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30 Jul 2012 18:18:25
Swfc set to sign alan judge from notts county after he rejected there contract.

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Why would we wnat third rate winger? Some guy posted this chap before early in summer with other ordinary L! players/

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As an alternative to antonio?

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Mandaric on radio today says 4,5,or maybe 6 more signings before season starts.

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Alan Judge is a good young talent - and would be a great addition to the team

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Would be a good signing for any championship club and if you feel he was just an ordinary L1 player, you obviously didnt follow l1 last season as he was one of the few players that stood week in week out in L1

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You his agent? I've cottoned onto your little ploy!

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I went to the notts county matches both home and away, he is a very good player, they call him the irish messi, i'd sign him

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Hope we do sign judge but hope hes not antonios replacement i know which one id rather have but hope we get both

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He would not cut it at Championship level, strength and quality issues.

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Why is there always negativity? give the lad a chance, we always do this then when the player signs on for someone else and is a hit then its the chairmans fault, if the powers that be think he is quality we should listen!

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This is made up rubbish, we are not talking to him and no chance we would buy him.

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Strength issues? League 1 is a more physical league than the Championship, so I don't think strength is a problem!

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30 Jul 2012 18:06:11
Good luck to Rob Jones, been a real good servant to wednesday, wish him all the best.

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Good luck rob jones thank you for helping get back to championship. Cheers mi owd

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Rob jones did well in patches but league 1 is his level.....good luck to him.

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30 Jul 2012 16:57:25
Rob Jones has left by mutual consent on swfc official website. No mention of where he is going, if rumours are correct then Doncaster is his destination.

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Why do we keep doing this? He was under contract and we just release him. He's not a bad player and we coulda/shoulda got something for him. Seems captains armband is a poisoned chalice. Ask Darren Purse...

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In 18 months he led the team out of relegation trouble and to promotion we signed him for nothing good luck Rob we owe you the chance to get a good deal for yourself hope you do as well for your new club,

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We got him on a free and he was over 30, his market value would have been nothing, factor into that that he's been a good servant, will have been on decent wages and wouldn't have got anywhere near the starting eleven then it's obvious that granting him as free transfer was the correct option.

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Because we are not going to get a huge fee for him, and what we lose out on in the fee, we save in wages meaning we can bring another player in, quite simple really, League one is his Level great leader and gave his all - Thanks Rob

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As much as Rob was a great captain and all round top bloke he realistically wasn't going to feature to much, it's unlikely we would get anything of consequence for him so the termination suits both parties, we have one less wage to pay and Rob gets the chance to find a club faster and get his pre season underway with said new club. Good luck Rob Jones.

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Yes rob jones is signing for donny tomorrow been on radio sheffield

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Under Rob Jones stewardship as captain this club only went upwards dont mention him in same breath as Purse who did exactly the opposite,and Jones was probably on a lot less money than the vastly overated Purse.

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Yeah he is going to Donny. My dads friends with willy mackay. He also mentioned joey barton was at donny sat to meet with mandaric. Hope so !

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The 'overrated' Purse? Did you notice what happened as soon as he left? As I recall, we went severely downhill and nearly got relegated to the 4th tier until we got a like-for-like replacement in Jones!

He never liked Wednesday much anyway, coz everyone slated him after just a few games (and fairly enough at the time, he'd done s***e) but some never gave him a real chance after that.

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I think the problems started when wood was sold and purse brought in.

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30 Jul 2012 15:14:59
dejan lovren to sign

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Says who!!!!

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Would be good if we got him. On Barcelona's wish list last year. Can it be ?

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Dejan Lovren, Croatia international centre back. There was a rumour 6 week back that barca were looking at him. Then he was injured for the euros so was withdrawn from the squad. Valued at 7 mill. Would love it but can't see it happening.

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Dejan Lovren? Behave!

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So its between us and barcelona now,
can smell crackling.

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The same Lovren who is high on the wish list of Barcelona and Man City.

The same Lovren is is valued at between 7-10 million.

I want a pint of whatever your drinking mate.

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He is not worth stated amount but is very useful player A little too ambitious rumour.

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I wonder who he would chose the MASSIVE or little Barcelona?

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30 Jul 2012 11:52:52
Official website says McCabe to owls

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Great young prospect and win win all round COME ON WEDNESDAY

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Great signing by the sounds of it UTO!

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McCabe on board Thats a rite signin that.

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Very happy with him!

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30 Jul 2012 10:17:58
darissa diakite, rhys mccabe, michial antonio, kalifa cisse and dejan lovren set to sign by end of week up the owls that will get us in play offs

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None of the players from your wish list is a striker. DJ has said he wants to sign another centre foward among the players hopefully coming in.

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Come on now, its getting a bit tedious,
stop talking gobbledigook.

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Dakite is a right back, Cisse and Lovren are centre backs. We are looking for one right sided centre back, hence does not seem likely with regard 3 new names thrown in frame.

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McCabe Done Deal.

Antonio looks less likely with every day that passes.

I believe Diakite is a target, not sure if he will be played at CB.

Cisse might be back up for Diakite.

We need wingers and Stikers quickly.

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Diakite is 5ft 8in tall centre back?

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Dejan Lovren?! He plays for Lyon they paid about 8 million for him!

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Dejan Lovren is champions league ability! And he was high on Barcelona wish list! Who would he chose the MASSIVE or little Barcelona

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30 Jul 2012 05:20:03
Heard DJ and Wilkinson were not at Fun in Park event but away scouting. Can anyone confirm if they were at Hillsbrough Park?

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No he wasnt there but manderic was there but on his phone all the time non stop

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All top businessmen are on the phone 24/7, means nothing?

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Manderic was there I spoke to him and have photo to prove it TOP TOP man.

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It would seem source was accurate, if he did not attend, I was told watching Olympic football. One or two tasty players so could be good news.

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Was on his phone lol did he av a hot dog or a burger lmfao probly on them dirty chat lines

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Mandaric was on the phone to the speaking clock in serbia

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You have to admit something important must have been on agenda for him to miss important event. Mandaric would have wanted him there if at all possible. Any guesses who he was watching?

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