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02 Nov 2012 13:51:27
Bennett has gone to Shrewsbury Town on loan Source:

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Always the same idiots that disagree that some one has gone some were or hasnt !!

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I feel I have to disagree with the second comment.
There is an inexhaustable supply of persons.

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The person above said persons not person! meaning more then one person, if were being perdantic! xxxx

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Yes you are.

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I'll be pedantic now shall I? I think you mean "Than" rather than "Then".

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You're both spelling pedantic wrong it's ...... B...O...R...I...N...G. .

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Your boring pulling people up for spelling. Get a grip.

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I agree xx

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Boring, meaning to drill?

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Girls, girls, simmer down.

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Yip, that's the one.

'Your really drilling'.

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02 Nov 2012 12:37:35
DJ says he hasn't spoken to Barnsley about O'Grady according to The Star, but reading between the lines of the same article, Maguire doesn't seem to figure in his plans. DJ says he would have gone out on loan if he hadn't got injured and could go out on loan when he is fit depending on what injures there are to other players. That doesn't sound as though he is a key player dos it.

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To be honest i wouldnt let cog go hes the only striker whos on form and he doesnt get enough credit that he deserves he fights for his shirt and he puts a good graft in we havent had many strikers over the years at swfc that set the standerds him or madine do

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I would seriously consider letting jones go go if he lets cog leave he's the only player in the squad who seems to give his all week in week out none of the other strikers are covering themselves in glory and what kind of managers allows his top scorers to jion local and relegation rivals

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Another 3 points just what we needed before 4 tough games on the trot hopefully we can take these two wins as a base for solid form

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But can anyone tell me why Bothroyd plays, he was a liability yesterday, he didn't look interested, he constantly got caught in possession and kept giving the ball away. Jones has changed the team's formation just to accommodate him and we look unbalanced. When we were attacking he was often in our own half. The likes of O'Grady, Barkley, Corry, Antonio, Semedo and McCabe, Madine and Johnson when they came on worked their socks off and put in a real shift but Bothroyd wandered about as though he was having a stroll. Drop him please DJ.

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Agreed , I think thats why so many have a go at Bothroyd and DJ.
Yes he's had a couple of good games but on whole not been worth his place but still gets picked.
Must get to the other players who can't get in side or get dropped or subbed as soon as show any sign of flagging but love-child can do no wrong !

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Totally agree with the last two posts, Madine and JJ must be wondering about their futures under Jones. Madine caused their defence problems as soon as he came on and they were scared still of JJ running at them. The team looked more balanced when JJ came on and he got back to put in a couple of timely challenges as well. Agree with the other post drop Bothroyd he is a waste of time.

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Dave jones wont play jj as hes got antonio and why he doesnt ultilise both of them at the same time i dont know and we have mayor as well surely hes itching for a start i bet theres a few players who are itching there heads thinking am i gonna be sold in january

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Bet Bothroyd is the first name on the team sheet for Tuesday. We will not improve with him in the team. We are playing with ten players when Bothroyd plays like he did on Saturday. Worst signing of some very poor signings that Jones has made.

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Well said, I actually think DJ is/was a good manager but his signings have been a complete mystery to most fans. He made big efforts to sign a lot of these players but wont play them ??
His obsession with Bothroyd and especially Barkley is worrying for me and most Owls because even if we improve and shoot up the league, in the long term it does us no good because they are only ever going to be short term solutions.

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Madine was pants yesterday

Madine has been rubbish all season

agree that Bothroyd should be dropped; why are we playing one up front at home against peterborough and playing a striker on the wing?

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Don't know which game you were watching mate, Madine was quality when he came on and their central defenders didn't know what to do with him. You say he has been rubbish all season, Madine has only started two games, against Fulham and Blackburn in both those games he and the team played very well, but after each game he was promptly dropped. He has hardly played so how can he have been rubbish all season. Sounds like you've got a axe to grind against him.
The reason we are playing one up front at home is because Jones insists on playing Bothroyd, who is not worth his place but to do so he has to play one up front because Bothroyd is not good enough to play as a striker any more, if he ever was good enough.

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Totally agree with post about both Madine and Bothroyd .
Madine is a natural finisher and can score regularly at this level if given chance. Only question is attitude.
I'm convinced that loan deal says Bothroyd has to play if hes fit cos if not apart from a couple games hes not been worth a place.

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As much as a couple of games.

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IMO I would go with a totally different approach at home....

My Front two would be Peknic and Rodri.

I would go at them with pace and skill with Antonio on the Wing and then change it later on with the introduction of Madine/COG

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Great shout & exactly what I've been saying to mates for last 5-6weeks.
Pecnic looked real class pre/early season and cant understand how he can get picked for his country but not worth a place in a side that was struggling to win in Champ.
We need to get Rodri in the side if we are going to see his best and then persuade him to sign a contract.

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Bothroyd couldn't buy a goal, so we have little to lose with trying alternatives.
However, I can't help feel that DJ would play him even if he was injured.

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If Bothroyd has to play if fit can't we either make him unfit (someone please!) or send him back so he doesn't need to play?

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Can we go back to the team that did well against oldham,derby,birmingham and millwall.We didn't do too badly at palace either.
We were shakey at the back but looked much better than we have done since.
Why wont DJ stick with Rodri.Left in the side he would have got used to the championship by now and we would have a goal threat.

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