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02 Sep 2013 20:08:00
Just heard Reda Johnson is going to Blackpool for 500,000. hope not!!

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REDA is Captain at the club now so no chance

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Bbc says jones doesn't expect to do any business tonight

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02 Sep 2013 22:01:26
MM and DJ have decided to run us to the ground no strikers that can score, no midfielders that can pass a ball we are going to struggle

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This is the worst Wednesday squad I have seen in 30 years.

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Wooah when we had Kim Olsen or Jeffers that was bad uto xxx

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Wait for loan deals. I can see at least 2. a CM and ST. now clubs have there squads together they let some players leave. Sharp and Lita both not wanted so they've got to go somewhere. not sure who would come in in CM was hopeful of powell.

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03 Sep 2013 01:05:56
Gutted, what a dog s**t day of non transfers. pathetic

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Whats this savic guy like? Think its safe to let some of the unknown development squad to play now that the transfer window has shut.

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Calm down calm down we're only 5 games in, move away from the gin and pain killers and let's get some perspective on the whole situation. MM ain't going to put his money into the club if there is the possibility of a takeover in the offing. Especially if as its rumoured due diligence is taking place, any future investment right now may scupper the whole deal. let's see what happens when the loan window opens, I think the deals done there will shed a light on the future of the cub.

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03 Sep 2013 07:45:17
Well what can I say another abismal display in the transfer market makes our good team an embarrassment that even without debts now we can't afford new players. If mandaric was 100% committed like he says he is then why did he not spend on a CM and ST just like he himself said we needed its a joke to our club. Personally I think our team is good enough they do show signs of quality but I'm putting our results down to the man in charge DJ I've never believed a manager can be to blame until DJ arrived. Playing players out of their comfort in irregular positions is enough to show we are not getting the best of our players. I don't personally think much is needed to improve the squad yes maybe a CM and ST but I think removing the DJ will be a way of improving the team. Also why our manager and chairman don't listen to us is disrespectful we say we want liera and Gardner at back they put zayette us fans sit above the players and see the movement off ball and with ball better than the managers on the pitch but they don't listen to us. Moaning over change manager or put players in their comfort end of lol. UTO

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Worst wednesday squad in 30yrs some have got short memories, west, olsen, bob the builder we have had worse

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Worse side in twenty years? You really don't know what ya talking about!

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We've had far worse squads than this. This squad apart from Howard and Lita finished 4th in the champ Jan-May last year.

Yes we haven't won, but excluding Millwall we have taken more points than we did from these games last year.

Leeds Away last year LOST
middlesbrough Away last year LOST
Cardiff Away Lasy year (equivalent to QPR this) LOST
Burnley Home Last year LOST

Everyone needs to calm down. We won't get relegated. they're are 4 or 5 teams minimum who over the course of 46 games will take less points than us.

Wednesday are historically slow starters. GIve it to 10-15 games then see where we are. that's not too late.

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Anti jones anti jones, boring!

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What about the terry yorath/chris turner era think that was the worst I have ever seen

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Theres been a few terrible squads

The first being the one Jewell inherited, the one Yorath had, Chris Turners squad & Father Teds.

You cannot honestly think those squads were BETTER than the squad we currently have. I know there's a few flaws but jeez give me strength!

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The chelsea mid josh someone that's who we want

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Josh McEachran. he WOULD be ideal but given the amount of loans he's been on would he go again on loan? Probably wouldn't want another season in the Championship but maybe he won't have a choice now the windows shut and he cannot move to another premiership club and I can't see him breaking into the Chelsea team given who they have ahead of him. you never know!

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03 Sep 2013 21:05:06
Worst in 30 years?, Jesus i'll just name a couple Danny Maddix, John bessweatherick

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I agree we have had worse players but as a squad we are shocking at the moment

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The reason we are shocking is down to Jones and his defensive hoofball. This team is good enough to stay in this division if someone comes in and allows them to go into the opposition half now and again. oh and plays a couple of strikers up front instead of wingers.
1 win in 11 - it's relegation form.

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Just remember everyone there were only 6 or 7 deals done at all by championship clubs on deadline day if you exclude QPR let's not panic

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04 Sep 2013 10:41:55
I agree 100% with the above comment of playing wingers upfront. Surely playing players in their most comfortable role is a benifit to their performances so why play them where them in positions where they are not 100% to their ability. Think about it DJ Antonio was a threat on Wing not upfront there's one example

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Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Messi and Robinho, Shevchenko, just to mention a few are all, or started out as wingers.
They are not too bad up front.

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Dont forget Terry Henry was a winger too!

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All good players who could control a ball unlike Antonio.

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02 Sep 2013 19:18:59
just said on tv Wednesday Barnsley and Donny after billy sharp!

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More chance of us getting lee sharp

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We can't afford him

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How can much smaller League 1 clubs spend more money and bring in better quality than us.

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Cos we've been spending what we haven't got for years, its payback time

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Do you really want billy blunt?. a die hard grunter?. because i don't!

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04 Sep 2013 19:18:56
I would like a proven striker who wants to come and live and play in Sheffield (if Leroy Lita did, wouldn't he be here by now?).

I do not hold with the sort of bigotry that would rule out Sharp for his past associations. That would seem to be cutting off one's nose to spite one's face.

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04 Sep 2013 19:35:36
I think the poster who doesn't want 'Billy Blunt', the 'Die Hard Grunter' is a United fan who thinks (?) that 'if we can't have him, why should Wednesday?".

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Ha, Wednesdayite for 30 odd years mate.

Remember Carl Bradshaw kissing the Blades badge? I do.

Leroy Lita, absolutely.

Billy Blunt No way.

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02 Sep 2013 17:21:08
Owls have put in a bid for forest defender Greg Halford. Personally I think he's a shocking Player. Source paper talk.

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Just reading these post and all I can see are so called wednesday fans moan moan get behind your team through thick and thin play your part be positive stop moaning keep the faith

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02 Sep 2013 19:27:36
Just heard on tv sports news that we are in talks with Southampton about Billy Sharp we have offered 75% of his wages but they want 100% hopefully some arrangement will be achieved

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Keep the faith in who DJ or MM - bet you thought Botheoyd was a good signing for us as well - let us all know when you rejoin the real world

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Its v. hard to be optimistic when nothing good seems to be happening and our management look up the creek with no ideas or optimism themselves

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True mate but let's not give up chins up lads were all wednesday aren't we keep the faith bros don't listen t the negs b strong

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Hes quite tall so there's a chance

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02 Sep 2013 15:40:41
Owls also in for old-boy Clarke. Blades had bid turned down but we should be able to get him. Wish instead we'd go for other old-boy O'Connor

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Total rhubarb

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Clarke wasn't good enough first time round - no thanks

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Agreed, but that won't stop DJ from bidding.

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02 Sep 2013 16:54:54
Just heard we have signed mousi from forest for half a million

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No signing in today

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Dave jones fault he's got no money wasted it on signin coke and prutton again big mistake!

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Yes its TRUE says so on forest site

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Half a mill, i'm off to a&e because my sides have just split

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02 Sep 2013 13:40:57
Just heard the rumour that Cameron Jerome might be in his way to Hillsborough but with competition from QPR and Watford it is doubtful.

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Anyone who's seen DJ in the transfer market will like me be hoping that he doesn't bring anybody in before the end of today. They'll only flop and tie up much needed money.

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Cant see Jerome dropping down to championship, Swansea & Everton rumoured to be after him.

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02 Sep 2013 15:24:14
Getting depressive seeing all these deadline day deals going through an Swindon of all teams signing decent players it makes you think how the hell is Dave jones missing them and why they can afford them it's irritating. Looking at free agents too you can make a damn good championship team with them why can't owls snap a few up and release half of rubbish we got I know not as easy as that but instead of giving players 1 year contracts let them go and sign these decent players. I really don't think we have anyone with any common sence signing our players this year

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It's annoying that Barnsley and Doncaster have both signed goalscorers. I like nuhiu but he desperately needs a partner

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02 Sep 2013 09:59:37
We have reopened talks with Swansea over Leroy Lita. Please make this be true

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Would be nice if we do get him, but unless some leave nothing will happen. bit sad that the old regime hulley, allen etc have ruined our once great club UTO

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This club was ruined long b4 Hulley an Allen. Dave Richards screwed us up

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The club isn't ruined, were in a good position no debt, milan has saved us and turned us around, we may not have much money to spend but I'm happy wi that we have no debt and ongoing talks with potential takeovers I'm quite optimistic

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Hope not e wasnt much better than wot we got and that's not a lot we need a chairman that will back the club

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We may have no debt but if we don't invest in the playing squad we will end up back in league 1. if were losing £5m in the championship this could be up to double in L1, if MM can't afford to put in the £10m to keep us afloat we could go bust. at the end of the day MM doesn't care about us just wants to stop putting his money in, best way could be to send us bankrupt.

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02 Sep 2013 12:48:37
OPTIMISTIC - who's that comedian? Nothing to be optimistic about I'm afraid

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People keep harping on about this £5m loss a year but in terms of the championship it's one of the smallest losses per year. Whilst in any other business it would be ridiculous this is football and normal rules don't apply. The problem is that in football terms MM isn't anywhere near rich enough. I think he is worth about £75m so you can't expect him to blow £20m of that on players. This is made even worse by the fact that he wants out so doesn't want to spend anything really. It is to his credit that he hasn't just flogged us off to the first crook to wave a cheque book at him. Must have learned from Pompy

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Your right about MM that is why he has always been on the lookout for investors as he knew he would need money to allow us to compete in the transfer market. As far as I understand MM is in talks with people who want to invest/takeover the club (depends on who you speak to as to whether its a takeover or just investment) and so finances have been frozen while the details are sorted. If this hadn't been happening then other signings would have been made with MM's money. On the Lita news, the money for his contract has been set aside as terms have already been agreed. Just waiting for Swansea to get another striker which they hope to get by the end of today.

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Think you might have drunk a lita if you believe that!

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I really hope this is true. he was brighter than the rest upfront last season and will bring us goals and a bit more belief. I don't think we are far off being a midtable side this year. 1-2 players.

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As far as I am concerned goal scorings not an issue, we have scored in every game so far this season. Unfortunately the other end does seem to be a problem as we are conceading too many. Look at it this way, we go out sign a striker score another goal a game on average it won't make a difference if the opposition score more. I have no answers to the problem I just know we need to sort out the back four.

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Where are all the 'i just saw messi at middlewood road' posts. very disappointing.

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We are a couple of players and a manager away from being a mid-table side. Jones is taking us down with his defensive hoofball tactics.

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No debt? We're £15m in the red!

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I work at Middlewood and am keeping an eye out. Seen no-one of interest so far.

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Just because we are losing money does not mean we are "In the red". x x

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