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30 Aug 2013 22:17:11
Lita transfer is still on. Swansea have kept hold of him as cover as there strike force is limited but I have heard they will be signing a striker before the window closes allowing him to leave. This transfer isn't dependant on players leaving us, the money was allocated a while back.

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As much as I try to remain 'pint half full', it's getting a bit too late, even so early in the season.
I was personally hoping for a comfortable season, maybe even pushing towards the playoffs, with Lita as the main front man. Unfortunately things have not gone to plan.
Having said that, the negperts can still sling their hooks. Horrible people to say the least.

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Correct lita will be with us by monday

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I think it's about time Dave jones went! Rather than pay for another manager just give lee bullpen a pay rise, I bet he could pick a good 11 out even if 6 are his new signings from development squad!

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You can't say they are horrible people mate they are still Wednesday and just like you and me they are entitled to their opinion like it or not UTO eric the owl

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"Unfortunately things have not gone to plan"! Maybe if you had informed the manager of your plans; he would have taken more care in implementing them. You shouldn`t really criticise the management if you can`t communicate your ideas clearly to the staff. Mr Jones was probably working under the misapprehension that Mr Mandaric was the boss. not you. Still; maybe he`ll listen now you`ve clarified the situation.

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Lita is an awful player in my opinion. Doesn't do anything for the team, he's lazy, doesn't score enough.

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How many times has it been put on here that lita is signing for us on a certain day, yet he never does? clearly your all diiluded, he clearly doesn't want to sign for us

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Well said Eric, but I suspect the guy was just voicing his disgruntlement at some of the vitriol these 'negperts' come out with.
Onwards and upwards then; two players short of a team that can challenge for the play offs. Good luck to Jones, whether he's liked or not, in finding them.

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I hear ya Eric, but I don't believe that most of the negperts are actually Owls, hence my statement.
Not sure what the other drivel post about 'informing the management' was all about, comical nether the less.

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Two players short of a team that can challenge for the play-offs, get real. Two players short of a team that can just about survive in this league is closer to the truth.

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30 Aug 2013 20:29:13
This is 100 percent happening billy sharp will join very soon. Wait and see ;)

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How long do we have to wait, Jones has said no players in until he moves players out but that shouldn't be a problem because there must be loads of clubs fighting to take the fantastic players that we have at our club.

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Get that new lad in the 1st team scored against pigs today

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30 Aug 2013 11:27:27
Martin Taylor having a medical at southend today

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We can but hope! Free up the wages for a goal scorer!

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Ive heard this aswell, class if we get him out

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Yes its true he's having a medical.

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Football Heaven say this rumour is false

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30 Aug 2013 18:06:22

loan youth out including mcabe get new striker in and ndaw and olo i'd be happy

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30 Aug 2013 19:07:54
Wensday have left I too late to sign anyone they should have done it erliar we had 2 months

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30 Aug 2013 19:29:30
why didn't we look at nicky ajose only 21 loaned to swindon with view to perm 8 in 19 for bury last year decent record for bury

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We are leaving it late because we're looking for the rejects and we want them on the cheap! Act soon MM!

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Deals are always done on the last minute just like last year

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I have to dis agree with the people who want us to sign lower league players.
Was it Jack Charlton who once said
"if you sign division 3 players, that's where youll end up".
We need a proven goalscorer from a higher league, defenders who can defend in the premier will be good at Championship level FACT.
Yes they cost more, but its better than wasting money on something (somebody) that doesn't work.
You can buy a Ben Sherman check shirt for £38 and it will last forever, or buy a shirt from Bloggs for £7 and it only lasts a week, get my drift?

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So I've done a quick Google search and found out there have been a few lower league players that have actually made the step up to Prem/Champ level. I'm as surprised as you are, I mean who would have thought it?

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