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30 Nov 2012 14:12:18
Millwall have put an offer in to buy Beevers & we are considering it! What u reackon we will do? I say keep but we will sell!

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Knowning our luck and dj mentality to get bothroyd, we will sell a star future aspect!

i would like jones, if he just played football rite, its not fair to drop players cos there poor but keep bothroyd in whos terrible, give rodri a chance!! madine they say hes poor playd last at midlsbro but score, not since, when did bothrod last play and scor but not been dropped!? play 442 and play players in place and play players on ability and not wow he use to play for arsenal or england, drop bothroyd for rodri/madine and drop kirkland and give bywater a chance?! i mean remember which players got us to the championship please mr jones and then we and the players will support you!? rant over xxxx lol xxxxx

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Millwall agree fee for Beevers for 250k
what a joke

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Of course we'll sell !
We've got three 30+ centre halves , why would we keep a promising young (LOCAL) centre half like Beevers?
It would make good sense to keep him but we don't do sensible any more !

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Is MM so short of money that we have to sell a promising young player like Beevers for peanuts ?
If it had been a 1m you would have to consider it but he is worth more than we're getting as a squad player and apart from that HES BETTER THAN THOSE SELECTED !
What next ??

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Its not about the right time he even contemplates selling mark, were dead because if thats the case, he has no good thing selling our youth or good players, and bringing crap, is he working for warnock? lol
cos were going to sink faster and morer then we are doing if this happends, it just proves owt is possible then :( xxxxxxxxxxx

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Please please Mandric do something .... GET MEGSON BACK please and swallow your pride for sacking him last season, it is for the sake of the club. Megson is a real owls fan and the current state of the club is killing him just like killing us ... bring him for the rest of the season, pending results, and I am absolutely sure he will contain these players well and motivate them better. After all it is his club and players he signed were good, unlike the ones DJ signed...... can you join me to encourage MM to get support for having Megson Back ..... awaiting your reply from all of you

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Madine is next to go

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I thought in football the fans were more important, shouldnt mm listen to us like? xxxx

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This smacks of two fingers to the fans; if you like him I don't.

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After all it is his club those 6 words will upset MM my friend you should choose your words better. We know what you mean _ GM is pure blue and white and thats what we need. Also hear we are considering a bid for Beevers for 250k bring in bad sell the good seems to be the in thing at the moment. Well its not good enough. - MMwe believe in you and have trusted you and we thank you for saving our club, but we wont thank you for destroying it please sort it now before its too late we are quickly running out of time and the manager has lost the plot everyone can see that and I'm sure you can but you must act soon please eric the owl

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Milan please sell up and go.

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150k with another 150k to come if he helps Milwall to a top 6 finish! I say let him go cos we av Taylor now whos a good player

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Taylor is a good player? What are you on? Beevers is far better. Jones hasn't a clue. My startin 11 on sunday would be bywater
Lee,llera, beevers, r johnson
Jj, semedo, mccabe, antonio
Madine, bothroyd

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Reda injured. Where been hidin?

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You 11 is that because u have neva managed a football club, and if u have it a sunday league kid team. Do u watch swfc train day in day out, dont think so, trust in DJ i probs dont agree with some signings but i dont watch what happens behind the scene give DJ time if we go down we re group and we have to work with the same players lets face it our history is massive times have changed we dont want to be sacking a manager every 6 months let him build a team up if any thing i would give him this season and next season and see where we are. need to build a team up over a season look at the likes of norwich pretty much the same team and players since league 1, players need to develop over time and play together week in week out for a long time to get to know each others game etc. patience is what is needed! also its easy for people to say we can do better than Jones but lets face it we couldnt, hence why he is a manager and a successful one at that and we are writing on this forum, and do normal jobs!

TRUST IN MM AND DJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Part of weds past is not allowing managers time. It's part of the mismanagement from previous owners.
BUT... There is no justification for the results we've had. I've been to quite a few and calling it bad luck will only work for so long. I can't see much logic to his transfers and even though we were not going to make playoffs we should have been comfortably safe.

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I have been critical of our club in the past for being too quick to fire managers and I want to say stick with the manager and let him build.
BUT - I think we all know now that Jones is not that manager.
In fact , despite his reputation , if you look at his record he has usually under performed relative to the complete backing he was given at Wolves & Cardiff.
I know Cardiff fans through my family and they will tell you that although Jones record looks good on paper , the fans always thought they weren't doing as well as they should be , and his team selections were puzzling, sounds familiar now.

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I agree, one of our downfalls is constantly changing managers. However, in this case it is vital if we wish to remain in the Championship.

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I don't know why people harp on about jones being a good manager.
Ask wolves and cardiff fans what he was like.
I agree we get rid of people too easily sometimes.I've not been one in the past to ask for a new manager but i am now.
Look at all the players he's brought in and none have imrpoved us.Everyone makes mistakes but this many?
He doesn't know his best team.He has virtually got last seasons team playing today after trying all combinations.
Not good enough

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Ross barkley?? paul corry?? kirkland??? gardner?? Rhys McCabe?? all have quality!!

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Barkley was his one success but even he was young and inconsistant.
Corry and Mcabe will be good players but not what we need this season.
Kirkland wasn't needed,gardner is ok but no better than jones was.
Bothroyd isn't doing the business,Sidibe looks meh and rest of his new additions can't get a sniff.So his record of bringing players in isn't great so far.
This is why people aren't confident that he'll fix it in january.

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30 Nov 2012 14:07:30
We have entered a very new world in the 2012 Championship...firstly it is a massive leap up from League One and secondly the majority of teams in it are as good as the bottom 6 teams in the Premiership.

We have a very good chairman putting his hard earned cash into the club, we have a very good manager who knows this league and how tough it is and we are the second best supported team in the league.

We haven't been able to get Championship players because they are not for sale (unless you have the parachute cash from relegation from Prem). So the only thing we can do is assemble a team of available players and hope that we can stay up this year.

No other club will want a strong SWFC in their league and so it's hard to get players off them. The lower divisions don't have Championship players to lend or sell to us and the premiership clubs retain the squad they need to ensure their own survival.

Lets see what January holds and whether MM and DJ can add the two or three players we need to make this a solid Championship unit.

JJ is a luxury, Samedo is a stopper that can't control or pass a ball, Buxton can't contain a good winger and our midfield lacks maturity...we have reverted to a long ball (League One) game and this will fail at this other club that's been to S6 has played this way.

A massive problem is fear...our players are playing with fear because we are getting on their backes when they make a mistake...lets drive them on, not drag them back.

Support the lads and MM/DJ for the rest of the season!

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Really? Some good points in what you say, no one would argue with financial constraints and our restricted choices in the transfer market but the reality is that Dave Jones is managing badly.
Inconsistent team selections, inflexible with formation, not standing up and being counted by accepting and taking responsibility for his decisions. Banging on about nuns under cars and other bunkum and codswallop.

He should start managing and doing the job he's paid to do. To fire him today is four weeks too late if you ask me?

Cardiff are going to hump us badly at the weekend and as far as I can see Dave Jones has no clue about how to remedy the situation that he has singlehandedly created through a combination of persisting with poor team selection ( Bothroyd as a prime example), failing to demonstrate accountability, poor loan signings, poor management in general.

Take the rose tints of and get a reality check please.

Jones OUT.

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A good response mate, too many fans wearing rosy tints as you say, scared to stand up and take responsibility and just happy to keep trying same old, same old hoping it comes good ! - don't know who they take after ..... do you?

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To be honest in 45 years of supporting Wednesday I've seen some brilliant managers and some indifferent ones.
I've been disappointed by managers before but never like this. I'm starting to dislike the man for his contradictions, contariness and delusions.

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50yrs for me mate and I feel exactly the same !
If he was setting out to upset everybody on purpose he couldn't do a better job !
And by that I mean everybody - Chairman, players and fans , NEVER known anything like it !

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Need jones out and some one in who knows what he is doing... Last Tuesday DJ brought JJ on as a right back when we need to win games

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Megson is our only hope .... please MM do the right thing and you know very well how passionate and caring he is about his club, our club, he will definitly keep us safe in the championship and progress from there !!

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Look ay Ipswich go.
Thats what a good manager can do in a short space of time.
But no, lets carry on and get behind jones and maybe everything will be ok.

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Is anyone on here a Wednesday fan? Yes we have been poor lately but after umpteen manager changes in the last decade we need stability. It will come good . Keep the faith. Milan saved our club from the brink and he knows what hes doing. Cant understand why people are slagging off Kirkland he has pulled off quality saves and is far better than Bywater. I agree DJ has made strange decisions but i think its about time all players took a bit of responsibility and give our fed up fans the passion and desire we know theyre capable of. Keep the faith and remember how bad things have been in recent years. Changing the manager again is not the answer. WAWAW

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You'll soon see how wrong you are !

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Original poster you have hit the nail on the head. Whatever happens with the managerial side of the club is irrelevant on the match day, forget it - drive the players forward no matter what team is selected!

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30 Nov 2012 13:48:07
I want Jones out now .
But trying to look at it from MMs point of view because he obviously wants to keep him, there are TWO things that have to happen , and they BOTH have to happen , otherwise MM really has no excuse:-
1) A reaction from the players at Cardiff on Sunday - very unlikely in my opinion, but perhaps the fans would feel different if there was a sign that we had turned a corner and given Cardiff a game, even if we were unfortunate to lose.
2) A home win , with a convincing performance preferably, against Bristol City next weekend.
Nothing less than BOTH these can give MM an excuse not to act.
Having said this, if there is another shameful collapse at Cardiff like the other night it should be as obvious to MM as it is to the majority of fans that DJs has lost the dressing room and his time has come, and hopefully then give somebody else time to attempt to keep us in this lge.

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30 Nov 2012 13:21:35
Lets get OUR PRIDE Back - JONES OUT - cant let last seasons sentiment cloud our judgement - my season ticket will be Unused until JONES HAS GONE - Sacked NOW Please MM - let let last years hard work and investment go to waste

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Jones is a very good manager and is well respected throughout the game. MM is a very good chairman/businessman and has invested wisely in SWFC. The players we have at the club are more than capable in picking up the points we need to stay in this league.

The facts are: This league is way bigger and more difficult than League One. It has comparable support and investment in it as the German Bundersliga. SWFC is the second best supported team in the Championship. The heart of the team is new and many are yet to find their feet (but are better than the players they have replaced). MM is a wise spender and will not return the club to debt.

Sacking DJ will not fix this's about the players and just like you and me, when people are on our backs we don't respond very well. They need to develop more confidence to play better and not hide on the pitch.

Our job is to support the club we love and the players they employ...and to trust MM and DJ to get it right by the final whistle...they will do it as a unit, I have no doubt!

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From the tone of this note , I think this is a note from Paul Aldridge ?
If not from him, its definitely a counter-rant from the club !
Its just "preaching gospel" which bears no similarity to whats happening in real life.
It starts by saying "Jones is a very good manager" - well there is a saying in football that you're only as good as your last game, or in Jones case , your last 19 - thats what you have to judge him on surely?
If I go 20yrs without a car crash then I start having a crash every week , surely a lot of that has to be down to MY driving?
Or if I'm Jones I'm just unlucky and its every other car on the road !

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Nope...just a long suffering but loyal season ticket holder in the south stand mate...

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Not alot of point in not using your season ticket, they have already had your money, what use is an empty seat paid for!

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"Jones is a very good manager and is well respected throughout the game"

This is the con.
He is respected but i dont understand why.He hasn't been that successful.

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How can you disagree.
Read up on his spells at cardiff and wolves.

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30 Nov 2012 09:57:38
It is generally agreed that our morale is low and that players are in disarray. If that is the case, we will need a manager whose skills include the ability to heal. The thought of Paul Ince, in these terms, as a prospective manager is worrying. Bookies are not often wrong, let's hope they are this time.

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Agree. to bring in paul ince would really devastate our can bet that crowds would drop like a stone,regardless of results.....

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Milan you fetch ince in rather than megson who is one of our own, I HAVE DONE TILL YOU HAVE GONE.

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Megson will not be reinstated if last man on earth his fan club on here need to move on. I wanted Megson as manager and was disappointed he was dismissed. Certain he would not have got us automatically promoted. DJ did excellent job last season. When he left relationship between him and MM had broken down completely and can not be repaired. I understand scouting reports and other stats stuff were not present when new regime took over. I now think a person can be sometimes too close to a club and manage more with heart than head and this would be my only crticism of Megson.
Having said that some decisions this season have been strange and difficult to understand I never thought we would go straight up but thought we would do better than we have. Think we need man to replace Terry Burton, it is now obvious he was tactician and organiser for.
MM obviously likes Dave so think we are best served indicating we are a coach short and need a replacement for Burton.

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So you think that someone ought to point out to the owner of our club that since our coach went to Arsenal the whole club has gone "t*ts up" ! - errrr ... I think he will have noticed !
The real problem is he has done nothing about it?
You point out some of Megsons failings , you're obviously not a fan, but regardless of that , MM was not slow to act when Megson was slipping was he?
How can anybody defend whats happening to the club now? - I'm not exaggerating when I say that Jones will be responsible for us going down, and its likely to happen now whether he is sacked or not, so bad is the job hes done of "strengthening" the team !
So PLEASE dont try and lecture me on the relative merits of Megson & Jones. Megson took the club forward with nothing and whilst battling with the chairman for resources to help !
Jones will take us down - with the chairmans full support - FACT !

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Calm down dear

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Sorry, I obviously care more than you do (dear) and its not my way to stand around and watch a disaster taking place and simply observe. I would rather act, but if I'm not in a position to act then I certainly expect those who can , to act.
I would pose a simple question - what was the point in sacking Megson under the guise of "we have to ensure we get to Championship" , if you then stand idly by and watch a manager who has obviously lost the players and the fans, take us limply back in to Lge1?
What is the point ? (dear)

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A disaster, try telling those who are starving to death about wednesday`s so called disaster, get real and dont forget to wipe that egg of your face come may(dear)

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Context (dear) ? - Anyway you sit at home and stay calm like you probably do all the time, we'll sort it out for you!

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Why are we as fans of Wednesday affraid to stand up and voice our concerns like fans of other clubs do. Just look at the actions of Blackburn fans earlier this season for example. Even QPR fans were holding banners aloft only last week requesting Hughes be sacked and Redknapp be installed. What do we do when our clubs in trouble? We have a chat to a friend about it, wow! I remember I was working in London at the time when the criminal act of sacking Megson news broke and the lads that I was working with who were Hammers fans said that they couldnt believe it and no way would they allow there club to sack a manager that was doing such a good job. The word "ALLOW" stuck in my mind and I realised just how different other clubs fans see there clubs. They all even agreed that there fans would be making themselves heard in and around the ground voicing there disapproval and demanding the re-instatement of the said manager. What Dickie fans do? Mentioned how unhappy we was about it to the odd mate. Come on Wednesday fans let's grow a backbone and demand better for our once great club and make ourselves heard before we end up in an even worse mess than we're in now!!

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The above post is true but what he obviously fails to realise is that taking advice from Hammers fans can't be compared to our fans. They're an extremely passionate fan base and see the club as family not just something that they support on a Saturday afternoon. You a
So mention Blackburn and QPR fans who too hold there clubs dearly and not surprisingly do turn on there clubs owners, directors and management if they're unhappy with results. We are more conservative than that and ready differently. We voice our concerns with a stiff upper lip we always have. Could you seriously imagine Wednesday fans shouting abuse at the manager or the owner just because results aren't going right or because we got relegated? No of course not. We even read about fans of clubs getting on certain players backs simply because they aren't performing, how stupid is that? Jay Bothroyd isn't scoring the goals that we brought him in to do but as Wednesday fans we wouldn't jeer him for it. Ok we get down about it and maybe say to the bloke sat next to us that he should have scored but why shout or boo? Let's leave that to the over passionate clubs who expect too much of there team and get on with supporting our club in the way we've done it since day one.

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"A disaster, try telling those who are starving to death "

There are always more imporant things in life but this is a place to come and talk about football.
And just because there is something/someone worse off, it doesn't make wednesdays problems any less.
It will be a disaster even if not in the sense you mean.
But no one will have egg on there face except you pal.

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