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30 May 2013 22:31:35
Chris maguire set to go on loan to hearts, not been the best might come back better

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Chris maguire is an excellent little player I think he is not the most prolific goalscorer but he is very clever and can create lots of chances for others I hope he gets game time if he does go to hearts one for the future

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30 May 2013 16:21:11
Wednesday and charlton are monitoring young goalscoreing midfielder marlon pack. He is out of contract next month however teams would have to pay compensation as he's under 24. Lots more teams are after to though.
Source: owls news now

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Its also on tv transfer centre sounds good to me

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No way are we looking at him.

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Look on owls news now if u don't believe me

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Do you know we are not looking at him or do you just disagree with everything as a default setting.

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It's a fact we are tracking him, check on tv, whether we actually go in for him is a different story

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He will go to Charlton. As there a London club.

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^^ He might not, he might come to us because we're massive

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We aren't massve, we are THE massive

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We're both sunshine

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30 May 2013 11:08:47
looking at bringing in matthew kilgalon and sean st legder wouldn't be bad signing even though his ex pig

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So we are now apparently after everybody who ever played for the pigs?
Can't see it myself.

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Kilgallon set to go to ipswich meanwhile st. lwdger would be a good signing!

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Rest assured IT WILL BE NO DECENT SIGNINGS AGAIN THIS SEASON! You can disagree with me as much as you like.
Ask yourself one question: what kind of team we have developed in the course of last season? NONE. We are going to have another unsettled team next season? The only proven/worthy players we have on contract now are: Kirkland, Antonio, Gardner and Reda Johnson (who is good but injury prone) and maybe a bit of Kieran Lee and McCabe. Loan players were and are not the answer :- (

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30 May 2013 14:44:33
Are give it a rest about no decent signings how would u know what jones has on the books

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The loans helped us stay up. We are where we should be at the moment.
You should have a word with yourself.

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Old misery wants to look at teams who were promoted and see how many loan players they had. You are either 1. someone who pays no attention to the way football has changed and are stuck somewhere in the past or
2. one of the negative experts who has written nothing but gripe after on here for past year, or
3 the resident weed/blunt on the site trying to spread discontent.
All I can suggest as yu are clearly beyond help is: If you are young buy yourself a dummy and learn not to spit it out, if old take your teeth out and buy a pack of werthers originals. In other words go suck on it.

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Check newsnow swfc - owls interested in kilgalon and st ledger! would like to st ledger in can play CB and CM

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We heard you the first time stop posting this you can't force your opinion on people

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^why post these this on nearly every post when let be honest we can make good sighnings now we have a good scout setup and as players move out ie. pecknick, Taylor and others we will free up a good amount if money to buy OK sighnings

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I agree that the person who complained about no decent signings is probably a half empty glass kind of person and he should at least wait until the season's under way before condemning the management.
However, I strongly resent the inference that this person may be old!
I'm 57 and proud of it :)

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I offered advice if they were young or old. I too am no spring chicken.
Comments do suggest he has not moved on as the league has changed, his view was one which prevailed over 15 years ago.

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If millwall not seen enuf to sign him, why do we want him

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Sorry mates if I have caused some discomfort to you but I still believe NO DECENT SIGNINGS THIS SEASON EITHER and you will see. if u don't spend u can't compete as simple as that. my apology again to my owls fans as I do care for my club and hope MM & DJ read my post and act positively this time. SORRY!

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I tried 3 times yesterday to answer NO DECENT SIGNINGS misery but couldn't get posted. Just because he uses capital letters he thinks people will beleve him. Only the management knows about signings. Now ed please post this!

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Thanx ed

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Gardener worthy? I honestly hate the bloke, his attitude is not really interested, he's at the end of his career and not too bothered, he's very clumsy, and why oh why Jones tell his to get in for an attacking header i'll never know, even if he is jumping with a big defender he's a waste of a man in there, 50p head. And he can't play the ball out from the back?! And Captain?? Now that is a laugh!

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31 May 2013 08:30:09
Gardner been one of our best players this season. Don't mistake his composure as being not interested you person. A player like him doesn't need to run round like a headless chicken at the back e.g llera

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Ha ha at the post that reckons Gardner not a good defender, dear poster what's the highest level of football you played the game at? The guy played for Tottenham when younger and was one of our best players last season!
Do you actually attend games?
Funniest post I ever read


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Yeah I understand that mate, obviously wouldn't want a hot head, I personally don't think he has much composure he's slow and a lot of tackles i've seen are miss timed and potentially very dangerous and he's been lucky to get away with it, I like Lliera's passion and te fact that he doe's run around a lot and maybe abit headless chickeny at times but i'd rather have heart, passion and want and average than not fussed in interviews, clumsey, 1 i'm 50 headed shots wouldn't go in and average. If you get me?! Only personal preference, I certainly don't think he's one of our best players! On par or just abit better than Taylor i'd say?!

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So basically you want a defender who is better at interviews?

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