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30 Jan 2013 20:22:11
sheff wed to sign eddie johnson from mls due to american reports

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Could happen probably only be a loan signing and he plays for Seattle sounders in the mls I've also heard that that Gabriel Zakuni of peterbrough may be signing with Taylor going the other way

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Zakuani would be nice deal.

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Zakanki would be an awful signing I live near Peterborough and he is no better than Martin Taylor waste of time and money need players that are better than what we have some one like Harry Mcquire from the pigs young and talented


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Would like this signing

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Which signing mcquire or zakuani??

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Id love zakuani, bit of a character, loves a two footed lunge

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30 Jan 2013 12:27:06
wednesday to sign bristol city striker jon stead.

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Yes because our relegation rivals will sell to eachother.

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Crap anyway, only player I would take of theirs is Adomah for his free kicks

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The only thing you like about Adomah is his free-kicks?

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We let beevers go to millwall when they were down at bottom and now look at them

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And look at us. Misery guts.

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Must hold my hands up and say I was on the jones out bandwagon but results have improved and some positive results have changed my opinion... Plays offs maybe? Come on lads we can do it

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Millwalls rise was down to one player and its not beevers, it's chris wood. They've lost him now and they'll start to drop, they lost to Barnsley, how embarassing is that

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If we did not let Beevers go we would be top right now.

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My brothers a millwall fan, and a season ticket holder with the lions, he has said beevers has fitted in well, however the major players are danny Shittu, henderson, and wood, both hendo and wood have both gone I would like to josh wright midfielder keeps the ball and a great player marker! I reckon 450-700k mark would bring him in or a swap for madine!

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With some of agrees disagrees on this thread suggest to me Trigger is still active. Also has we keep being linked with old Blunt players it is a person with limited football knowledge except for SUFC and ex SUFC players.

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If your referring that wright has played for SUFC it is clearly you without the football knowledge lol

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30 Jan 2013 10:30:58
Dave Jones said that Thomas Prager has left Sheffield Wednesday after a trial.

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So he was that impressive even dj dint see his mint attributes?! lol uto xxx

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Get Marlon King in he may be a c*** but he's a proven goalscorer and will bring to the club we need. Helan and Antonio on wings, CAM JJ and King and Lita upfront is a solid attack. Goals goals goals, wawaw

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Whos cam? lol xxx

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It means central attacking midfielder

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Despite Kings scoring record, I really wouldn't like to see him playing for us.

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I don't care if king scored 50 goals a season, I personally don't want him at our club !

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We don't need king and I don't him! Don't like his kind

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I like his kind, Rough of field and great on it, just what we need uto

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helan antonio
kirk mcabe lita
lee jj

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30 Jan 2013 16:43:49
Give the bloke a break for gods sake, yes he Balls'ed up
But IF he signs give him a chance, too many of our fans
are to quick to judge/slate players it's a wonder anyone wants to ever sign for us.

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If he saved us from his goals with lita i'd carry him to Hillsborough

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"Give the bloke a break". Looking at his rap sheet (above) it looks like he's had more breaks than a Kit Kat! I don't think it's unreasonable for some fans to express their concerns about potentially signing a serial criminal. I know we love our club but some of us still have morals, unfortunately not enough people involved in running football share these. UTO

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We didn't judge him, the juries did - Guilty
How come we don't want Ranger because he hits blokes but we'll have King because he knocks women about.
What if she was one of your family - still give him a shirt then ?
If we sign him we've totally lost sight of what really matters IMO

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I would stop going if king sign

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30 Jan 2013 23:35:16
Well said the post "give him a chance"
I for one agree with you 100% if he comes and scores the goals that keeps us up then I will be more than happy
If some fans don't like him that much then please stay away from Hillsborough, no ones asking you to be pals with him.

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I would normally agree with you pal, but the guy is a convicted rapist.
I could never condone that. Could you?

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Everyone has a past, we need goalscorers, of which King is, would you rather sit on your morals and see us struggle or sign a goalscorer who could give us a chance?

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King:- he has a touch of a rapist! no good

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Yes, morales every time.

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29 Jan 2013 23:57:54
Jeremy Helan Joins until end of season on loan from Man City after turning down Watford. Wednesday are open to letting certain players go, but only for the right price. Robert Earnshaw, Marlon King, Stephen Mcphail and Kevin McNaughton are all still interesting Dave Jones, but only expect one or two of these to sign before the deadline.

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Not sure how we got Helan, thought he was watford bound for sure. That's a right result! I'm really pleased with who he has shipped out and brought in, shrewd business in my opinion. UTO

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What's going on in the football world? Wednesday unbeatable away from home and now Helan doesn't go to Watford!

Must be some sort of dream

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He realised how MASSIVE we are!

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Find it funny that no one has complained we've got helan back when a few weeks ago, he was getting slated for his inexperience and at the fact he couldn't get in the Shrewsbury side, fickle!

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Fickle? or may be we just judged him on his performances!

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He is still inexperienced, but the verve and energy of him and reda johnson on the left flank is absolutely destructive

why doesn't every player have the same fitness and drive? Surely these are things anyone can do

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Nah. Fickle.

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