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30 Jul 2013 21:22:52
Marlom king from birmingham is in talks with 3 championship clubs Blackpool Blackburn and Wednesday. I've hered this at work not saying its a defo but mybe. and on sky on the transfers update it does say he is available on a free.

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I Don't want a jailbird associated with our fine club. Keep walking King

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Marlon King bailed until september by police for a hit and run. Plus he's a woman beater. Who next lee Hughes! Get a grip

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Doubt it's us he's in talks with at minute he's in negotiations with HMP about a possible move there!

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This is obviously a blunt post since he was arrested yesterday

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As I mentioned yesterday on another post, he was arrested for a hit and run incident in London at the weekend so I guess all interest in him will have faded now

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No chance, not tall enough

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And 'possibly' going back to the clink after an 'alleged' hit and run.

Think any club worth its salt would now run a mile.

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Wouldn't have THAT loser anywhere near S6, think someone was winding you up at work.

Cant see ANY club wanting him with his track record. the latest being a hit and run!

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We don't want that disgraceful Cretin anywhere near S6

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Would be a good signing

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We are a family club not like leeds
he would be good for them. not us

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Chill out like I said I was told at work I didn't say its defo

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30 Jul 2013 07:33:51
Is there any news on lita? First where in talks with him and swansea but that was weeks ago. What's the hold up? There's only a few days till the start of the season!

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He holding out for a better offer can be the only explanation!

If he wanted to come S6 he would be here already!

Chris H

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Lita and Zayatte both to sign on 1st and then play v Q. P. R. Finances dictate that they are on the books from that date.

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Heard reading are in for him. If we miss out its our own fault for dithering

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I don't think signing a player is as easy as it seems on football manager or fifa tbh, DJ obviously wants lita, if lita has other options on the table then in all fairness he's going to choose the one that suits him best

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Yeah Lita had put on twitter he was off to Reading - shame that - hope we got a Plan B

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From what I've heard he can't sign for anyone until he has been paid off by swansea as he had a year to run on his contract, I am hopeful that once a settlement is reached he will be free to join us [ fingers crossed ]

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Who knows that's litas official twitter page has no blue tick as other official pages do? uto xxx

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30 Jul 2013 16:59:34
Don't think we will be getting anymore players in folks I think that's our lot?

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No he put on twitter he was reading a book

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How has he said he's off to Reading? he tweeted "Reading" that's it. nothing else

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2 B fair we do need Lita

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I agree but I don't think were going to get him just hope Jones has something up his big sleeve

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There's no way DJ's not bringing anymore players in we need at least a Centrehalf and a Striker who can finish, I think he'll bring in a Loan Striker and Creative Midfielder as well.

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Leroy has a contract from us but is holding off signing it until he sorts his severence deal out with swansea, once that is sorted he will sign it.

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Lita's off to Reading, and I don't blame him, why would he choose us who are a team that are going nowhere to a team that will be pushing for promotion. I know who I'd choose even though I am an owl

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Give marine a good run in the side

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29 Jul 2013 22:11:38
Two midfielders to go out on loan, Paul Corry to Bury and Danny mayor to Bradford.

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Mayor is injured

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So Corry went out on loan to a team challenging for the play offs in league one last year and now he's going out on loan to league 2 bury, well thought up rumour

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I thought Mayor was back, he played in the development game at Harrogate didn't he.

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