59:50
Well said Ed. Obviously football is a passionate sport and generates many opinions but there are ways and means to get this across.

I think the majority of Wednesday fans are very nervous for obvious reasons but the posts continually slating Jones are not helpful (in my opinion). Clearly we are in a fight for survival and looks like going to the wire but so are just under half the teams in the division, so are all their managers clueless as well? As for the loan deals & transfers etc. Majority of teams use loan players throughout the season. I'm sure if we were at the top there would be less need to do so but we are not, if he did nothing he'd get slated for that too. I agree a number of his signings have been poor but name me a manager that hasn't made mistakes. Come on wednesdayites, let's all pull in the sma edirection for the remainder of the season. WAWAW

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Very true indeed, the brainwashed negativity has been going on for months now.
Supporting a team for a long time or holding a season ticket doesn't give you the right to anymore of an opinion than any other fans and it certainly doesn't mean that your opinions are automatically correct.
Lets hope most fans support the team regardless off the mistakes made.
I'm certain that getting behind the team can only be more beneficial to survival, regardless of opinions.

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Needed saying ED. Too many purely provocative comments on here. I watch us home (and away work permitting) and spend a lot of time talking things through with others. The majority are still behind the team folks don't believe the tripe you hear on here.

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I'm glad people are standing up to the horrible posters on here. A lot of people put rumours on this page like you should and the responses can get abusive. Now can we stop talking about arguing and get back to the football please.

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Back stepping.

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31 Mar 2013 09:04:59
great result lads keep it going now bkowl

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31 Mar 2013 08:50:03
Everybody so far is slating the loan deal if steve Howard. He was brought in to help the development of madine, robbie fowler ga been working on the finishing and positioning with the aeriel and holding skills to be worked on. Dj commented that he wasn't strong enough and with another Geordie who has been around a while to put his arm around him and help gain some confidence and give him a push. kevin Nolan did it with andy Carroll, we will be ok next season we will do better, another three points on Monday come on

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The above post could have a good point I think Madine has been playing much better recently, he looks as if he is enjoting his football and looks much stronger and harder to push off the ball, he won most of the ariel battles and played really well. Keep it up Gary and it should keep us up. I feared the worst when Reda went down after scoring but he bounced back thank god Come on you blues

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Howard is pushing the current strikers we have, will turn out to be an alright signing, pointless having 3 strikers so its a good bit of business and if he does chip in with a goal then job well done DJ

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Iv been one of those posters asking for madine to get a fair run in team all season, I fully believe he is capable of been a championships striker, if we still in this league next season and madine gets a good run he can easily score 15 goals. Man of match yesterday, well done lad!

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To the fools who say Madine is not good enough for the Championship I hope they were at Hillsborough yesterday, we saw a young player who as a great future. All right he missed a penalty but he terrorised the Barnsley defence all afternoon and if he got a sustained run in the team with Lita or Maguire we would see a much more lethal striker who would be a real asset to the club. The poster who said that Howard could help Madine improve has a very good point and if he does nothing else he would be a good signing.

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I am for one really happy to be wrong about madine and for us to win.
Unfortunately many of our fans can't accept being wrong with their neg expert comments.

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