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30 Jan 2012 22:36:03
Radio Sheffield reported Wednesday have made a bid for a premier league player who has been out on loan at a championship team this season ??????????

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Wheres duiof or whatever. Doncaster. Please no. I hate him.

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So this was actually on bbc Sheffield ?.

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Keith Andrews ?

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We don't want 'well dodgy chuff'. El hadji dioif if u don't get it. {Ed001's Note - couldn't be him anyway, he was a free agent who signed for Donnie wasn't he?}

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Ferrie bodde, been on hallam fm this morning.

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If it is bodde who is the champ club hes been on loan at? Ed's right btw - Diouf hasnt been a prem player all season - he signed for donnie as free agent after release from blackburn.

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True. Read a bit about Bodde as I'd never heard of him before and he sounds like a classy player, but his injuries have been horrific. A bit of a risk.

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30 Jan 2012 21:48:31
John bostock wearing number 10 shirt for us! Marshall not coming back (good) we can end all these rumours now! Bostock by far a better talent that Marshall. Wait and see people he is a superstar in the making

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He's still only a lone though

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Let's not start disrespecting Marshall now he has done wonders for us so don't go there we should be thanking him for his services.

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Ben Marshall is a world class player and I agree with the comment above don't start slagging him off just caus hasnt come back

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I wouldn't go as far as world class mate
I never saw the fascination myself.

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Ben Marshall was is a class act, the lad has to look after himself and he wouldn't get the wages at wednesday so well done to him and when we get promoted we shud remember why.

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Good player I agree,but I don't get your above ? Remember him when/if we get promoted ...funny that I'd have thought it was a TEAM effort ...just a thought

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It has been a team effort all season, and he has been a big part of our team and success so far this season. So why not wish the lad well rather than slag him off

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30 Jan 2012 21:48:04
Gary Madine was spotted at Bolton Hospital around 8pm presume its for a medical

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If they are paying 3m then far enough.

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Someone said he was at the reebok earlier on twitter

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But megsen hates bolton! Why would he sell to them? Unless its a swap deal? Doubt it megson owes them a kick in the balls so maybe they buy madine and send tbem clinton instead with a note saying non refundable ha

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Doubt it unless megson has a near enough deal in the pipeline. Ain't going to risk losing your best striker at this stage of the season, might as well keep him, if he does well they'll take him in the summer at a higher price with promotion and all.

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Madine is staying. Full stop. Can't be replaced at this stage of the season. No need to sell either. Only reason I'd let him go is if pavluchenko was signed on loan. And we all know that ain't going to happen.

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Well Mandarics Not exactly done a great job this window maybe he's cashing because things arnt as rosey as we all thort in s6 {Ed001's Note - careful mentioning Rosie around Mandaric!}

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Madine wasnt at bolton hes with the wednesday squad preparing for tonights match against mk dons.silly roumors

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Plus would'nt he be having a medical at boltons facilities.

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30 Jan 2012 21:15:42
Akinfenwa to join in a £50 k 18 month deal

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Hope not,he does the same job as COG and we dont need two of those types of player.

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Dont know bout that but would make a good fringe player. Streangth in depth n all. You have to admit we getting bigger.

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LOL AkIinfenwa! the worlds fattest footballer! he's signing? yeah, ok. lol

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30 Jan 2012 20:31:59
Matthew Lund seen at middlewood

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Hardly he just been loaned out to bristol rovers

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He's gone to bristol rovers on loan for a month.

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30 Jan 2012 21:18:15
Bristol rovers signed him today

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30 Jan 2012 14:47:56
Leicester have agreed a fee with Stoke for Ben marshall source sky sports news

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GOOD ...maybe owlstalk can move on then
As its getting boring..reading all the drivel about him

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Just read it its true wonder if we'll get dyer

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Rob staton says no more signings having spoken to gary

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Marshall did well for us but its in the best interests of the club its finally put to bed. It was the same with mellor. I think to have a go at mm is a bit unfair people should think back 12,mths ago when we sold grant just to keep the taxman at bay for another month or so. We are not quite in the position to offer championship football which will attract a different level of player to the club. I honestly believe marshalls agent was the main driver in this . I remain confident we will be back up in may

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Well said that man. Someone on here with some sense. B

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30 Jan 2012 13:03:15
Official: Wednesday not to do anymore business before tomorrows deadline,sorry GM & MM but that is very poor after being promised 3 new players.

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Why do people insist on including Megson in criticism of lack of signings ??? He's the manager, he can only indicate who he would like - - its then down to the man with the money to do the deals --- if he wants to ?? Stop criticising Megson , he is doing a SUPERB job in difficult circumstances!!

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How do you know its official ??

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I'm with the second post, Megson said he wanted however many players it was (I forget)...IF this rumours true it would suggest to me that the lack of signings will be down to those above Megson.

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Gary Megson said so in a press conference today,he also said he would love to work with ben marshall again sometime but it's out of his hands,I dont think MM is sending out the right message especially as us fans have turned out in our thousands this season

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I think 1 or 2 more will come in before 11pn tmoz night

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29 Jan 2012 15:42:17
Wednesday will be signing two players by tea time on Tuesday, permenant I am told. Possibly one will be announced tomorrow lunchtime. One is done and dusted, another 80% there discussing terms. In talks with 5 other clubs, about players.
Sedgwick refused to go out on loan.

It appears first part of this post has been proved acurate.

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Me thinks this is porky pie lies from our chums at the's a blunt trying to wind you up ladz. UTO, believe in GM / MM. At least another player to come in...

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I am defiantly no pig sty grunter,what I have said is 100 percent true,you Mark my words no one will be coming in before tomorrows deadline,I'm afraid MM has let us all down this time.

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Megson and mandric out worse than dave allen

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Yeah maybe no more players before tomorrow night. But we can sign loans again next week. Megson already said no such thing as transfer deadline.

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One may be marc pugh because theyve just signed matt tubbs from crawley so we missed out on him if we did go in for him

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Load of rubbish. Already signed Bostock since that stupid comment.

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Not rubbish,I know bostock was signed as i was the first person to report this LAST NIGHT,if you still think others will arrive tomorrow your in for a big shock.

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30 Jan 2012 10:52:42
Megson looking to wrap up the signings of at least another two players by tommorow following John Bostock's loan arrival.

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Lets hope he can step up and be the creative midfielder we are looking for - cant help thinking that MK have pulled off a real coup in signing Alan Smith though hope he will have a stinker tomorrow WTID

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They have gone for the franny jeffers aproach. sure to backfire.

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If Smith was up to it he'd have been playing at Newcastle, or at least in Champs?
Also MK Dons are paying about 50k a week "towards" his wages !! Doesn't sound like an MM type player to me ? {Ed001's Note - Newcastle are paying over 50k a week towards his wages, not MK Dons, they are paying just over 2k.}

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Im envious of MK signing of Smith. Would be a great signing for any team in this league. Least he didn't join the scum.

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