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31 Aug 2013 19:34:43
The American/Chinese consortium that were involved in dialog with Wednesday have pulled out of any further talks and have focused there interest elsewhere. It says on twitter that the reason for this is because on the footballing side of things it would be a complete rebuilding job which would make the overall outlay way too expensive.

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31 Aug 2013 20:42:40
They may well have backed out, but not for that reason.

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You think the team does not need rebuilding if we are to make any further progress?

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The above comment makes sense if true. We would need a complete new squad to be competitive in this league. How much would it cost to assemble a promotion winning team? 15million?

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There's nothing on twitter at all saying this rob statin put tonight that mm is in dialogue with interested party's there's nothing about anyone pulling out

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Brilliant looks like we're going absolutely no where, were bobbin up and down leagues now, I can't see us ever challenging for promotion and with team that we have it's poor and going no where

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Interesting point. I think to build a new squad capable of gaining promotion would cost about 20million. The cost of adding to the current squad enabling us to win promotion would probably cost about 18million.

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I reckon £5M would do it.
CF, CM & CD.

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Absolute codswallop people who are prepared to invest in football clubs know that they will have to spend money, they also look at returns IIE big club big name - big crowds - big potential, plus over 100 million if they get us into premiership - not a bad deal if you look at it and there aren't that many teams bigger than Wednesday. I think this is a blunt trying (and succeeding) to wind us up, if they had pulled out do you really believe they would put it on twitter - rubbish it would be in all the nationals lol I can see a bunch of millionaires twittering all their business can't you ha ha UTO eric the owl

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This is just a daft post, you actually think cost of several players would kill deal. Other costs surrounding a club far outweigh transfer fees.
At initial meeting I know they did not bring enough money to table and they were told financial package was not strong enough. MM was true to his word and said he wanted someone who could take club forward the well touted package was not big enough. This came from some one who knows Chineese investors. Remeber they could not raise enough cash to buy Birmingham so they must have thought we were a cheaper option, which is not the situation.

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It would cost fortunes for us to get promotion. Money we simply have'nt got. If we were to sell every member of our squad we wouldn't even get a million so the rebuild to gain promotion would simply be out of our reach. This club is now dead in the water. Survival will always be considered a success under MM. No money, no prospects, no good players, no revenue, poor owner, crap manager, crap atmosphere, the list goes on.

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Dj said yesterday on tv after game that nobody is enquiring about our players so we can't get any in. So it looks like we stuck with what we got. So let's get ready for a long sad season because at this rate we will be relegated by February

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Lets just sit back a little milan saved us end of, let's just wonder if the £5 million a year we are losing was part of the debt from the last board with which the club is in debt to were not as obliging as the co-op bank, and its a debt we have to pay. we the fans don't know what the old board signed up to and milan is getting slated left right and center which is unfair and disrespectful some of you older owls can remember the save our owls in the 70s we were close to going under but not as close as we were to when milan saved us, look at coventry and portsmouth that could easily have been us Milan can't get a buyer at moment because south yorks is a poor area all people want at moment london clubs. people down south wages higher match tickets higher how big would our crowds be with £35 a match tickets. Milan is doing his best be patient and respectful with the man.

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I don't know why everyone's jumping up and down shocked that MM can't find a buyer for the club. What can outsiders see as appealing about our club? What about our club looks attractive to an investor? R. I. P SWFC.

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What a load of rubbish some people post on here, its a wind up post by a United supporter who is gloating because they have announced an investment package, rise above it and think that they are in the 1st division and we are in the Championship. What I find really sad is willingness of Wednesday supporters to believe it.

MM said yesterday at Middlesbrough that he was still in discussions with two parties interested in taking over Sheffield Wednesday. MM has been honest from the start about his commitment to the club and has said that if anybody comes along who can take the club further then we would sell the club to them.

The second point I would make is if the investment in the club is too great then why has someone agreed to buy half of Sheffield United but provide "major investment for team building to ensure that United reach the Premiership". If you think that the cost to get us into the Premiership is £15/20m then what is the cost to get United there.

The final point is that if a proposed buyer didn't expect to invest in the club what would be the point of buying it, the only way they will get a return on their investment is to get into the Premiership and stay there and that costs money. If the proposed buyers didn't expect to provide the money for team rebuilding then we don't want them because the are a bit dim.

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You and eric are right its a wind up from blunts (by the what I've heard Accrington Stanely want to buy blunts)but they need to increase their gate by another 4 people before they can afford to buy uto

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It isn't all about the money jones' tactics will be what could send us down he doesn't face the chop

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Hopefully the consortium will feel more at home at Bumhole Lane. Sounds to me like a Blunt rumour.

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31 Aug 2013 18:05:38
Signed spence last night after midnight, two other signings have fallen through. DJ has come out and said he doesn't expect to do any business on Monday. also Gardner has suspected torn Achilles. we wer lucky to get a point today. and I am on the brink of insanity due to our inability to add the 2/3 quality players we need, despite everyone (DJ+MM) CONSTANTLY stating we need them. I need a drink!!

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3 points from 15, I need a gallon

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Jones out now his tactics are incredibely poor to take jj of and put semedo on is a joke, it's jones or championship football, I know which I'd rather have
Terry burton was the brains, jones is the face

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JJ off Semedo on. it still won't register. No one in their right mind would make that switch.

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DJ has been at fault in part but when as was stated on twitter we have the SECOND lowest budget he is not got no backing whatsoever from mm time to sell up Milan

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I'm not saying about the money I'm on about jonese tactics

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I went to day we was so crap mm must sack jones or put some money in
jones said we had few chances and they did but look at the stats they had 22 and we had 6 that say it all.
mm and dj do you real think you can bull the fans all the time we want the true not crap ffp is not in till next season.

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For some reason jones thinks that hoofing it up to Antonio and jj will work, and then he thinks that a knackered looking Antonio can lead the line himself, because Antonio is an absolutely superb target man!

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Why not put bullen in charge of the first team and jones in charge of the development squad because he obviously cares more about them because a lot of players he has signed are for the development squad

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The reason he took JJ off was because we were getting overrun in midfield, JJ was doing nothing and bringing Semedo on did steady things. Then the big lad came on and we played further up the pitch. Why don't people watch the game and stop listening to other`s. Apart from the first ten min`s in each half I was pleased with the lad`s.

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I watch the game and we was crap why play antonio up top he could not hold the ball up that why the ball was come back all the time the big man should play up front and antonio on the wing not palmer. Zayatte is very poor
cost 6 goals now.

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Some fans are easy pleased then we was poor I went to the game

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31 Aug 2013 10:44:25
ed do you know who the winger is from st. Etienne that we are after. {Ed002's Note - I am not aware of anyone - and the only one of the first team squad would have been Kitambala but he has left on loan to Auxerre. If it is a reserve, I would doubt I would know of it.}

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Does anybody agree with me that owls website has become boring and nothing there to excite us at all? No good signings and no achievement on or off the pitch (NDS)

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What are they supposed to do, announce loads of fake signings to give you something to look at. Nothing is happening at the club at the minute so nothing needs to be put on the site

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In my opinion advertising betting on there is not on especially as they have been pretty s*** of late

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Our decent club sponsored by betting shop and advertise bets, what a shame? Integrity and morale have gone unfortunately!

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31 Aug 2013 09:30:42
Jordan Spence set to join us on loan from West Ham. Decent signing if true.
Source: Twitter Pete O'Rourke. A tv journalist.

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Another defender, got so many of them surely need to move some out first! its a CM and striker we need so antonio can go back out to the wing, jones is destroying him playing him up front he's never been a striker!

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We need more defenders so we can play ten across the back and hoof the ball aimlessly upfield.

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