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30 Dec 2013 23:50:22
Came as a shock to me but sources close to mandaric confirm him talking to Paul ince and are very confident it will be done soon, Blackpool won't allow it to go through before Wednesdays game though

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Yep. Betting no longer available from early evening on the firm that's been offering the market. Suggests they've took a large bet on someone. Would be happy with the mincer.

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His sources aren't very gud then because mandaric has openly admitted we are not after ince. Its grays 2 lose which mandaric has also stated. If not I can assure u its holloway we'll b going 4!

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Ince to be at the game tomorrow so there is truth in this

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Of course he'll be there - he'll be in the opposition dugout.

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Er I think when he said Ince would be there he said it wiv tongue in cheek. Cum on lad keep up!

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He couldn't tell what he was saying - because he had his tongue in his cheek!

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Mandaic fo all that is said is a crafty cutomer.?Gray's performance has given him more time to get who he wants. To sign Wickham and Loovens is excellent work, If Johnson can be secured could not be better. Think he hinted MacPhail was also wanted.
would also like to see us get a couple more players a full back and an attacking midfield player.

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31 Dec 2013 18:09:46
Mandric has given grey 2 more games so he can get 3 results without loss so he can justify naming him because he is the only CHEAP OPTION BLACKPOOL WHO can't BUY A WIN LATELY MACCALFIELD BOTTOM of league it's the best chance wednesday have got over 2 games

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It is gray at the moment. If he loses next 2 games mm will go for someone else. Holloway and pearce are not options. Ince is as bpool are skint.

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30 Dec 2013 19:34:06
Sheffield Wednesday are after Paul Ince as the next Owls' manager

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I see you have read this in the mirror also rob station has interview Milan and he says it's rumours who knows what's going on we will only know in January if anything is happening with transfers and take over to be announced

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Let's hope it's true we need something sorting out fast

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I think you should listen again?
Most of that is exactly what he doesn't say!
In fact he does say there is nothing to tell on a takeover.
There is some money to try to sort out Johnson, Loovens and Wickhams loan extensions, if not Wickham another striker.

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Thing is mm he could be throwing rob station of the scent who knows what he's doing but in the interview he was getting round questions that was ask for him a bought a take over or investment he was humming and ha ring so let's just hope he spends some money in jan becuase if he doesn't it will be a very long hard season for us all

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30 Dec 2013 11:45:16
Club in talks to extend loan of Conner wickham

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We've got no chance as loads of other championship clubs will be in for him and no doubt contribute a load more to his wages Sunderland are paying out. and that's if Sunderland don't require him this season but given the fact the current situation it wouldn't surprise me seeing him in the famous red and white shirt.

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Whats happening with all these applicants for the managers job, mm not saying much

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Gray is going to be manager

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The Managers job is to get the best out of the players we have.
Gray is doing that, he didn't bring in these players.
What makes some think that ANY NEW NAME will do any better than Gray is doing?

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Gray has done well with what he has at his disposal. Seven players injured from a small squad would limit any manager, couple that with the fact that Jones after eighteen months as manager left him with only two permanently contracted strikers neither of which would be first choice strikers in any other Championship team. Gray has little to play with but has done remarkably with what he has got, eight points from six games is far better than Jones did. Several players including Magoma, Palmer and Reda have said that there is much more confidence in the squad since Gray has been in charge. Whether he is better than Holloway, Ince or any of the other managers linked is open to conjecture.

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I never said GET a new manager in, I merely asked what was happening, get to opticians

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I think we going down anyway and mm will not pay money for players I am getting bored with crap going off at sheffield wednesday and we need to get a new manager in or give it to gray stop mess around mm do something please.

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Wickham is to stay with the owls. He's in the squad Wednesday & is happy at Sheffield,

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The last time we got a NEW manager we got Dave Jones - be careful what you wish for!
We don't need a NEW manager - we need a GOOD manager, I for one am prepared to wait to make sure we get the right man.

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When we last got a new manager (jones), we got promoted. Some may say, before we were truly ready for championship football. Therefore, we have struggled since promotion, with the players from league one not stepping up to championship level, and the signings made also not producing.

There have been too many signings that have flopped. Whoever does come in needs (if they do get any funds) need a proven few players who can strengthen the core of the team. To try and save us from the drop, and then look to rebuild efficiently and intelligently in the summer.

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Jones got us promoted with the players that were already here, pretty much.
The problems started with his signings and almost none of his signings have worked.
Thats why we need GOOD not NEW.

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The players who came up from lge 1 dint perform because they dint get a chance ffs. He brought his own mis-fits in. He even dint trust most of them its only now that some are getting a chance an are blendin in

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We was all ready on way up when dj got job he didn't get us up I think waitomg for the right man is best not to rusht some person in to do more damage

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Just a quick reminder, it was Gary Megson who put the team together that got us promoted not Dave Jones.

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Makes me laugh every time a Prem manager gets sacked our fans are deluded enough to think he might come here. Reality check needed.

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Some of our fans must have Garry Megson calendars in their bedrooms.

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No calendar, just an appreciation of what a shambles we were in when he arrived and how without spending a fortune he created a team who were proud, not scared, to play at Hillsborough.
A team that were firmly in the play off positions and just won a derby when he was sacked to make way for Jones to get the credit for getting promotion with that same team.
Jones brought nearly 40 players in and hardly improved on the side that Megson built for next to nothing.
He is also a fan whose family have served our club with hard work and pride since the early 60s - so he also deserves some respect from the fans.

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We got promoted from League One because Ched Evans went to jail. we would have been in play offs if he hadn't and who knows what would have happened then? Neither Megson or Jones would have done any better under the circumstances. we have no money for players and the ones we have have learned to accept losing as part of their job. they need more grit and resilience, more pride and more determination. they don't have a great deal of skill and that is clear on match days when they are put under pressure. Teams know the players that lose composure under pressure, sadly we don't put opposing players under the same amount of pressure, we allow them time on the ball. We need a little inspiration and a midfield 'general' to get them all going

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I've never been a Gary Megson fan but you make a fair assessment. His dad was one of my hero's along with the the great Ron Springett and Alan Finney. Great times then

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I hate to admit it, but I fully agree on the Chedward comment.
We ended up promoted by default and a good run that DJ put together with GM's players.
Was never going to be much better than what things are now.

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