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30 May 2012 17:20:04
"Sheffield Wednesday have made a £850,000 double swoop for Derby Striker Chris Maguire,23 and Portugal U21 Midfielder Diogo Amado 22, from Leiria"


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I hope that Chris Maquire rumour isn't true, check his goals to games ratio, 163 games 24 goals, not good!

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Why do we want Maguire he's garbage we need 2 out and out goal scorers.

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That's exactly why I just said he's garbage.

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Yeah garbage scored 4 in 6 for derby thn 5 in 12 fo pompey n one o them wo a screamer against saints

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Maguire on his way to owls!! Some players don't settle at certain clubs. Like varney!! DJ obviously seen something in him.

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To those that are saying he is garbage have you ever seen him play??? erm no

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Haha wednesday fans all think that everyone not good enough for them

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You lot saying hes garbage you a scout nah like you watched him every game dont think so bet youve never sern him play personally a fink hes decent from what ive seen

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Anybody watching Torres for past 12mnth would think he was garbage - unless you saw him at Liverpool.
Maguire is the type of player needed to partner Madine and sorry but I have more faith in DJs judgement of a player than the posters on here.

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I think the negativity expressed is due to them wanting a bgger name player. I have no doubt he is talented andquite a few have failed to shine at Derby, this chap was said to be homesick for Scotland s they sent him on loan to Portsmouth!

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How can we make a 850k bid for them both amado is already signed on a free for development squad see rob statons tweets.maguire is the only player we,v bid for.

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Derby say that they are receiving bids from several clubs and have,as yet, accepted none of them

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30 May 2012 17:00:46
According to twitter Sheffield Wednesday have made an 850k swoop for both Chris maguire and diago amada. {Ed032's Note -}

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30 May 2012 16:35:42
Wednesday could be drawn in to the race to sign Gary Roberts who has been recently released by huddersfield. On his day has a brilliant cross but some Huddersfield fans think he's inconsistent.
Also this is a rumour that I saw on a site yesterday and was published on this past Sunday, but it claims where after Wayne routledge from Swansea, not sure how true this is but in my opinion this would be a fantastic signing, would be a big money signing I presume if it's true

Up the owls

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He is inconsistent.

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Chris brunt was inconsistent

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He's not loyal either! He got offered a new contract in January and made Huddersfield wait, because he wasn't sure if they would get promoted. That's why they cancelled it and released him. More about money and spotlight for him..

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Or ambition?

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If only you new the truth, Robbo is a class player who will win us games, been in 2 promotional teams and has plenty of experience in play offs. Scores and creates plenty of goal scoring opportunities (just ask Jordan Rhodes). would be a excellent signing for us.

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30 May 2012 16:02:20
Swfc are enquiring about sam baldock on loan from west ham

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Any reliable source for this information?

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Sincerely hope not, do anybody remeber him playing against us in cup this year?

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So you wouldn't take him purely based on one performance against us

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Good mates with a West Ham fan who goes home and away. Sensible chap sound views and he does not rate him. Works hard but easily knocked off ball and awareness of team mates not good.

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My point is he played against us and could not remember him from the game. Think he missed a sitter.

We did not put a full strength side out and if he could not stand out aginst them can see why West Ham want to offload. Was not even on bench towards end of season.

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Werent he the one who took the pen?

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30 May 2012 15:26:30
According to twitter rumours a deal for chris maguire is almost completed.

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Sam baldock aswell apparently mate

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Chris maguire can't even get in Derbys first team, he's s##t

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Can you not remember luke varney

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If you don't rate varney then u don't think you ever actually saw him play!!?? Class act and could actually do something with a football rather than huff it which we'd all got far too used to. Watch the Norwich away game winning 1-0 a few years back. Then tell me he was sh#t¥e. Joke comment. Just happy to be linked with so many good players and for the first time in years can actually see us pulling off. Good season ahead I can see/hope

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I meant when we got varney from derby and he was ace genius. as the comment above mine said maguire couldnt get in first team at derby. similar story to varney. learn how to read comments in order mate, no wonder theres so much bitchin on here

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Apologies. Just seen so much rubbish about varney on here and snapped I guess. Fully agree with the varney ace guy! Adding a bit of love to combat the b**chin

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30 May 2012 09:16:03
Kevin MacDonald has agreed terms with Sheffield Wednesday as Sheffield Utd prepare to slash their wage bill. Mathew Lowton to follow although 5 other Championship clubs are after his signature. Wednesday are believed to have tabled a bid in the region of 400k for Lowton

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I'm a Wednesday fan but know a bid of 400,000 for Lowton is way way too low,good player though.

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The above is a pointless rumour and must have been placed by someone out of touch with reality. I sincerely hope we are not interested in McDonald he was a failure at Championship level and has hardly set L1 alight.
We have already signed a right back and have a decent back up in Lewis Buxton. Therefore another would seem overkill. Lowton is a valuable asset but some of the figures regarding his worth have been vastly over exagerated. I suspect he could be prised away from Utd for around 600,000 and Maguire for around 750,000. In both cases possibly less if you have incremental and % of any future transfers.

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Why are we buying Blade players? much better talent out there

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A new deal has been offered by the Oinkers too. Lets see what happens!

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There are a couple of united players we should be looking at. For the first time in ages we are in a position to benefit from another teams situation. Maguire, Lowton and Macdonald would all get into squad. Exblades or not.

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Load off bs we got two right.backs

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Mcdonald is a class player for who said he isn't and maguire would only be sold for atleast 2-3 million as a lot of prem clubs want him and why would lowton go when you have buxton n lee?

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Macdonald is not good enough for Championship, reminds me of Potter.
Agree that Lowton and maguire are good players but right back is not a priority. A centre back is and Maguire rumoured to be an owl.

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30 May 2012 00:38:19
Mark Wilson apparently released from celtic, worth looking at? {Ed007's Note - If he stays injury free he is a good attack minded RB. The only reason CFC have released him is because of his injury problems we brought in other RBs, including Adam Matthews. He never got a sustained run in the team as such, but he is a decent player if fit.}

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Right back extremely unlikely we now have Lee and Buxton in competition. So above comment pointless.

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We keep signing right backs and realising buxton is better. He must be getting fed up with it now.

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Buxton was ok at Chamionship level at full back nthing more. Looked better at playing centre back when we last in this division. really struggled against pacey tricky wingers. I do not think Buxton will start in first team.

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Buxton is Much better than lee, he's a good back up, unless we are going to sign Lowton or an established Right back at championship level, buxton is the man to fit that position

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Ive been told lee will play right back n buxton left back which is better since buxton is under-rated wen ever hes out we conceed lods n i might get abuse for this but i dont rate reda at all hes slow clumbsy and lazy tbh nomore than a average leauge 1 player

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Buxton has not been in first team plans at start of any of last few seasons, and turned out as one of most consistent players.

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Buxton will be utility player at back as he can cover across all 4 positions. DJ rates Reda Johnson as one of Qwls 3 main playing assets so no chance of Buxton being first choice LB.

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