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31 Dec 2012 19:14:19
Please tell me again Bothcrap has gone back, I been looking on site and cant find owt where is the good news.

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The Star n loadsa others

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He has been recalled by QPR, the terms of his loan mean that officially is last day is today but he has already gone back.

There is God and he wears blue and white.

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1 up front?

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Antonio and Sidebe up front !

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Theres only 1 keith treacy

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Yeah unfortunately we have some decent players but we need a striker and a few players who are more consistant.
Consistancy is the difference between a good player and an average one.
Look at woods today at leicester. 1million buys you a goal scorer.
Is paying 1 million for a player that can get you promoted, out of a club like wednesdays reach?
We could have had marshall and treacy too.
A couple of million spent and we'd be top six not bottom six.
Speculate to accumulate rodney.

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If mm wants to put this once "great club" back among the elite then surely he must realise that quality players are needed, not hand me downs. 1 million for a good striker aint over the top and we need 1 asap

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Playing one forward would be difficult even if we had a world-class striker. We don't have one of those and Antonio is wasted up front. We should be playing two recognized wingers and two recognized strikers.

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The million pound players are being chased by the bigger clubs so we dent have a chance if we do offer the money like with Marshall

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01 Jan 2013 23:14:38
Not really bigger clubs just clubs that are making a serious go at getting in the premier.
we can offer big crowds and a club with history but its catch 22.Unless we sign a million quid player other good players wont come

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Wood cost 2mill

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1 mill .

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31 Dec 2012 15:44:30
Expect a £1m+ player offer for Clayton Donaldson of Brentford from Sheffield Wednesday in the coming days

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I'd be surprised if we spent more than 250k, need to clear the deadwood first.

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We don't seem to be going for any of the 1m players who have proved themselves in the championship, so i don't think we'd gamble on him for that money.

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Who's the player going to brentford then?

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I would be surprised if ayone spent over a 1 million on Donaldson. Transfer values for mid range players have been flling over last couple of years. Players at top end fetch unbelievable money but pinch is being felt across the rest.

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Top player but not worth million at 28 .

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We spent 1million for antonio and he's by far our best player so if we bought more players for that price we would be all right

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31 Dec 2012 14:04:35
bothroyd gone back to qpr happy new year

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Best news I've heard all day!

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Just heard hemoroyd has been recalled back to qpr-FANTASTIC NEWS! Come on DJ get Helan signed or on loan for the remainder of the season, then get a goal scorer signed (swap COG for Davis at the dingles)or we could try Antonio down the middle-he looked dangerous against bolton.

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Excellent news.

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Bothcrap back to where ever he come from cos he don't even have a number at QPR this is the news I been hoping for. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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Happy new year all Wednesday-ites! ! !

Bye-Bye Can't-be-Botheroyd, wish you'd never joined us. Please (PLEASE!) ... NEVER COME BACK.

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Anybody would think he'd upset you guys!!!!

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31 Dec 2012 13:13:13
Mcleary from reading to arrive on loan along with Barnsley Davies who could be involved in cash plus player deal watch the space....

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These jokes just keep getting better

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Why would he come to wednesdsy wen he gets in first team

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31 Dec 2012 11:06:57
Gary megson is new Barnsley manager!

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No he's not , there's a few more in for it and Rosler is favrite.

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31 Dec 2012 11:19:20
Hyde FC Star striker David McNiven is set for a move for the club, the 34 year old has been in top form for high flyers Hyde scoring 0 goals in 2 games, the fee was heard to be about 3, 000, this would be a great singing.

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Uwe Rosler is a good manager, think excellent choice if they get him. All 3 ames i fram would give them a lift but rot would set in after a few moths with others.

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I bring good news..... Bothcrap is leaving on 2nd of jan which means burnley his last match!!!!!

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If he's a great singer get him on x factor

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David McNiven I smell bacon

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The swine post actually made me chuckle. Lol

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It could be worse than McNiven.
It could be Kitson or Cresswell.

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31 Dec 2012 10:59:06
Craig Davies to sign from Barnsley, he's just turned down a 2 year extension offer from the dingles

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He's that good he's taken Barnsley below us, why would we want him ?

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Because he scores. winning games isn't down to 1 man

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31 Dec 2012 14:16:32
He is a good player.Would be a good signing

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Hes scored in 5 games this season, thats FIVE
take away the 4 goals in one game and hes the lowest scoring striker in the division

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So he isnt the lowest scoring striker then........

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