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30 Dec 2012 23:48:44
Wednesday enquired about Kevin Davies but backed off at £25, 000 per week ........ Still interested in David Norris at Leeds even though he snubbed us in the summer.... And although I did not think it would happen billy sharp is said to be keen on a season long deal

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How many has Davies scored this year? And why would would cheap Mandric pay 25 grand every week for him. We will be sticking to free transfers and crap like that

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Look at the accounts. If we splash big cash we will be right back where we started. Mandaric is absolutely right : the economic recovery will be slow. Be patient, there is no point in crying for the moon.

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Billy sharp already on season loan at forest

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No chance of billy sharp

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30 Dec 2012 18:42:47
Paul Aldridge is spending his Sunday on the Wirral trying to negotiate a player plus cash deal for Tranmere's talented young star Max Power. Liam Palmer and a sum of around £250, 000 plus add ons going in the opposite direction.

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Rumoured that messi was eating at riverside cafe today before going to sign a5 year contract. Also expect Ronaldo to come to wednesday as he wants to play for the biggest club ever! Happy times at wednesday :D

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Sod off Blunts. Nice to see Richie Humphries batter you. Well done Hartlepool. Mighty?

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Because we only have 3 CBS in the squad we need another. Now I no this has been mentioned so many times but with him not getting into the side Danny bath could be coming back
Also need a goalscorer like dextrose black stock also need another winger as jj is getting on and mayor and pecnik don't get a look in so hopefully helan could be permanent as man city have so many youngsters. Or Keith Tracey. Think now that goalie is doing well and Buxton is so consistent and reda back and Gardner playing well think we're alright in defensive ways. Also wouldn't mind mama going back after 19 th and bringing in an experienced centre back as. Cory to young and Prutton semedo and lines have no championship experience! Happy new year fellow owls let's hope for a good 2013 for the owls!

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Mayor has looked half decent when he's played and winger is probably the position we need to look at least at the moment. And as for prutton not having championship experience, where have you been the last ten years?

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Dont really see what you are getting my friend

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Prutton played in Champs and Prem and loads of times for Eng U21s.

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Baath is L1 centre half and think Treacy this sort of level.
Wednesday keep cards close to chest but we will bring in players from Premier Laegue clubs on loan.

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Prutton is crap need Norris and mayb

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No he not he is a decent player yeh he might not scored many but he set a lot up and tackles and have u searched that goal last season against Rochdale? What a belter!

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30 Dec 2012 16:39:51
Tom pope or billy McKay would be good signing

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Pope just having one of those spells now hes at Port Vale cos hes a Vale fan, he was useless at Rotherham.
We need better than what we got n Pope not , dont know anything about McKay tbh.

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Billy sharpe to sign not happy at notts and wants to be near sheffield due to family

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I find this hard to believe although if it did happen it would be amazing

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Danny batth contract up at end of season, can see him back in blue and white

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Billy sharp hates wednesday {his own words}

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I hate work but it dos'nt stop me going, I work away from home so maybe I would'nt mind it s-oo much if I were closer to my family (if you get my drift) HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL may we continue to improve eric the owl

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Billy sharp 100% NEVER play for wednesday

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Wants to be near to sheffield yeah hes hours away na in he

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Considering he's on the books of Southampton, yes he's hours away

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Travelling from southampton to forest every game is he, where do you think hes staying travelodge

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He lives in sheffield 17.

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He can't play for anyone else this season, so its back to soton or stay at forest dumdums

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Why? You can play for three clubs in one season

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30 Dec 2012 11:19:11
Owls are set snap up dj cambell from QPR for £500k also on radar is myles Weston the left winger could cost around £400k

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Harry Redknapp really keen to get him back to QPR so don't think that will happen tbh.

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Dj campbell is staying at ipswich for 1 million so no chance

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Is it april 1st

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Jeez, that fake Miles Weston rumour has been around the block a few times.
The DJ Campbell rumour isn't far behind either.

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This is a rumours page, nice to see it being used for what it should be used for.

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Maguire going to pompey on loan
Weaver going to Doncaster loan

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Realistic transfers now lets be reasonabile every body has a right to exspress whoth they think and who should be linked to us henc thats why its called a rumour sight because every one has a oppinion not a slangin match

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Didn't spot the 'slangin' match you imagined.

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Weston in and out and out of Gillingham team. Not worth 400k. Maybe up to 80k

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If all the names rumored here were true then were really ######, not one worth a penny. Typical Wednesday no ambition again!

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