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31 Jan 2014 18:20:24
Radio Sheffield has just said its unlikely Wednesday will do any more buisness

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And are you surprised - MM talks the talk but doesn't walk the walk - another window about to close with next to nothing coming in

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31 Jan 2014 19:33:19
Just been watching some football on you tube of benik afobe this lad going to score us some goals good hold up play strong and he knows were the net is,

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MM is a tight joke he's meant to be a business man it's not rocket science sign some quality players get us in the Prem or challenging for promotion and the club will be worth a lot more and they'd be more interest, you've got to spend money to make money.

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It's true you have to spend money to make money, but the problem MM has to contend with is the fact that if he over spends we'll be back where we were a few years ago.

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That's right sensible owl we will finish up we're we were a few years ago back in the division below, if we get any more injuries we will be playing the kids as the bench the other night was proof, sorry but we have not got any one who can put the ball in the net, MM you have let us down big time Mr. C

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MM as let us down again another transfer window gone past and not one decent signing, he's made us into a nobody team by playing it safe, who wants to buy or even come to a nobody team

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31 Jan 2014 21:41:44
I really fear for us tomorrow would hope for heavy rain. Barnsley will have the edge new players trying to prove a point agent Wilson trying to prove a point ogrady trying to prove a point. no Wickham. fear it's three points to the dingles. Don't wanna be negative but come on Milan. you are letting us down. Speculate to accumulate. We are all wednesday. come on u owls

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Keep saying we are forever grateful to MM but we need more from him.
By more I mean a "little sensible" investment please - instead of NONE!
If he persists with this "no spend policy" then that's OK also.
BUT if so, he should STOP making statements to the fans like - take this great club where it belongs - give these fans what they deserve - support Gray to take us back to Prem - if he has no intention of doing it he shouldn't say it!

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Raise your voices to our team sheffield wednesday rule supreme and that why I'm proud it's true to sing this song for you. WE LOVE YOU WEDNESDAY WE DO WE LOVE YOU WEDNESDAY WE DO WE LOVE YOU WEDNESDAY WE DO COME ON YOU BOYS IN BLUE!

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31 Jan 2014 22:13:59
Come on guys not all footballers think that we are massive, the dingles have signed Frimpong which shocks me but he is daft as a brush. We cannot force players to come to us, are they right will they fit in, the only question for me is about cover. SG has the team playing well we score goals don't be down hearted what is the point in signing someone for the sake of signing, none!

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I really thought we would have done some business today- some outgoings maybe followed by in comings but nothing. sheffield loan wednesday should be our new name, squad isn't big enough. thought maceda might have been an option but brum got him

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I posted the MM is Joke post I'm not saying spend £10s of Millions but we could get good players for £400-800k and he keeps making promises of signing so many players every window and we end up getting 1 or 2 loan signings there are players available we haven't got to break the bank if Barnsley, Veovil, Birmingham, Donny and Millwall can bring in players surely we can.

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Mm is a bad chairman yes he saved us but he hasn't done much since smaller clubs have bought players in we got one that doesn't give me much hope to avoid the drop Agree with so many of our fans mm is making our club a laughing stock mm your a joke sell up so somebody else can invest and put us where we belong premiership

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Agree with the above comments, and if we happen to lose tomorrow I feel that mm will get a back lash, people are fed up with the trust me garbage, and as far as Aldridge we'll he is a waste of time, Mr. C

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Why do we belong in the premiership? Is it because we were a founding member or the fact we played in it for 8 years!, we are where we are!, yes it hurts all swfc fans what has happened to this great club but MM has steadied the ship but remember it takes a long time for a massive ship to change direction. If loans are what we need in the short term then so be it! I for one would not like to see my club go bust so until such times as someone is willing to spend 10's of millions on our club we all just have to sit tight and accept that it may take 5 or even 10 years to correct the mistakes of the past.


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He will keep us in the championship stuart grey knows wot he doing & mm does not buy a club them let them tumble back down to league 1 when he got them up yes milan will sell but to the right people that's why he not selling us already in mm we trust

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Stop talking bull mm is no mug he not selling on the cheap at least he trying to fined a buyer. he could sell us on the cheat & then put us right up the creek but he not like that in mm we trust

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Yeah we're all glad that MM saved us but if you think for one minute he bought us because he didn't want to see our great club go to S#*t then your deluded he saw a chance to get a big Club on the cheap, he said when he took over that the aim was the Prem in 4 years there's no chance without making at least a few good signings I doubt that any of our players are worth much more than £1m how often are teams fighting over any of our players?

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We are unbeaten so far this year including a 6-0 thrashing of Leeds but you lot still aren't happy, I think MM is thinking of renaming us "Sheffield Whingey" so stop whining and get behind MM, SG and the team.

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It is so easy - spend money we don't have, increase our debt and go spinning down the interest spiral. No wonder this country has a massive personal debt problem with thinking like that! Oh, I forgot: let's all raid Mandaric's private bank account - after all, it's only other people's money.

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I don't know what all the fuss is about January is not the time to be buying there are no bargains and players values increase astronomically the squad we have is strong enough to keep us up with possibly a couple of loans but we will stay up then Stuart can rebuild in the summer. Come on let's get behind the boys WAWAW

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Absolutely, who is out there who can score 15 to 20 a season that we can get for peanuts, nobody just because MM hasn't bought anyone doesn't mean we are going to be relegated. We have done well this year and getting CW back does not mean we will get to the play offs get a grip we do not have the finances, lower half of the table this year and improve next, but one step at a time.

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So now we are out of debt you want mm to buy players in january when its not the best time to buy players and get us right back into debt again nobody knows what the finances of the club are like so stop thinking this is some management game on your computer and realise that players cost money that we clearly cannot afford I would rather have milan as a chairman a guy who is going to spend when he can and not put us into the perilous position the last few chairmen did. players are not just 400-800k you have agents fees, signing fees, wages for the length of the contract.

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Very disappointed with our business in the transfer window mm should be ashamed of himself 1 player not good enough unhappy owl

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Who would you have bought Mr Money Bags

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Good to see some sense on here for a change.
Should be some loan opportunities for players clubs couldn't shift/pushed down pecking order with new signings.
And, yes, I can hear the doom-monger backlash about LOANS but as the realists on here will recognise it's going to take YEARS (Yes - YEARS) for us to become a force in the championship and genuinely challenge for promotion, look at Forest, Leicester etc.
We're showing signs of stability now, gray did it in tandem with Jones when he 1st came and has been doing it again since.
At the moment get behind the team and grind the points out to climb to mid-table.

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Forest started to build last year as soon as they got took over!
Leicester started to build as soon as Milan sold a couple of years ago!
So if it is part of a plan, progress can be made quickly?

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01 Feb 2014 17:27:43
Don't want to say I told you so but Frimpong, daft as a brush. We'll done SG and the highwaymen, daylight robbery today but who cares 3 points in the bag

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Looks as though the signings by Barnsley trumpeted on here did them a lot of good.
Delighted to see a host of sensible posts fom truei Owls fans realising Rome is not uilt in a day and acknowledging turning Wednesday round is huge job.
Leicester have spent heavily since ne ownes took ove from Mandaric but success was not instant think this is 4th season and they finally have it right.
No proof Forest got it right yet.
Wednesday had been un down badly, unlike these we had no scouting and malfunctioning academy when MM came in. Also gound in need of massive refurb.
He has chosen to start at grassroots to improve supply of talent. Jack Stobbs is fist to show excellent pomisse and I undestand we have 3/4 real special talents in next years intake. So let's be positive we are making progress we were still in bottom 3 last year at this stage.
Onwards and upwards.

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31 Jan 2014 16:51:46
CW to go Brighton on emergency window apparently, part of Bridcutt deal. GP leaving it till then so can call him back on youth loan rules, loan him now and no call back. Also, Brighton just bid for Kieron Lee.

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Heard his loan is to his old club. tractor boys

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31 Jan 2014 17:09:30
Well its 5 at teatime on frantic friday and all the bottom clubs are busy getting players in to help them stay up and surprise from hillsboro is they have all gone home having there tea and watching the events unfold at the transfer centre, one word pathetic Mr. C

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Heard stuart gray never misses The Chase

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Yes panic buys that's just what we need, use you loaf.

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Rubbish what you say panic buys we have had all this month to do something - so why say panic buy or do you think we should wait till the last day of the month and then say no we won't buy today because some people (you) will think we are panic buying -explain please

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Agree good post

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Deadline day signings aren't Panic Buys you've more chance of getting a better deal.

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31 Jan 2014 12:19:15
Have heard that the loan deal for Wickham that Gray announced at the start of the week still stands but Sunderland want to keep him for the weekend as cover for the derby game as there new South American strikers haven't had much time training with there new team.

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Just announced (tweet) connor staying at parent club until end of season, owls miss out

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Yep, nice try at a rather pathetic wind up blunty lol.

Theres an agreement in place for him to come back to us when the loan window re-opens next week I believe, as stated above they need him for cover this weekend for their new striker to train properly.

Deary me!

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Funny that, been on his Twitter and there's NOWT about it

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31 Jan 2014 17:52:10
Just get a decent bid in for fryatt mr. c and make him a Wednesday player for god sake!

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31 Jan 2014 12:03:15
If Wickham doesn't leave Sunderland today he will return to Wednesday.

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Hope so

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