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30 Jun 2013 22:26:12
We have signed lita or agreed a deal for him. Source, a top of the tree steward and I don't care what you say about he won't know, he is normally right

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He won't be wrong that steward, you can see a lot from the top of a tree, specially a big tree

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I'm a former steward and used to get along well with a few of the players and I m telling you now a steward wouldn't know!

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Someone I no asked manderic when is Lita signing. He said soon.

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So DJ and MM disclose transfer dealings with this so called super steward, yeah right i'm sure they do

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Office girl, gate man, and now a steward whose top of the tree, it gets better,
just signed lita Milan, well done dave better get on dog and bone to that head steward.

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Didn't think there was head stewards.

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30 Jun 2013 20:42:27
Sheffield Wednesday trialist Rafael is a left back who is regarded by Semedo as a real gem from Porto due to sign in the next few weeks to see how he performs in Portugal and the game against Hull City, other transfer targets are really exciting and I can confirm they will come out of the blue and surprise everyone, don't be so negative some really good signings are coming things are starting to look up another name was put to Mandaric and that was Sheff Utds Maguire as he doesn't really want to move all the way to London but would relish first team football in the Championship but Wednesday do not want to pay £1.5m for unproven quality. Best mates with the PA but can't give out names for obvious reason as DJ likes to keep cards close to his chest. AP

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He was at owls in the park

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Are these exiting players targets or signings. Exciting targets could be ronaldo and messi but we aren't going to get those targets. Have they been mentioned as rumours recently?

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No he wasn't

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Maguire has not been snapped up because lacks pace/mobility and without this liability in Premiership. Centre halves in L1 & L2 have to be good in air and are built like outhouses. In Championship more quality on ball required but you can get away wihout being too mobile. However few championship clubs are going to splash out that kind of money when they can not sell on to higher division.
Rafael would have to be very good to keep Reda out of side. If Reda stays fit we will have good season look at results when he was in side last season. Promotion form by anybodys measure.
I have been told we had 4 exciting signings likely bfore start of season. Like the look of Maghoma and will be happy if we get another 3 with same promise/potential.
Also told trying to line up 2 loans.
From a different source tol Halen talks going better than those re Lita.

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Floro has already signed for the development squad 2 year contract.

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Floro has signed already. We don't announce development squad signings. He wouldn't be paraded on stage and sign autographs if he was a trailist that would be a bit daft.

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Yes he was at owls in the park actually

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Yes he was.

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If refael has signed only for dev squad he is not part of the first team so not a signing at all

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30 Jun 2013 17:51:20
Got told today Davies had medical yesterday

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Who by .

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SWFC employee

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Yes we do medicals on Saturday in off season!

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By the Geriatrician who did it

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We've now got 2 posts above. One who is best mates wiv PA but has to keep his gob shut. The other has info from a Swfc employee. Well I once spoke to Peter Swan, so there. Stop lyin guys

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Why would it be a lie when was told by someone else. doh
Just passing on info. That's what I was told, maybe he meant Friday but said yesterday. let's wait and see!

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Medicals can get done 7 days a week

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30 Jun 2013 16:48:51
We are in talks with Michael higdon from Motherwell.

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30 Jun 2013 14:28:54
Defensive midfielder Gary Coulibaly from AS Monaco to come in on trial this week.

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He signed a new contract until 2016

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30 Jun 2013 23:01:08
Gary Coulibaly to visit Sheffield Wednesday

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It said that he was visiting the facilities not a trial

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How can anyone disagree when its been announced by radio sheff that he's on trial with us UTO

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30 Jun 2013 09:17:02
jones as said it going to be a manic summer, I hope lita comes and another good striker not howard or k. davies tho, anyone with ideas.

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Lita is 33 not got double figure goals in him. Time to look else where

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Need someone with pace nd if tall player has to be mobile with fast wingers. Problem with Madine none too quick and not strong enough physically to hold ball.

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Lita isn't even 30 yet. Not sure where you get 33 from, a guess?

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Lita only 28 and will get double digits nxt season for us

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Lita is 29

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Lita is 28 not 33 and got 6 goals in 17 games, and he wasn't match fit to begin with, he is quality at this level hope we do sign him UTO WAWAW

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Lita is 28 not 33, with a good pre season he should be in his prime.

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Lita is 28 years old so this just highlights how little you know.

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30 Jun 2013 13:07:47
just looked at players let go etc and think that simeon jackson is the man wednesday want, what's the folks. Mr. C

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Lita is 28 and exactly the sort of player Wednesday need to be looking at

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Lita isn't 33. Born 1984.
Your like the new Carol Vorderman.

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Anyone know how old Leroy Lita is? {Ed029's Note - 28.

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Jckson is definitely not the answer.

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28 the answer not jackson

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Thanks ed!

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Jackson would be a good adition, as would K. Davies (perfect for other strikers to play off) and for absolutely nothing (££) Steve Howard could be worth having as back up. Played really well a few times last season.

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Steve Howard would be good if pitches came up heavy and cut up rough like last year and we have to go to long ball. Nice if we could link itwith coaching role.
Davies had injury problems in last couple of years, Jackson simply not good enough for Championship. Was failure at this level previously.

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Madines had his chances his attitude for a so called up and coming player is shocking he strikes me ad a big time Charlie who's not ad good as he thinks he is

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I think lita and madine would compliment each other.

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Did not mean Lita was 33 more that he plays lika33 would, also would like Carrol Vordermans body up close

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30 Jun 2013 08:57:19
Marlon Pack coming to us. Part of the deal is Lines going to them on an initial 6 month loan with an option to buy after this if they like him. Is a loan initially so he can prove his fitness. If they don't buy we have to pay a little more for Pack obviously

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Sounds a bit far fetched. Pack is available on Bosman, compensation will be payable but does not have to be agreed before he signs. Also can not see Lines wanting to dop to L2.

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Pack can sign but compensation can be sorted at a later date by tribunal if needed.

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