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31 Jan 2012 19:28:02
Morrison to leave on a free in the summer and we'll sign mellor to replace him

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Wednesday to have a new owner in the summer.

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Why Mellor ?
Unless we've had the shirt printed and we don't want to waste money !

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Mellors not good enough for the championship ! anyway are you bored or what ? absalute rubbish ! yes clinton will leave thats true but boreing old or what !

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Why go on about transfers now lets see what the season brings who gives a crap now' lets concentrate on the rest of the season think positive UTO.

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Think we're going in the right direection, why buy for the sake of it if theyre not better than what we have. I'm sure Milan will spend when we get to the Championship, but he's not prepared to lose millions by not getting promotion like last season.

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Some of you lot do make me laugh
Mellon not good enough for the championship ? least he is TRIED AND TESTED at that level ...yet your all spertin about BEN MARSHALL !! Tel me one thing is he tried and tested at championship level ?


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Whoever clicked disagree please tell me your reasons why ?

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Mandy skint hes conning you all,hard times ahead

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I used my eyes when I watched them play. Mellor is slow, old and on the way out. His best years are well behind him. Strikers at any level need to have pace and mobility these days and it becomes more important the higher up the league you go. Marshall is quick, young and will only get better. He was clearly too good for league 1, therefore will be more than good enough for Championship. But, we didn't get him so we move on. Personally I think we will end up in the playoffs and then it is a lottery. UTO.

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I'm sadly waiting for the 'wheels to fall off' every match.

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Thanks for that mr happiness. You obviously ain't been watching Wednesday too long. The wheels are very much on considering what we've had to endure not so long back. Get a grip of yourself we can beat anyone in this league!

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31 Jan 2012 19:05:41
Megson hoping to complete the signing of ferre bodde when the loan window opens next week

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Birmingham& Blackpool in for him

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Thats what you get when you start talking about targets! Well done Megson

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The news broke first in an article about his comeback on Swansea website that's why Megson was asked about him.

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Bodde is coming to swfc its already agred just making sure when he comes he stays injury free..

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Just got strechered off against arsanel in reserve match

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So Megson might know what he's doing after all then ??

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Not now he's done his good knee in reserve game on SSN , shame he would have been a quality loan but this could have happened when on loan to us so maybe our lucks changing

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Good knee often goes as you put all strain on this one, so not unexpected lasted only a few minutes into the game. Sorry for the lad but in interview Megson sounded very unsure of him.

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31 Jan 2012 17:50:02
James Tavernier joins the MK Dons on loan.

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Hope they play him in defence.

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He was shocking at wednesday. i really dont see what people saw in him!

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Might do better at MK Dons, after all they play football!!!

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Lol good one piggy

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Not a piggy but a Gooner.

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He was quality on wing.

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Same thing.

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Im not a united fan, this is my personal opinion

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31 Jan 2012 17:10:03
i have been told that megson will be trying to bring in 1 after the mk dons game, the name iv been told is shaun miller of crewe. watch this space

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Why do you want more signings thought yer were bees knees

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31 Jan 2012 17:01:24
Anything expected at swfc before deadline ed ? {Ed001's Note - I am not expecting anything mate, sorry.}

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31 Jan 2012 15:00:40
is there anything happening at s6

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Yes, I've just put the kettle on as it's very cold...if we do sign anymore players, they're welcome to pop in and have a cuppa!!

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And its just started spitting.

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^as good a it's gonna get.

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31 Jan 2012 12:57:12
Rumours about us putting in a bid for Gary Roberts for £300k doing the rounds again - not sure though with the recent loan signing of Bostok - but a big roumour today is Jordan Rhodes going to Norwich - which could help us big time if true as i think they will dissapear out of promotion if he goes ?

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Rhodes probably true with Rangers bidding for Grant Holt

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Roberts is out having had surgery

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Why hasnt marshall joined wednesday with being world and european champions,massive mistake big club

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Looks like sheff u looking to future, heard they are after will hoskins at brighton, he once scored a goal you know.

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Brillian if Rhodes does leave Terriers, as they are our main rival for promotion.

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The pigs would be lucky to land Bob Hoskins these days.

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Ha ha ha, he's only scored once since he moved to brighton, s##t.

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31 Jan 2012 11:45:14
Any last minute rumours on bodde Ed ? {Ed001's Note - all I know is he is in talks. Impossible to say what will happen there, probably just a loan until the end of the season though, in my opinion.}

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31 Jan 2012 10:45:46
Schlupp could be Heading on loan as marshall has signed

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Jesus H Christ ...I WISH this Marshall thing would END ...I've been a Wednesday fan 30+ years ..and your all ready for a spunkathon over a player that is proven at league 1 ONLY ...get a grip

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It is done marshall has signed for leicester

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Agree he his 20 alot to prove yet would rather have waddle back and they won't be any more signings until emergency loans start we have got our team that's done well and if it was not for 3 late cock ups huddersfield Walsall and hartlepool we would be on 60 points tonights game might get the sign every one owls fans singing again

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Skysports News Marshall signs for Leicester. Come on you Blue and White Wizards lets move on without him. Many Thanks Ben and good luck.

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Here here, for now i don't think we need anymore signings, bostock will be good at running at defences and crossing, plus strikers are all fit.

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31 Jan 2012 09:07:27
any news on koumas ed {Ed001's Note - nothing mate.}

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Koumas wont be coming, why wud we want him

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I would like Koumas to be honest

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We would all like Koumas as he was 3-4yrs ago?
If Koumas was up to it he would be playing somewhere wouldn't he ?

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He would be better than nothing.

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He would be better than nothing? Why? Some of you fans never learn. GM is doing things the right way, we can't be throwing big wages at has-beens anymore, it is tried & tested and has failed us and got us in the mire we have been stuck in for years.

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Agree with the above, why pay another 4 grand a week cus he's better than no one

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31 Jan 2012 07:34:10
Ben marshall signed for lcfc for 1m

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Ben Marshall hasn't signed for Leicester at all for 1million pound he is still a Stoke player

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Not yet he hasn't ssn have just reported it.

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He's signed for them on a three and half year deal and will play for them tomorrow against middlesbrough

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Good luck to the lad.

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