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30 Oct 2013 12:25:28
Who is more to blame for our resent situation. Press agree for Dave Jones or disagree for Milan Mandaric.

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There should be a third option -- "both"

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Why don't you rewind 12 years and point the finger at our former Chairman who sold off the family silver. sdtep forward "Sir Dave Richards" - current head of the F. A. HE caused this mess. We've all let him off the hook.

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Here here its about time some people on ere realise this. Dave Allen got the blame for a lot of things caused by Richards which was unfair, altho I wasn't a massive fan of Allen. When Richards is on tv I feel like kickin the screen in!

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Richards is real villain made some unbelievably bad decisions, which resulted in us being relegated and 14 years of pain. All of whom since have tried to resurrect us but nobody yet has succeeded although with debt minimalised Milan has the best opportunity.

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Richards sanctioned £4million pound transfers and £23,000/week salaries and there was nowhere near the income to Premier League clubs 12/13 years ago as there is today. He ruined the club for the next 20 years. Anyone remember Darko Kovacovich? £4million plus wages. Released on a free! Remember crap like Andy Hinchcliffe? £3million and £28,000/week.

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Richards was to blame

Milan bought us and wiped the debts out

Richards is the past and cannot change where we are now ONLY Milan can change our future
Jones OUT and support the new manager ( whoever he is) in January with funding for new signings
Milan is to blame for letting a Jones take us backwards at an alarming rate

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31 Oct 2013 06:47:47
Look to the future don't dwell on the past get behind the lads on Saturday

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Nice one. It's what the team needs.

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Anyone know how Madine's appeal is coming along?

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His mums baking him a cake with a file in it

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31 Oct 2013 18:13:31
we have just got conner wickham on loan Mr. C

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One last point about Kovakovich. At one point Real Madrid bought him for 28 million

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Im 54 and seen some garbage over the years. but what I will take to my grave is being at wembley and seing with my own eyes a captain of sheffield wednesday lifting a major trophy. travelling to europe with sheffield wednesday, beating the enemy at wembley and for a few years watching the finest sheffield wednesday team ever!! who was the chairman? mistakes were made, we all make them. but the memories will never fade.

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Dave Jones is milans man, his choice of manager LIVE WITH IT!

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Didnt darko kovasavic not get a work permit? And we signed stefanovic as well for 1mill for both having to get rid of darko was out of our hands was to do with customs and immigration. Stefanovic was worth it imo.

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If I recall kovecevic and stefanovic were signed in joint deal, kovecevic played about fifteen games mainly as sub scooting four of five goals before being sold to sociedad where he had a very successful career and a ten million quid plus move to juventus. Stefanovic stayed a number of seasons and then we struggled to get a work permit because he played so few games.

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You lads on about Darko Kovačević? You've confused the hell out of me with all the spellings and 'facts'. If you're talking about Darko Kovačević he did get a work permit, he played about 20 or so games for us and was pretty pants, especially considering his potential and what we paid, not to mention the quality team around him. I actually have some programmes still with him in, I took the poster out long ago to put on my wall haha. I have one of those big headed mini figure things of him too, somewhere. He moved back abroad and played for Juve and Real Soc. from what I remember, finally living up to his potential, played in France 98 too I think? Either way, for some reason he didn't play well under Pleat. If you're on about this Darko he never played for Real Madrid and never even sniffed £25mil transfer fee either.

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Does anybody remember Blondeaux?

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Haha I remember PB. Other players of that era include Regi Blinker, Wim Jonk, Dejan Stefanovic, Giles De Bilde, Marc Degryse and so on. Oh my lord did we push the boat out.

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To be fair Jonk came with a huge rep after a great World Cup.
He did show signs of quality, but I remember him jumping out of a tackle at Hillsborough, and that just isn't the way we roll.
Blinker also proved to be a bit of a trickster but couldn't maintain consistency.
Blondeaux was just a ******g useless ****.

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I remember Regi getting his dredds pulled at now and then when he had his flashes of genius, like you said though, no consistency. Funnily enough they mostly went on to have decent careers elsewhere. Makes you wonder what was going on behind the scenes in those years?

And then there was the Eric Cantona incident too.

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Don't knock hinchcliffe! He once smashed a great free kick at spurs which I believe gave us a great 3-0 win. 15 years plus ago and remember it like it was yesterday. So pleased for dave jones and onwards and upwards. Up the Wednesday! Only lost four this year and you've got to look up to 10 in the league for that. Always positive and best team we've had for at least 10 years plus happy days and suck this reading!

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30 Oct 2013 12:16:38
Does anyone know what's happening to Andelko Savic, just seems strange that we loaned him and haven't used him once. What is the point, I wonder!

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Heard he has been injured, not 100% definite tho.

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He's for the dev squad, if he steps up then dj will put him in the squad, only youth player pulling up any trees atm is caolan lavery tho

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Development squad, he's only ere for season. Aiden White was for dev. squad an he's 22 yrs. Why don't they call them reserves like they used to. that's all they are. Development swquad my a---. First team are bottlom of league ffs

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Aidy white? The Leeds player at united?

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I'm confused, aiden White? We had Hayden White before he left us for bolton

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Savic is an international for heavens sake but apparently is not good enough for the Championship.

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So is Reda, plenty slagging him off.
Doesn't really count for much these days does it?

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Get Savic on.
He may be injured but one of our experts says he should be playing.
Go on lad, you have two legs, hop it off.

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30 Oct 2013 10:17:52
Do I take it that the silence hanging over Hillsborough is an indication that the takeover talks are dead?

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Go on official site an watch mandarics statement last week. It goes under title mandarics commitment

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MM said it took him 4 days to buy the club. That's your answer, pretty much, there.

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