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30 Jun 2012 16:17:34
Butterfield to swfc on moday! Swap deal player plus cash. The player is ogrady!

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All sounds good apart from the fact Butterfield is out of contract

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He is under 24yrs of age Barnsley entitled to compensation can be settled mutually or by tribunal.

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Would love it to be true but I think you'll find he will be signing for Norwich City

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Butterfield has tonight tweeted that there will be an announcement on his future on Monday. Doesn't mean he is coming to us but we will know either way I guess.

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A doubt that he said in barnsley chronicle on friday he wouldnt goto another championship club so dream on

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30 Jun 2012 12:50:22
My mates runs a courier service and has been put on alert to be ready to bring in Michael Owen and Steven Naysmith for medicals. He's heard we're also buying Harry Maguire for £3m, but apparently he's coming by bus as he's local

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Coming by bus haha. Would have thought tram was a better option tbf

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Are they coming in brown boxes with a delivery note attached to side. Courier service lol

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Maguire coming by bus? He's just bought an Audi A5.

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Is it a motorcycle courier company? I just seen a little guy jump off the back of a motorbike outside Hillsborough? He was pretty nippy across the car park but pulled up injured at the last minute and had to crawl through doors on his hands and knees

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Not sure about Arry, but Michael Owen! Come on! Maybe on a free as well. Come on you Owls, for an Enland legend!

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If it was true your mate can kiss goodbye to any future business from the club after breaking there confidence,just as well its a fantasy'

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Naysmith has signed for a Turkish team I think this afternoon.

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Written by a blunt, Maguire being offered for 750,000 but word on street will go for between 350,000 and 500,000. Biggs the blade must have heard this too as said on Radio Sheffield today saying do not want to be accepting 300,000 / 350,000 for young starrs. Also said Quinn could go for nothing to get him off wage bill.
Transfer fees are tumbling rapidly and we have money to spend.

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Maguire for 3million ur avin a laugh pal he aint worth half that

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We've been around alot longer than tescos! So I say the tesco bag looks like the Wednesday shirt. Who cares aslong as the the 3 points are in the bag every weekend. Can't wait to get going again and potentially see some good football down our way, we're seriously owed it.

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My dad is apparently picking him up by taxi!

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30 Jun 2012 12:16:26
Not very impressed with the new shirt for 2 reasons. One is because it's got red on it the other is that blue & white stripes with red writing makes it look like a Tesco carrier bag.

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So because its got a red sponsor you dont like it!? Idot!

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That big black rectangle in the corner is ugly too

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It's another genius decision my Milan to have the red "Honda" on the shirt. Helps to tap into the far eastern market.

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Like the slogan ' The Power of the Dreams' so long as the season works out - if not we risk being a laughing stock, although probably not as much as our neighbours.

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When you can actually spell the word "idiot" you can have an opinion you fool and yes I don't like the red bit. I'm a Wednesday fan you see and that is the colour of our local rivals. Go away blunt boy.

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Tesco right good, sell good stuff at right price. Forget colours of bags. .Sell Madine, get good striker like and we go up again.

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The guy above is 100% right. On showing my mum a picture of our new shirt she jokingly remarked that it reminded her of a Tesco carrier bag. We should have simply had the Honda badge on the shirt it would have looked fantastic.

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It will look nice in a championship team

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30 Jun 2012 11:55:16
David norris close to signing

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David norris said that he is not intrested in the owls. he wants to go to a team such as cardiff or ipswich source-sky sports

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30 Jun 2012 11:50:01
Pieros sotiriou will be on trial with us this summer 19 year old centre forward from olympicios

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Doesn't score many goals for a striker. Perhaps he has other attributes ?

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He can play on wing aswell. Alot of pace and very tricky.

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30 Jun 2012 11:44:43
In negotiations with cardiff for darcy blake.

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If this is true it will certainly put a question on the future of Lewis Buxton plays right back or cb but known more as a rb thing is is he any better than what we already have only DJ can be the judge of this.
The Woo

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You sure its not Darcy Bussell we already got a couple of good right backs

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30 Jun 2012 10:02:38
Wednesday in talks with a big name player hopeful will be signing next week, any thoughts who it is?

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Maybe be a permanent bid for ranger but hope not, very pleased with maguire tho think he will be good at wednesday.

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I agree Ranger was so ineffective and arrogant, and not arrogant in a good way, arrogant in a 'I'm too big for this club' low work rate kind of way. I reckon he would only start giving 100% if we were in with a shot of promotion towards mid-season.

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Disagree ranger was rusty and got better each game

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He went to bed at 3.47am last night....check his twitter account. He's a naughty boy!!

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Think you 2 need to pull your heads from each others rears ranger is class and with a full pre season will be even better cos he defo was not fit when he came to us last season but got better game by game and if you look at our strikers ogrady lowe & madine

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He went to bed at 3.47?!? Wtf hes on holiday so what he will b good for us

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30 Jun 2012 07:41:14
I have been advised by the physio's wife's pet tortoise that Megson will be sacked and replaced with ex Southampton, Wolves and Cardiff man Dave Jones.

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Keep that source, it sounds like it could be the most reliable on the net. UTO!

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According to my Uncle's nephew's Wifes, Uncle in Law. Wednesday are massive and will leave League 1 this year and go up to the Championship, leaving the Piggies wallowing in their own muck. Hard to believe, but it could be true.

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The physios wife hasnt got a tortoise,its a turtle and it only speaks russian so hard to understand.better source is the budgie who is welsh and has strong links with Dave Jones

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The budgie is Aussie you fool not welsh!!

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30 Jun 2012 02:13:08
Richard O'Donnell released by Wednesday and signed for Chesterfield, from a good source, you heard it here first

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This happened over a month ago keep up {Ed041's Note - we've also sold Paolo Di Canio}

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Ed, i noticed you put we've in the reply, does that mean your na wednesday fan {Ed041's Note - I'll leave that with you :) }

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This is all news to me

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Where have you been this last few weeks!!

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'you heard it here first' - quality haha

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Once was amusing, the second time raised a smile, but over and over again? I know it's a bit quiet on the transfer front but suggesting Alan Irvine would ever stick with That donkey Lee Grant and get rid of Richard "the future of swfc" O'Donnell is becoming tedious. In Irvine we trust!

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