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31 Jan 2013 21:20:32
Dave Jones at Leicester - Wolves game tonight. Who is he watching?

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Bath or neugent I reckon

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Probably leicester and wolves

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Ebanks Blake

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Possibly vardy and hopefully batth

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Or maybe its just because we play Leicester soon?

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The player is Jeffery Schlupp who we were after last season really happy with this if we can pull it off

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Blakes out of contract in the summer if he was leaving wolves it would be a perminant deal so they get their money's worth

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Baath and EBanks Blake did not have good games. Nugent scored a beauty and generally did well.

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Jeffrey schluup is on a trial at man utd

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Hopefully to have a look at players rather than scout Leicester.
Schlupp is on trial at Man United btw.

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Agree with one of the above posts. he is watching how leicester play as to try to work out who will be best to play and what formation, is a game of chess in a way. i'd play 423. you ask that's only 9? yep bywater is in goal aswell as kirkland just ahead of him on the d. 1-1-4-2-3.

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We do not play Leicester until 9 March which is 6/7 games away seems veryy early to view potential opposition.

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Will he get another chance to see them or any of our other opponents tho? Don't forget we all usually play at the same time so not very often managers get chance to take in a game.

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Team composition can change greatly if you view too far ahead. Aybody who watched us a couple of months back would not recognise us now.

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Maybe he just wanted to watch a decent game of football for once

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And if he fancies going somewhere else he can always go and watch kevin mcabes circus.

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When you play the same day and times you use scouts! he is just watching I reckon wolves are his old team

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He watching the competition see what we up against always good to learn from others what to do and what not to do. imo

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31 Jan 2013 17:05:19
Swfc to sign free agent Jeffery sarpong 24. Depending on where you read it on either an 18 month or 3 year deal. Was going to sign for Chelseaa few seasons ago but decided to stay at Ajax. From there he played for real sociedad then the massive.

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Another left winger ?

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We won't sign anyone now it's too late

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Sarpong will sign an 18th month contract, leads me to believe Antonio is going to be used as striker

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Mark Reynolds been released, thank god for that

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31 Jan 2013 18:43:00
thought we needed a centre bk an another forward does anyone no if if we are likely to bring anyone in on perm deal would love s jackson to come to us

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How is it too late? Loan window opens next week and we will only be signing a loan player

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Sarpong is a free agent, can sign whenever he wants

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31 Jan 2013 19:12:54
sarpong is no good

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Does Anyone know if this is true and weather he is any good

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"sarpong is no good"
You been watching him on a regular basis then have you lol?

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31 Jan 2013 18:45:01
Any proper transfer rumours Ed? not any of these hopefulls posting on here. cheers {Ed003's Note - nope sorry}

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Well he plays for two top teams in Europe so can't be that bad and not the be side.

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DJ says he's on trial so no deal yet

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He has 4 stars skills on fifa :o

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Sarpong is on trial confirmed by Jones was non comittal about what will happen. Stated we have had 4 trialists and he is only one left. Source Wednesday Player.

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DJ said on player still got 2 premiership youngsters on radar. Said they had not gone anywhere yet and would be dependent on teams not getting injuries, otherwise sounds as though they will arrive when loan window reopens.

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As for "any real transfers, other than these hopefuls". Sarpong is expected to sign a deal at swfc

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31 Jan 2013 16:44:28
Cog gone to barnsley on loan

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Why let COG go to the dingles? Jones stated very unlikely to sign anyone so why ship him out to a relegation rival, doesn't make any sense!

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Has anyone actually seen o'grady play on here? I can guarantee you know he will struggle to get 5 goals for Barnsley, rather let him go and then we can bring in someone better end of today or next week when loan window opens, far too many negative fans on here. As for "can't believe he's gone to a relegation rival", he's only gone there because there's no other champ interest an he's played for flitcroft before at rochdale

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It free's up his wage to get a better player plus the wages of others that have left uto

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Ironically we signed him instead of alf

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Not true.

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Chill out ffs. rivals we got agent 007 wilson at blades now agent o grady at dingles. (just worried bout warnocks agent pugh) hmm

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COG did nothing wrong worked his socks off scored vital goals, but he is not good enough at this level if we want to progress after this season we need players with more ability and experience at this level. Despite people saying he hasn't give players chances to impress DJ has given a lot of playing time for those so called Megson players (i thought they signed for SWFC not GM unless he's paying there wages) and with the odd exception they have all failed to produce consistent performances keep up the good work. DJ

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How gutted will we be if we are 1 point above the bottom three we draw of lose final game and COG scores a last minute goal to relegate us!

saying that I think we will finish mid table if we keep going how we are!


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31 Jan 2013 16:18:32
Connor wickham will sign on loan for remainder of the season. gary madine going no where after the ridiculous decision to let the dingles have chris ogrady!

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Agree that it is iffy to strengthen our rival, especially now that COG can team up with Delap. Could be quite a powerful combination

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Would love Connor wickham. But not going to happen.

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COG, will work hard get odd goal but is ot going to set championship on light. Delap was released because he his finished another Mido.

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Dont think you can compare Delap with Mido, they don't play in the same position, they don't have the same work ethic etc etc. Poor comparison, think he's a decent signing at this level, if only for his ridiculously long throw ins. if he can get 2-3 assists via a throw in he will have been worth signing.

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Gutted leeds got warnock (stephen warnock) not the w*****r neil!

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31 Jan 2013 15:44:41
Madine has turned 4 clubs down to go on loan, 3 from league 1 & 1 from championship!

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Whos the champ and other teams then? lol

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Swap him for boyd lol xxx

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Why do you up kisses on the end of your sentence? ^^

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Well if I knew the teams who wanted him I would have said, only radio said he had turned 4 clubs down, you might want to listen to radio once in a while sunshine

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Rob staton also said that madine had turned down 4 clubs

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31 Jan 2013 15:08:10
Swfc#safc Connor Wickham could be on his way to sheff wed after signing of Danny graham

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31 Jan 2013 14:39:32
Wednesday Close to signing Simeon Jackson as Norwich have completed the signing of Bechio and are still bidding for Hooper from Celtic.

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31 Jan 2013 15:01:42
jackson gone to Leeds

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I pray sending our top scorer out to a relegation rival barnsley we can bring in a better player goal and grafting wise or we are down, not impressed with chris going to barnsely! sad owlette xxx

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I hope so

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Morison gone to Leeds not Jackson

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This deal doesn't really bother me either way. Lita will score more than O'Grady would. It's embarrassing that he is our top scorer.

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Hes not gone to leeds, why lie?

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Jackson would be worse than O'Grady and that is saying something.

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No he wouldn't ^^ and O'Grady is not even bad!

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31 Jan 2013 14:29:19
Madine according to sources gone on loan to Swindon

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He's gone to Coventry on loan.

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Sky tv and the official website say nothing

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Madine staying put

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31 Jan 2013 12:18:43
Sheffield Wednesday have already let O'Grady go to Barnsley, but another one of their strikers is in demand - Gary Madine is wanted by Swindon on loan.

Source dailymail

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If true we better have better back up striker replacements.

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Good business, lettin him go to a relegation rival. An 3 of em av won in last coupla days. Hope we got someone lined up

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So were relying on Lita scoring deflections every game now?
Oh well back to league 1

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Oh stop whinging.

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Oh well back to league 1 you must be an armchair fan the teams been playing excellently in recent weeks and I believe we are sorted I know it's taken long but we are finally on the up

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Probably a blunt, uniteds site should be called latest sell our best players and bring nobody in rumours.

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Excellent! you're easily pleased
Still no new recruits coming in to replace COG

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31 Jan 2013 12:11:54
Chris O Grady to Barnsley- Loan til end of season. tv newsfeed.

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Can't believe we done that letting one of our strikers go to a club we are in a relegation battle with. I think we need another 2 as that leaves us with lita and maguire. unless dj just planning on playing Antonio and jj up front still, but personally I think we need at least 1 more striker

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31 Jan 2013 09:29:50
Madine apparently on the way across to the dirty side of the city!

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Not a chance be coventry loan

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Would never happen.

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It would be good for him back in league 1 which is obviously his level at this time. And if he fired them to promotion great then next year we can have 2great Derbys and adding value to himself at same time let him go

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Madine can go anywhere for me. . seriously over rated! He'd be fine at the pigs as he's best mates with most of them! get rid

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Seriously hope not

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31 Jan 2013 03:04:06
Sheffield Wednesday are lineing a bid up for Barnsley's in form striker chris dagnalls with Gary madine leaving for Swindon town

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I have heard Madine is off to the pigs on loan!

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Sounds like more piggy talk to me!

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Looks like cog on way to barnsley

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No it's true O'grady has gone to Barnsley on loan and Swindon are after madine on loan as well.

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Couldn't afford him

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